Kannazuki no Miko Wallpaper: Maidens of the Moon Shrine

Kaishaku, Kannazuki no Miko, Chikane Himemiya, Himeko Kurusugawa Wallpaper
Kaishaku Mangaka Kannazuki no Miko Series Chikane Himemiya Character Himeko Kurusugawa Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Wallpaper #2, huzzah! This wallpaper features Himeko and Chikane from the series Kannazuki no Miko. Again, nothing too fancy, I had both pictures laying around on my harddrive so i though, why not? simple change to grayscale, split it in two then did appropriate color variations for the resepective halves. Enjoy! n.n

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  1. ShindouShuichi Nov 05, 2004

    OH wow!!! This looks awesome! I like the background very much! You know the two colors Pink and some what of a Baby Blue! I like the girls too!! Its like a colorful festival! Thank you very much! :D Great Job! ^_^'

  2. Sereneness Nov 05, 2004

    I love this anime's art :). Very well put together, I thought it was a scan at first. The background color themes match the characters nicely.

  3. tiagosg Restricted Member Nov 05, 2004

    Lindo Miko e muito massa adoro esse anime amei os tra├žo ^^

    Good Job

    Brasil Group
    Shima-chan Uchuu No Stellvia

  4. corben Nov 05, 2004

    girls..........lots of..g.... love nice walls with pretty girls......he.. :)

  5. sleepingforest Nov 05, 2004

    damn....freaking awesome man.......the bg is so cool :D keep up the good work!

  6. Jenichan Nov 05, 2004

    oooh a Kannazuki wall! very cool, first one I've seen! I love the moon and sun split screen type thing, very nice

  7. Abi-san Nov 05, 2004

    Very good wall, I'm not a big fan of Kannazuki ( it sucks) but the wall is cool :).

  8. Nekotine Nov 05, 2004

    LOL i find myself still watching Kannazuki because it's fun in a frustrating way. i'm one of the weirdos that's hoping Himeko will get with Chikane but realizes it's probably a hoop dream. ;_; *sigh* oh well, i'm glad you enjoy the wallpaper at least. XD

  9. Mavina Nov 05, 2004

    to Nekotime: have you seen the comic of Kannazuki no Miko?
    i think Himeko like Chikane and Chikane too.They will finally get together.
    this is gl. others can't break it!!!

  10. Nekotine Nov 05, 2004

    i've seen one part of the manga for Kannazuki no Miko...and that's the umm...'flute' part. <.<; thankfully, they left that out of the anime because yeah...that was a bit much for me. n.n;

  11. lildragon07 Nov 06, 2004

    Thank you for this wallpaper. It looks really nice. The background is simple yet nice. It fits the image very well.

  12. Mavina Nov 07, 2004

    i am waiting for another this anime's wallpaper .. plz come more ..
    it looks so good.....

  13. linasama Nov 08, 2004

    Kannazuki no Miko It's so cool , I want to see more wallpapers or great scans

  14. Keng87 Nov 09, 2004

    w00t...i really like the anime, and the art is really good (altho the story is weird), This will go into my collection XD

  15. Kitaan Retired Moderator Nov 09, 2004

    very beautiful nice characters and the bg is awsome good work another fave for me :)

  16. Oshii-Rion Nov 10, 2004

    Beatutyfull and kawaii characters. I like the walls with women :D Great wall :)

  17. YamatoBomber Banned Member Nov 17, 2004

    nice wallpapers , one of better anime :p

  18. semanga Nov 21, 2004

    very cool wall :D + fav

  19. hannah0000 Nov 28, 2004

    Cartoon that the lily adds the robot is worth watching
    I am so impolite as to accept in the good picture

  20. necropow Nov 28, 2004

    I like these 2 girls

    really Cute

    Is this anime good?

    what is the English name of this anime? I m gonna download!

  21. will1604 Banned Member Dec 06, 2004

    Very very nice wallpapers!!!
    Good work thank you ^^
    Great Website.

  22. Blooming-Bunny Dec 10, 2004

    Marvelous wallpaper. It's one of the few on MT where they're actually clothed XD

    You did a great job. I like the red/blue split, and the way the elements unite the piece as a whole.

  23. krnboijel Dec 23, 2004

    hey hey!! very nice picture!!
    cant help but notice u said Flute part??
    WHATS THAT about!!
    u got me all curious now
    *runs off to find the manga*

  24. Pikachuit Banned Member Dec 24, 2004

    wow, i really love KnM... it's really great, and so does this pic^-^
    if you haven't watched this show YET - it's a must see, especially for you shoujo-ai fans out there :-P

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