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Daisuke Moriyama, Gonzo, Chrno Crusade, Chrno, Rosette Christopher Wallpaper
Daisuke Moriyama Mangaka Gonzo Studio Chrno Crusade Series Chrno Character Rosette Christopher Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

yes i decided to take a long time to finish this one cause i kept one coming up with new ideas and stuff.
lol, first thing is its summer! XD so its a summer theme wall with the child forms of rosette and demon child ^_^' its supposed to have just a purely simple summer scene, nothing to fancy.

decidedly difficult stuff about this wall was the grass, which almost has about 20-30 layers on just shadowing, highlighting and the grass bases, taking about 2 days alone including the touch ups and redos. the miracles of the PS grass brush...

the other bit was the cross, which was just hard to make it look realistic. done from scratch and with just a smudge tool.

well enjoy ^^

MORE RESOLUTIONS AT MY NEW SITE!!!!! http://www.freewebs.com/kaiproductions/

yes im excited that i made my own site ^^ so please visit it whenver you find the time.

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  1. THE-DARK-PRINCE Jul 02, 2005

    Really cool scan and nice background... ^_^

    But if you add more effects it would be more exciting, however, it's good enough...

    :D :) :D :)

  2. Kougaxgirl Jul 02, 2005

    kinda simple but really cute! the scan's adorable and the background is nice hehe! you did a wonderful job on this one buddy...i love love love it! XP

  3. akari-chan Jul 02, 2005

    Hey kai, I visited your site. The comic you wrote looks very cute. I saw some Chinese words on the side. This wall is really cute too. XD It's sorta plain, but it works well! >.< Keep it up! +fav

  4. Kazeki Jul 02, 2005

    Another beautiful wallie, Kai!
    Love how the scan and background blends so well together!

  5. Amaranth Jul 02, 2005

    the cross must have been a pain X3 but nice^^ i really like the grass

  6. exentric Jul 03, 2005

    hmm.. the biggest weakness of this wallpaper is, it's wat too simple. there's nothing to attract people to it.. the cross is just by look. no texture, nothing to make it like a stone cross. the sky is well... rather empty. and the sea doesnt seem real.

    all in all, still need alot more work.

  7. Iyasis Jul 03, 2005

    Quite the adorable scan you used. The girl looks very seasonal but the guy's oufit seems a bit warm for summer, lol. I know it's the part of the scan, but the slit reflection in their eyes seem somewhat odd. Nice summery scenic background overall. The grass looks good and the shadowing well-placed but little flowers seem small in comparison to the character. I think the sky and clouds could have more colour and texture to it, but it still looks nice. I like the birds, they give a good perception of how vast the sky is. Also, nice job on cross for doing it from scratch, espeically the shadow work.

    P.S. Cool site you've got, I like the layout. Neat doujinshi comic on your site ~ though it took me a while to realize which direction to read it ^^;;

  8. RengekiShin Jul 03, 2005

    Hehe, Chrno's Crusade, looks really cute this one. Keep up the good work, and *+ fav* XD

  9. Tatsuya Jul 03, 2005

    nice background and good composition, though the sky look kinda empty i think

  10. rythem Jul 03, 2005

    that chrno scan is uber cuteness >.<
    the composition is fine~though I think it looks a lil plain >.> try addin more elements ^^
    but a nice wallie though ^_^

  11. flyindreams Jul 03, 2005

    Can't say anything that hasn't been said already, so... ^.^|| The grass looks nice and soft... the horizon just needs to be straightened, I think, for the sea to look more realistic. I'm sure that you spent a lot of time on the cross and I haven't seen the anime and don't know what significance it might have, and you'll probably want to whack me for saying this but... The wall might look better without it... ^^|| Although I have no idea what you could put in its place... another idea is to put some flowers around it or on it if that makes any sense... to make a lovely scenic background less creepy ^^||

    *runs away after leaving heartless comment*

  12. Kiako Jul 03, 2005

    the wallpaper looks nice, the position of the two charas is good but the cross there in the back could use somemore work.

  13. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jul 03, 2005

    It's a nice wall... but I think because the characters are so boldly outlined the soft background seems to be too soft >.< (<-- she doesn't know what she's talking about) But yeah... the corss needs to be more 3D if that makes sense... err yeah... that's all I have to say. Great idea though ^_^

  14. Lenne Jul 03, 2005

    It's nice,just simple and nice.The girls look they really like it there. :)
    See ya! ;)

  15. Nona Jul 03, 2005

    Nice wallpaper!!! I like the colors. I haven't see Chrno Crusade....but the wallpaper is really good! I visited you website! :)

  16. Holt Jul 03, 2005

    Very nice layout. Nicely extracted high quality scan. The grass looks very smooth but maybe some more variety in colour might give it moe depth. The sky's also a little bland. Maybe define those clouds a tad more.
    Great work overall though. Keep it up!

  17. sukie Jul 03, 2005

    this wall is very cute...
    simple and clean...what more can you ask for?!
    great extraction and super bg...
    keep it up!!!!

  18. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 04, 2005

    Hmmm the image in this looks a tad LQ but togehter with the bg it looks grand, wish the sky was a bit cloudy and the cross a bit textured in places and might need some more dar blades of grass but anyway great work man! :)

  19. ramchong Jul 04, 2005

    Hey Kai!! where have you been recently?? me hunger for your subs long enough until i see this!! Nice job buddy...

  20. Yina Jul 04, 2005

    great work on the grass and the shading.. also like the way how you made the sky.. but somehow the wallie is too plain.. :( and the sea looks weird... maybe you could use some textures.. >_<

  21. Sunira Jul 04, 2005

    Its very simple but hey look theres a lot of icon space!! :) Thanks for making a well designed wall ^_^

  22. narutofan92 Jul 04, 2005

    Sorry I'm late for the comment. Hope your not mad! ^ ^
    Anyways, this wall does stand out from your usual style of walling.
    The bg in itself looks great or at least when I think about what I can do. -_-'
    Anyways, it all looks a little bland. Like...( I hate criticising when I can't do half of that stuff) The grass and the sky all look really empty...they need a bit more depth. If there was anything else that struck odd was the horizon line of the water. Although those are minor things as we've seen in your other walls they do make quite the difference. Anyways, This is still a great wall and be sure to keep them coming.

  23. anji Jul 04, 2005

    I love so much this scan! XD
    Pretty simple wall. Like the setting and the little birds.
    I think it would be really nice if you add some engraving on the cross. Like gothic style.
    It would add a bit of details in your wall that seem a bit plain at first sight.
    Still it's peaceful.
    Keep it up! :)

  24. MagicianFairy Jul 05, 2005

    î like the simple bg, they are nice!
    well...it is a nice wall ;)

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