Kannazuki no Miko Wallpaper: Kannaduki no Miko 3D Splash

Kaishaku, Kannazuki no Miko, Himeko Kurusugawa, Chikane Himemiya Wallpaper
Kaishaku Mangaka Kannazuki no Miko Series Himeko Kurusugawa Character Chikane Himemiya Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

KnM, Himeko and Chikane.

Ummm... comments are appreciated, but likely won't be read (your hint to write something funny). I just click click my notifications... ^^;

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  1. Osiris Retired Moderator Dec 29, 2004

    wont read eh >__>

    nat is old and she wubs osi ^o^

    i really like the effects you did there, text design looks great too, but i guess you could do without those glitters *_*

  2. Silvana Dec 29, 2004

    The typo for this one is cool. Interesting lighting effect in the background.

  3. wuschel Dec 29, 2004

    *_* dont listen to osi, ive got that wall some days ago as desktop and its beatiful and since u wont read anyway XD i can just state that u roxors and im fan nr1 of ur walls

    o_O < need to comment next wall now

  4. mughi Dec 29, 2004

    Yomanai nara Nihongo dewa doudesuka? Translation: If you're not gonna read, then how about if its in Japanese? ^_^

    Wow, is the first thought that popped up when I looked at your wallpaper. What an effect. The girls are beautiful and this wallpaper reach out and grab you. Into favorite it goes.

  5. Kozumura Dec 29, 2004

    it's nat with another awesome wall, I just finished this series and wanted to make a KnM wall myself, but wow!! THis is my new desktop wall! :3!! Great job.

  6. peachiemint Dec 29, 2004

    pretty splashie stuffingz. reallie luv da bg effects. great wallie. keep it up =^^=

  7. Shota Dec 29, 2004

    ha its cool, i dont read my notifications either....this wall is mad hot, also big fan of your work gj!

  8. Shota Dec 29, 2004

    ha its cool, i dont read my notifications either....this wall is mad hot, also big fan of your work gj!

  9. Electrastar Dec 30, 2004

    Don't know this title...but I love the splashes of color in the backround. Goes so well with the movement of the two characters, lovely.

  10. tAtEkAnE Dec 30, 2004

    nat doesn't read comments *hurt* lol what i like about this wall are the colors @_@ they are purdy...makes me wanna touch it lol..anyhoo fab job :D

  11. euna Retired Moderator Dec 30, 2004

    wow.. awesome bg and the colours are great!!
    go really well with the scan... great work nat-chan!

  12. AkinaSpirit Dec 30, 2004

    Whaaaaa~ I know why you don't wanna read our post on this KnM wall.... you don't wanna admit you like the robots + girl love anime combo type action XP *ahem* Kidding!
    It's cos you know we'll praise your work *nat blushes*
    Anyway, I like the colours of the wall~ very nice as always ^_^

  13. ShiroiLina Dec 30, 2004

    very cool wallpaper with a 3D effect! love how you did that! :D keep up nat.. although i know you're not gonna read so... bye! :P :D

  14. Kiako Dec 30, 2004

    i like the charas but i don't like the thing that i cann see through them at the background.
    the background looks nice i like the effects and the colors.

  15. LordStyphon Dec 30, 2004

    Even more great work. I really like the colors mixed with the stars. Quite beautiful, actually.

    I also like how you used a scan that hasn't seen much use yet. =P

  16. Acuni Dec 30, 2004

    Nice wall
    But it bothers me that the girl on the right is looking streat to the end of the picture you shold try too put the two on the left side.
    And I dont understand whay can you see through them.

  17. Angelette Dec 31, 2004

    Not read but oh well. Great wall, and an unconventional way of creating the title :learns:

  18. Frosty Dec 31, 2004

    not bad, not bad at all. ^^

    Quote by nat...but likely won't be read (your hint to write something funny).

    lol.... well in this case.... (nat is actually a 0 yr old baby that came from the future and from another world to make us these wonderful works for us fan boys and girl weridos so she can feel like yea check out my greatness.... hahaha just messing with ya... since most likely you won't read it lol... ) XD

    the bg works are very beautifully done. ^^
    i like the star shining bg that you made. ^^
    very nice. ^^ good work and all that good stuff. ^^

  19. sammo Retired Moderator Jan 01, 2005

    people need to start doing more of these kinda walls...i don't really like the series, but i do like the wall :) good job nat!

  20. Arashi-san Jan 10, 2005

    nice ^^ chikane and himeko are nice chars for a wallpaper

    well done

    greetz arashi-san

  21. Shoujo-Ai4mE Jan 28, 2005

    wow, great effects on the background :)
    keep it up, it's great

  22. Sira Jan 31, 2005

    who are these beauties of women that are in this image because but that attractive they seem goddesses walked by their form of dressing and the searches in that are, that bottom seems that it was the origin of the big bang, stupendous wal

  23. xnla Jan 31, 2005

    i like the charas but i don't like the thing that i cann see through them at the background.
    wall is mad hot, also big fan of your work gj!

  24. mmalloy27 Feb 21, 2005

    a great wallpaper, i like the especially background alot, great colors, not like alot of other walls with dull backdrops

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