Fate/stay night Wallpaper: i'm gonna defend u from evil

Juri Miyabi, Fate/stay night, Rin Tohsaka, Archer (Fate/stay night) Wallpaper
Juri Miyabi Mangaka Fate/stay night Series,Visual Novel Rin Tohsaka Character Archer (Fate/stay night) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

soooo tadamm!! first of all: before u write a comment READ my Comment!

so: every wallpaper i make hasa story, or i have special thought about them..i dreamed this wally on Tuesday evening and next day while i was in the school i wanted to make this wally. i had this scan for a while ( not from Mt but this scan is also here) and i thought about a lot how can i make a good wally, which bg fits the scan. Finally i decided and here u are:
that's my vision of hell :D In the bg u can see trees in fire (yes ..those are trees) and there is a blood pond:D And before u start to complain about the fire that it's not realistic..well...yes..it's not but it's a fantasy world:) and At least i didnt use anything else just my hands and my mouse:) oh yes!! and i want to thx for nat's fire tutorial:) it was very useful:)
I very like this scan...rin and the archer are on of my fav couples^^ And the archer protects Rin^^ :P

Time: 2hours
Layers: about 40
Psd file: 31,8 Mb
( and if u see my signature has changed: from now this will my ssignature isntead of "made by Susan Animevision"

i think that's all..i dont say this is my best work......one more thing:D hehe...i made a new userpage layout from my wally:) it was harder then i thougt:D i spend about 3 hours to fix it XD
well..probably this is my longest coment for a wally XD
my last words:
Hope u like it and enjoy:)

Edit on 28th of May...

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  1. Clover May 27, 2005

    hi there, one more reat wall. This is more than 100% from you. This is so great how much percant have you given to it 10000%?

    i cannot find one bad made thing here^^

  2. DarkCrimson May 27, 2005

    Wow thats one really stylish Work from you.
    The Flame and Fire Effects are awesome and the Characters are looking totaly cool.
    Add this nice Wallie to my Favs.Thanks for sharing^^

  3. Balljacker May 27, 2005

    Cool wallie. I liek the bg. the colour n effects are great. well nice artwork I like it a lot

  4. Elli May 27, 2005

    Very nice Susan-Chan! :D I like the fire.... it expresses evilness lol
    Anyways +fav ^^" Cya around hehe

  5. Aa-chan May 27, 2005

    Wow, the whole flame background theme works nicely and it's not often flames of that quality and quantity are seen on walls. Nice work :) .

  6. zaira May 27, 2005

    wow!! this one is awesome!!me love the fiery bg!!! nice scan too! fits the whole fire theme!! i like the fires around them!plus the glow thing around them too!+fav! XD

  7. lensterknight May 27, 2005

    Those ~8 squarey shining spots in the upper part of the wall don't really look good... I wonder if the wall would become better without them?

    There's a slight default-screened-yellow aura around the characters... it's distracting. personally, I'd take it down.

    The scan quality isn't perfect, but is good enough, so no real complaints here.

    The fire looks somewhat plain, maybe it'd look better with some soft-layered texture? Dunno.

    I don't really understand what they're stepping into. Is it lava? If so, it needs work, since it feels like it's some kind of cloth, or something. Also, the faded whitey thing over it (Hi, my English vocabulary sucks XD) stands out too much, it should be somewhat orangey/yellowish in order to blend more, imho.

  8. Subl1mation May 27, 2005

    Words cannot describe how awesome that wallpaper is. Perhaps the best fate wall I've ever seen.

  9. Jinzhou Retired Moderator May 27, 2005

    Your cutout could use some work. I would suggest learning to re-CG so the bottom-right of his cape, that is cut off because the original scan they were on the far right (I assume?), can be avoided and you can have a smooth wall without those nasty descrepencies. Also, the image quality of the scan is a bit lacking (more reason to CG!) .

    i don't quite understand the circles under them, but they're a bit too crisp for the wallpaper itself. They kind of stick out, also because they're not colored to the same palatte as the wall itself.

    Another thing is, a suggestion if you don't want to learn to CG is put some of the stuff that's in the background in the foreground. Like move a layer of leaves OVER the characters to cover up some nasty spots you don't feel like dealing with. This will not only cover up bad spots, but put the characters into the 'feel' of the wall more.

    The background is nice though.

  10. Kiako May 27, 2005

    wow great wallpaper, the effects are very good and i like the two charas.
    keep it up +fav

  11. nhva May 27, 2005

    woow :D Cool one :lol: what can I say? Those bg flames rulezz!!! I guess I'll have to see teh tuts :D A really nice work, +fav xD

  12. sisko May 27, 2005

    :) :D XD :nya:
    Hey Susan-chan!!
    A very heating dream, ehhh!!!! hehe..... I feel heat when I see this wally, but is great, I like the view of the fire in the background and a type of fire lake, very ingenious!!
    And the characters looks very good with they dresses in red, congratulations!! a great wally!!
    See you later!!
    SISKO............... :) :D XD :nya:

  13. hykyit May 27, 2005

    Some part of the scan does not really blend well to the bg.. However, the pool looks really good~ Aw man im getting hotter looking at this wallpaper~ LOL~ Anyways good job~

  14. minimouzo May 27, 2005

    ^_^ so here it is on mt. wee. Well you know what i think of it. I really like this wallpaper because it has a story. It's not only a full lot of effects with a scan. All fits to create a story. I have looked at it full view and there are things i didn't view before ^_^ for example the burnt leaves ; the dead brenches. It's really full of details ; it's great :)
    as for the circles, i understand this as a force wave created by archer to protect Rin.
    I must agree with jinzhou about the scan quality ... i hadn't noticed it yesterday. but well ... if you want to work more on it you have some good criticism ^_^ I think it's already very good like that. And it's one of my favourite wall from you :)
    wee wee susan. Glad to see your good works.

  15. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 27, 2005

    Woah thats some good firery effects you put on this, the chracter extraction could use some work but noentheless its a good job. The only problem is the bottom of the wall, the circular spirals look to clean and the water seems to simple cos its also clean and needs to blend with the wall nonetheless...Anyway good job! :)

  16. XDarkDestinyX May 27, 2005

    omg... major bishie.. kaii!! Anyways, I love the wallpaper and the mood! So firey and lovely~~ I love it all!! kaii!! I've always loved your work.. I luff it even more now!

  17. Yina May 27, 2005

    X_X another fire wallie today ^^ argghh.. it is so warm in my room... the colours look a bit like the German flag.. ^_^' but they fit great to the scan.. ^^ Like the composition and the bg.. great job! +fav ^^

  18. princechrono May 27, 2005

    wow! i love it it so hot,hot,hot its kool great job wow! u gave a lot of u doing this did u?
    well it amazing great job keep it up :)

  19. Nona May 27, 2005

    olyan tuzes, de jo. :D
    Ram is rajott a "tuzzel valo jatek" a ps-ben, csak en abstracktra vettem a figurat :D
    De tetszi no! :D

  20. Haia May 27, 2005

    This is awesome Susan-chan!!! The fire..........the scan........the concept!!! They all look so damn beautiful together!!! The two looks so c@@l braving all that is 'hell' in that place!!! Great work!!! Although the trees don't really look like one...I guess you already know that...it kinda just looks like a bunch of burned out leaves for me. And that the river just looked like it just reflected the fire..that's why it's red. I just can't fit the blood water in my head!!! >.< Odd brain. Anyways, thankie for sharing this wallie with us!!! Awesome awesome work on this one!!! I'll be looking forward to your next one...! +favie

  21. Rella May 27, 2005

    Wow, I love it! That's my favorite couple from Fate Stay Night! Woot! Love the colors and the wonderful fire. It really shows hell, great work! A favorite from me! ^^

  22. Angel-on-Dragon May 27, 2005

    That's a really cool wallpaper. I love the colors. And the scan you used is really great.
    Thanks so much for sharing it ^^ *adds to fav*

  23. shiwei May 27, 2005

    wow... a fire bg is great though...
    the fire effect sure is nice, i like it... ^^ scan is good too..
    nice job *thumb up* add fav

  24. Yumi-Chan May 28, 2005

    :D lol xD firey effect, really cool! Well yeah like some said, you should have re-CGed the guy's bottom right's cape. It looks like it's half way cut O_O..blood pond, very imaginative.. but those white round thing below them, what is that o_o?
    not too bad ^_^ try improving a little on the scan :D you're doing great~

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