Fate/stay night Wallpaper: Starry Night

TYPE-MOON, Fate/stay night, Saber Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Fate/stay night Series,Visual Novel Saber Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

guess wat guys????? i am back wif a new wallpaper i made
it has been ages since i made a wallpaper ><
miss it soooo much
neways this wallpaper took me ages and i think i'm a lil rusty lol
if u guys remember the category can u tell me coz i forgot -_-"

this wallpaper is my 1st time making a spacey, dark scenery
my fav colour is purple as u can c ^^
i hab used new brushes that i hab downloaded but still couldn't get the brushes i needed ><
extracting the scan took me awhile and so did the bg
didn't want alot of stars or nething 2 make it look very busy
so that y the wallpaper looks simple a lil..................

anyways i am just letting u guys kno that i am bak making wallpapers ^^
and i really do hope u lik my new wallpaper

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  1. kyubinaruto Jun 03, 2005

    That's nice! I like the background >< However, I would say that the trees shd be improved.Add a bit of fog or smth? I just dun like e trees >< doesn't really blend in e bg

  2. hatsukanezumi Jun 03, 2005

    Woe!!! It's so kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fav of course, cause i like it ^___^

  3. Kiako Jun 03, 2005

    great wallpaper, the girl is very beautiful and the background fits her well too. i like the way you made her wings.

  4. IvIegafLuKeZ Jun 03, 2005

    nice !~ but how to make wall paper with people inside T T" so difficult de = ="

  5. Tatsuya Jun 03, 2005

    nice background, though i think you could add some grass on the land will better!

  6. LucyXlostangelwings Jun 03, 2005

    Wha, this is very pretty! I think you did a great job with the background...I for one, love this purple colour! The background presents a nice contrast with the character. Woo, she has nice wings!! XD

  7. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jun 03, 2005

    It's really lovely... the colours and everything went so well together, I just couldn't walk past it ^^

  8. kaylamew Jun 03, 2005

    JOYvery nice wallie! she is cute! i can tell you must have taken a while to do this - everythiing is carefully done ^_^ I nned to learn how to make it so cute and glowy! heheh Good Job!

  9. Eimin Jun 03, 2005

    Very pretty, I love it, the bg is great :D

  10. hykyit Jun 03, 2005

    Hmmm...You've got good concepts in this wallpaper~ Good job on that~! But the bg seems a bit weird to me...Cant point out what though...Its a bit blur...Anyways good job~!! ^^

  11. knightstar3 Jun 03, 2005

    yay!! ^ - ^ lilm's back to making walls!!! XD XD i can't wait to see more! =)
    anyways...i really like the scan you used!! :D the bg looks great too and the wings look absolutely awesome!! XD definitely a fav*! XD

  12. dianas Jun 03, 2005

    ~*~uau...reali beautiful the inocent angel girl....:)~*~she has nice eyes

  13. Evanrued Jun 03, 2005

    Wow! I really love the contrast in this one, and the sky and moon look so perfect, the glow from the bottom of the wall evens a lot out, and the scan at first to me didnt look like it went well with the wall. But now that I look at it, it looks perfect! I love the trees, they are too well done. All color is consistant, and vibrant. Excellent work!

  14. RieRen Jun 03, 2005

    Wow! Nice wallie :) The bg is very nice and fits with the girl. +favs

  15. chingetscook Jun 03, 2005

    Very nice, that purple will look good on my monitors, I'll add this one to my favorites.

  16. calisqo Jun 03, 2005

    wah lilm XD long time no see xd.
    i see u've made 2 new walls >.<

    This one looks nice.
    Nice bg as usual ;)
    Nice pick of scan , I must say the moon is impressive Xd very crisp XD in texture ^_^
    the trasparent tree has a nice color blend, i believe from the bg, which makes it really nice.
    The wing is alright, but I'm imagining something big if she was to fly >.< excuse my logic >.<
    The design on the bottom is nice. her knee is transparent too >.>
    i like the design of the grass that's prob my farv part of this wall.

    Overall nice effort ^_^

  17. Lenne Jun 03, 2005

    Nice wall.Lovely colors,beautiful wings on the girl. :D
    Definetly fav+

  18. slivermoon Jun 03, 2005

    the bg sky is very nice
    maybe darkening the tree would be better
    cause the moon looks transparent b/c of them >_<
    the wings look nice, they have this almost icy effect
    nice work, u'r skills haven't rusted a bit :) :)

  19. OceanAngel01 Jun 03, 2005

    I definately like the wings on her and the concept of the background, but the thing that irks me a little is that you can see through the trees. I think it could be a much stronger piece if you darkened the trees or took them away and added more to the sky, plus fog.

    Oh, and I'm a blue person myself, but if purple was my favorite color this would be my most favorite wallpaper ever!

    See you around MT, my friend! :D

  20. annex Jun 03, 2005

    wow, really nice texture through out the wallie.....
    i loves the wings!
    but ne.....i think the stars are too white....
    great wallie!
    Have a nice day!

  21. Cadi Jun 03, 2005

    wow!!! Puurty^^ the bg is soo pretty! purple and blue^^ the tree is really nice and the moon is soo pretty too! the effects on the bottom is stunning^^ its a amazing wall!

  22. xianghuax Jun 03, 2005

    Wow I like the purple sky ^^ It's a good shot for your first try, although it doesn't look that 'spacey' to me >.< but nice wallie! Great scan!

  23. rythem Jun 04, 2005

    hmm..looks good..but I find the scan not to fitting.. >.>
    but the bg is very nice indeed ^_^ pretty colours u've chosen XD
    keep it up ne..^_^

  24. RainOfStars Jun 04, 2005

    That is a very good scan you have there. I really like the purple background. It enhances the image of girl. Thanx for sharing.

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