Chrno Crusade Wallpaper: Graveyard Shift

Daisuke Moriyama, Gonzo, Chrno Crusade, Rosette Christopher Wallpaper
Daisuke Moriyama Mangaka Gonzo Studio Chrno Crusade Series Rosette Christopher Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Been awhile since I made a wallpaper...guess I just had a block.
Now those who know my work will know this is a first for me- a backround made from scratch. I like the original trees and tombstones from the original image, so I vectored them (my first vector).
Then thanks to tutorials, I made mist, clouds, stars and after 4 hours or so, I came up with this. My only regret is that the image of Rosette could be better, but I still have a long way to go before I can vector that.
But this is my best wallpaper ever, so enjoy :D

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  1. reboo Aug 08, 2005

    i like the background! iono what anime/manga (?) this is so i cant sayi like the character, BUT shes cute haha

  2. SilentMasamune Aug 08, 2005

    Hmm, this is one of the most interesting wallpapers I've seen in quite a while, so here goes...I notice a faint outer glow on the character, which isn't so bad because it doesn't cover up any extraction problems, if any are present, and it's not as noticable to many other members. The moon could use both an outer and an inner glow so it has a shine and it will look like it wasn't just slapped there, and in addition, the sky could be just a bit brighter around the area of the moon. The stars are kind of cluttered, so maybe you should decrease the number of stars that are showing on the star field.

    Lastly, the scan could go for a smoother look, meaning that you could use a bit of a cleaning tutorial. Duplicate the scan layer 3 times and hide the original layer. On copy 1, use a gaussian blur of 1.5 and control click on the original layer to highlight the selection. Then invert the selection and delete it from the layer you used the gaussian blur on to remove the excess. On copy 2, use a Smart Blur of radius 11, threshold 35, and high quality. On copy 3, switch the blending mode to Darken and adjust the opacity of that layer accordingly. You should have a cleaner and smoother appearance for the scan. Don't forget to link all the scan layers in the event you need to move them.

    Keep up the work.

  3. Niwa-kun Aug 08, 2005

    Wow that was a nice =) the BG looks awesome but i kinda feel that the character is totally fit on it. you should make her a little bit darker so she can fit the BG. Otherwise is a fav+ ^^ /Niwa-kun

  4. kaolla-kake Aug 08, 2005

    beautiful.....just awesome!! This is one of the most awesome Chrno Crusade walls I've seen in a while!! Now I dun wanna submit my Crno Crusade one *clings to it* XD...great job!

  5. sagagg1200 Aug 08, 2005

    Hei.U did a good job
    Neither the girl or background are fit each other.
    Add fav.
    Keep it up .
    And see uaround

  6. DarkEVO Aug 08, 2005

    Nuff said.... this is a good wallpaper. I like it very much. Good job on the background. +Fav.

  7. semanga Aug 08, 2005

    damn i love this wall
    the colours are wonderful
    u did your job good honey i am sure u can make a awesome vector from this
    becouse your wall version looks awesome and i am agree with u maybe this is your best wall honey
    *i must add this to my fav*

  8. vaucer Aug 08, 2005

    thx for u job, i love chrono crusader, les details sont fins merci beaucoup

  9. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Aug 09, 2005

    Nice wall except the fact that you should have made a better outline of Rossette to better blend with such a better quality bg you have there but anyway nice job nonetheless Electra! :P

  10. Skillzpay Aug 09, 2005

    Hey hey hey! What is this?!?! o_o!

    Something completely new from electrastar :D
    Looks good for your first scenic, the whole graveyard looks pretty good, kinda simple but still quite nice. The only things that irk me are Rosette's quality and how big the moon is. Aside from that this is good.
    +fav for encouragement and good progress made ;)

  11. heavens-Dragon Aug 09, 2005

    Wowies! Your first vector looks awesome! Very nicely done! The graveyard looks really good! Yeah, the scan quality of Rosette isn't too good and the extraction could use some work but overall it looks great! Nice moon, the texture is very nice! Also, the trees looks great! Awesome work! Keep it up!

  12. headaches4ever Aug 10, 2005

    only one thrird of it loaded... it was freaky... I was like rosette! waugh! (I could see the hair) then I knew it would be a favorite cuz of rosette... and so far the background doesnt look terrible.... okay the rest of it loaded.... *in total awe* hehe *took the full scene in) GOOD job electra star! hahah!

  13. sogod2001 Aug 10, 2005

    the thanks estuary bedspread toils well too much^^a rozeto very pretty

  14. LordStyphon Aug 10, 2005

    Very nice. The scan of Rosette looks nice, though a little grainy, but the real scene here comes from the sky; the stars, moon and color look fantastic. The normal dead trees look great here, too, and the fog adds to the atmosphere. Great work.

  15. khatuido Aug 13, 2005

    super ton wall ^^ j'adore !

  16. kasumaurashima Sep 05, 2005

    Esse Wall ta D + com a Rossete e essa lua, ta td mto show, combinando e em armonia e com sentido né ki deixa mais legal a img, Wall nota 10 ^^

  17. Tokitoh Oct 23, 2005

    Very good. I love the background and the whole setting. Though, you could clean the scan of Rosette a little better - she looks kind of grainy. ^^ Nevertheless, good job.

  18. darkhero Feb 20, 2006

    cool picture.

  19. Hikari87 Apr 13, 2006

    ^-^ Nya, I just luv Rosette in this picture! Great job~~

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