Kannazuki no Miko Wallpaper: Stay Here

Kaishaku, Kannazuki no Miko, Chikane Himemiya, Himeko Kurusugawa Wallpaper
Kaishaku Mangaka Kannazuki no Miko Series Chikane Himemiya Character Himeko Kurusugawa Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Another wall from me ^^ spend a lot of time making the wall XD mmmh.. there are about 40 layer.. 4 hour of work.. hope ya like ^^ no time to write more cuz I have to leave.. >< my girlfriend it's waiting from me *__*
see ya.. I'll come back in 5 days =P
(take the scan from here: http://www.narashinopirates.com/

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  1. Tatsuya Mar 23, 2005

    Sometimes simplicity is the way to go in a wallpaper, nothing uber flashy, and you did a great job doing that in this piece. Awesome!

  2. Fuji-Syusuke Mar 23, 2005

    Nice wallpaper, i really like the dark background and also the characters are really cute too! Thanks so much for sharing! :D :D

  3. lensterknight Mar 23, 2005

    Sincerely, I believe there's something strange with the moon... I'm not sure if it fits the style of the wall.

    Series is Kannazuki no Miko, by the way.

  4. einna Mar 23, 2005

    That's too simple for a 40-layer work... and you still need to improve the moon. The scan is too vivid for a starlit night. The stars could use more glow too. And also, please give proper credit to the owners of the materials you used.

    Here's a thread that will teach you how to give proper credits: http://forum.minitokyo.net/showthread/16861/

  5. zaira Mar 23, 2005

    wai!!! this one is nice but m....lets see the moon is nice but too small i think it needs some glow, the scan is nice too but too vivid, the stars also need some glowing...well i guess that's my opinion anyways great wall!

  6. runic Mar 23, 2005

    so simple but yet so effective. I like it. plus the girls are so cute
    i just have to like it.

  7. kai81220 Mar 23, 2005

    good scan choice for the wall. it has a calm relfective mood. sky is nicely done. great job

  8. Kiako Mar 23, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the girls look very beautiful an i like how the background looks.

  9. Alpha Mar 23, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper, I love the characters, +fav indeed. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

  10. tru-chan Mar 23, 2005

    Oi! This is nice! Simpley nice! ^^ I just love it.
    Scan and the light background go swell together.
    There's nothing honestly wrong with the moon,... >_> or maybe I'm just blind. x_x
    i just dislike the text decoration. <_< Never like them actually. XD!
    Tis a nice wallpaper.

  11. UndyingShadow Mar 23, 2005

    Great job on this wall Samanosuke! I like the subtle bg, it's not too overwhelming and allows the scan to stand out more. Nice wall!

  12. MasterPivot Mar 23, 2005

    It is virtually impossible to see that the wall, and the rest of the background, wasn't part of the original image. Everything looks perfectly in tune/sync.
    Two thumbs and two big toes up! :)

  13. StarCentury Mar 23, 2005

    Ah, a nice simple scenic wall from Sama! :) The starfield on the sky looks real nice with the moonlight on the left, and the little wall shows perspectiveness! However, the characters might need some shade since it's nighttime! The colors on them feel like daytime to me! x_x Anyhoo, nice job on your wall, Sama! :D

  14. Clew Mar 23, 2005

    this one not bad.............nice quality.................just the BG a bit plain...........

  15. raver-moonlight-sage Mar 24, 2005

    great wallpaper i love it and keep up the great u make the great wallpaper.

  16. Ayamael Mar 24, 2005

    Nice... i like the starry and moonlit sky... but i think the trees are slightly too pale... otherwise, the scan is cool and it's of very good quality, and i like how clean the wall is... great job!

  17. Balljacker Mar 24, 2005

    Nice wallie. it's simple but astounding. well what can I say? I like it. must add it to favs XP

  18. Aa-chan Mar 24, 2005

    The perfect resolution for my desktop and a good shot of the characters.
    Nice and simple background works well.
    +fav from me ^__^ .

  19. martpaz Mar 24, 2005

    wow!! i like the twi girl hugging together
    coz remind me of my two sis.....
    the girl are so pretty and the walls are
    great ...... i wonder why they hug?
    is sis to sis or mother and daugther
    or frnd 2 frnd?


  20. MadWiz Mar 24, 2005

    wow I love this wallie!
    the scan is beautiful
    the sky is also beautiful along with the moon ^^
    and I like the leaves-less trees in the background too

    but the ledge looks a bit weird to me.. I think the top looks too thin and is not made up by the "gradient linings" if you understand
    plus I don't like the text font too well.. it doesn't match the whole wallie very well to me

    keep up the good job though!

  21. tiantito Mar 24, 2005

    well it looks good
    that wall looks really good
    the scan is cool
    maybe it would be more interesting if the starfield were ... idont know... had more stars or something like that... but its good that way too
    nice job

  22. MoonlightEternity Mar 24, 2005

    ^^pretty cute. they're standing on a balcony right?

    i'd suggest working on the sky ^^ it seems a little empty.

    neways, love it!

  23. Akira-san Mar 25, 2005

    Hehehe you never have time to say much on your walls, huh ^^
    i liked this wall very much, nice scan you used... I'll check out this site to see if I got good scans too... good work ^^v

  24. YugureKaze Mar 27, 2005

    the night sky in the bg looks really nice
    the two girls look really cute together
    very nice wall ^_^

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