Chrno Crusade Wallpaper: Cosmic Dare

Daisuke Moriyama, Gonzo, Chrno Crusade, Azmaria Hendric, Rosette Christopher Wallpaper
Daisuke Moriyama Mangaka Gonzo Studio Chrno Crusade Series Azmaria Hendric Character Rosette Christopher Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hello there kiddios!! Remember when I said to just bear with my make-shift grunge wall?? And remember when I said I was working on something better?? Well...I was!! And it's finally complete!! It took a while to finish (we're talking...all nighter -_-) but overall I'm I'm pleased with it. And the best thing...NO BLURRR XD.

About The Wall
First of all, the image I used was a lovely vector by the awesome Yumi-chan! You can view the original work here . Well....there's really nothing to say about this one. Features Rossette and Azmaria from Chrno Crusade. It's nothing really new because I've submitted Celestial wallies before (I think...lol). This one took a bit of a longer time to complete...and...I only used Photoshop soo...it may look a bit messed up (I'm still not too great with photoshop heh...). I haven't seen very many Celestial walls in a while (or maybe I'm looking in the wrong place XD) so I decided to make one. This wasn't originally the direction I wanted to go for...actually, it was completely different than what I had decided on creating. I wanted an eclipse on a moon....and have it reflect off of the scan that I chose (this was what I originally chose [view]). But as I was working, I noticed the different filter tools that I could use and I just went crazy...and this is what came out instead! After that, I knew that scan wouldn't fit so I searched for a different one until I found the wonderful vector of Yumi-chan's. I'm actually glad I did it this way because I remembered that I already had a wall that was similar to what I was going to create and I didn't wanna be repetitive in my walling -_-;;. Overall, I'm pleased.

About The Song
Cosmic Dare is a song composed by Yoko Kanno-sensai for Cowboy Bebop. Honestly, this isn't one of my favorite songs of Bebop, but...the title did match the theme of the wall, especially with Rossette holding the gun. The whole title of the song is "Cosmic Dare: Pretty With a Pistol" and it just oozed Rossette XD. The lyrics also don't match with the anime itself...but some lyrics could accomidate to Rossette and Chrno's relationship (lyrics here).

Technical Stuff
Time: 7+ (I honestly wasn't keeping track)
Layers: Around 50 (I lost track after 20 or so XD)
Program: Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Credits: Yumi-Chan for the vector

.....The sad part is, no one will probably read what I wrote above XD. Anyways, comments and critiques are always welcomed. Enjoy~

EDIT: Please view in FULL <--just cuz the thumbnail sucks ><

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Browse Chrno Crusade Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. SharinganKnight Aug 08, 2005

    I just started watching Chrno Crusade 2 days ago, and so far Im loving it. The wall is very well done as well, but it feels a bit empty, but don't mind me, its probablt just my imagination. ^_^'

  2. benjaminchia Aug 08, 2005

    very nice. it looks almost like the colors came out of the spray-can.
    great work! the font looks *wow* good selection.
    very bubbly work. ben-likes .
    keep it up!

  3. mYNamEisMimOxxx Aug 09, 2005

    ver nice kaolla-san!
    xD no blurr! xD ha..haha. well. actually the truth is i read everything you said. i always do. XP
    anywho like sharingan said it feels a bit empty. maybe you should add some scenary. o.O
    anywho. i also think the text should be more twoards the middle.
    well nice work! ^.^ keep them coming~

  4. gadgetgirl16 Aug 09, 2005

    wow! that looks cool! i love the colors that you put in there and the scan +fav, great job ^^

  5. fullmetal-no-tenshi Aug 11, 2005

    That background is so gorgeous! Celestial and what not, I love the colors! It goes well with the vector, very very pretty. Great work! You rock! ^_^

  6. Midori-chan Aug 11, 2005

    the colors are nice^^ if you put planets on the bg, it might look even cooler^^
    the vector is nice too^^
    keep up the good work ya!!

  7. nekohana Aug 14, 2005

    Koalla came back! And she brought a cool wallie wiy' her! I especially like th BG. It's like the skies you can usually see in the Artic...or somewhere like that....

  8. YugureKaze Aug 14, 2005

    wahh! what a dazzling wall @.@ XD
    that title seems about right especially with that bg
    Rosette and Azmaria look great together
    great work ren-chan! ^_^

    aww come on that song isn't all that bad ^_^

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