Sister Princess Wallpaper: Last Hope

Naoto Tenhiro, Sister Princess, Chikage Wallpaper
Naoto Tenhiro Mangaka Sister Princess Series Chikage Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

waah...8th wallpaper of my life ^_^~!!!!
well...I used a scan from sister princess....I didn't saw the anime yet >.>.........
I tried to use a new style that I've never used it before......it's that style that alpha used......but I dunno if it's right ^_^".........
I made this wall because......uhm...I dun really now ^_^"....I just saw the scan and I just wan to wall it >.>
I tried to create some dead and hopeless bg and the orb should be some saver......^_^"....kinda fantasy ideas >.>

layers:....was like...30+ layers but merge 2 things >.>
time:6-7 hours
scan: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/15655/

hope you like it ^_^~! (please click on the tumbnail for a bigger and better view >.>)
ps....gomen for my crap english XD~!

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  1. pinkdoremi Feb 28, 2005

    oooo o.o love the dark tone, and really pretty bg ^-^ it makes the scan stand out, cuz shes like wearing light clothes ^-^ the moon looks like mars O.O

  2. Firedemon Feb 28, 2005

    so beautiful the background is so pretty and the girl looks so sweet :) Great job!!

  3. MagicianFairy Feb 28, 2005

    its so beautiful i like this girl, is nice!!...the background is amazing!!
    perfect job!

  4. Aa-chan Feb 28, 2005

    Wow, the background works really well. The moon is a good colour and thesky is very dark and serious. I also like the trees in the behind the girl and the grass colour brings it all together. Cool looking character too ^__^ .

  5. SilentMasamune Feb 28, 2005

    Not bad at all, MC. There's still a slight bit of room for improvement and you'll know where.

  6. LordStyphon Feb 28, 2005

    Very good work here. The nighttime feel is very well done here; I love the purple sky and how the trees add to the feel. The scan is nice, and the lighting it brings is done perfectly. I also like the grass.

  7. skysong Feb 28, 2005

    Ooo, cool dark theme on this wall.
    I like dark trees and the red moon you put in, very cool, and nice touch adding the stars in the back as well.
    Great job!

  8. Holt Feb 28, 2005

    wow. really nice orb and scan. Ho'd you make the trees look so real?! 0_0
    Niiiicely done.

  9. Kei-kun Restricted Member Feb 28, 2005

    This is nice. ^_^

    The background is good, the orb is excellent and what could be improved by a smidge may be the character. It just seems a bit dusty that's all. But that's just me. I don't make wallpapers or images, I only criticise. ^_^

  10. MoonlightEternity Feb 28, 2005

    absolutely beautiful wallie there, MC! ^^

    the background is beyond awesome, and i love the trees! great orb thing lol.

    definitely adding to favs!!

    see you around, and keep up the good work!

  11. slivermoon Feb 28, 2005

    it has a good contrast in colours and lighting
    i like the trees and grass, the grass looks soo realistic
    and the moon looks like it about to blow up XP
    good wally anyways ^-^

  12. bibimbap Feb 28, 2005

    this is cool. i like the girl n the background ^^ background especially
    n the red moon

  13. gundragon Mar 01, 2005

    It a really great wall
    but I just don't have much of a feeling for it ^_^'
    That just me so I guess I'm on something
    so just kill me ;)

  14. Mordin Mar 01, 2005

    Nice bg, the color scheme of your bg is very nice, and the detail is very good in this one. I like the contrast of darkness and light around the girl. The grass blends in nicely, the girl's detail just make the bg that much better. good job meteorcloud. :)

  15. belmikry Retired Moderator Mar 01, 2005

    very nice work mc!!! ^_^ you are getting sooooooooo good at this >_< i love chikage scans- and you made this one fabulous!!! i love the BG, very well incorporated ^_^

    thanks so much! ~favz

  16. Athrun Mar 01, 2005

    What's a "tumbnail"? jk

    Have to be honest and straight to the point. I'm not really impressed. I mean, you did a great job, I'm just not fond of the colors used. < <;; Plus I think there's a bit of extraction needed somewhere around her dress... < <;;

  17. Aztec Mar 01, 2005

    Very nicw wall.
    I really like the colors you choose.
    Dont worry about your english its better than most peoples.

  18. ProjectDRacing Mar 01, 2005

    At first i thought the glowing ball was the planet, but its not. Its still look great anways. I also like the fog effect near the grass. Great job on another wall. :)

  19. Barbara Mar 01, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper, very nice effects on the background. Good job there :)

  20. heavens-Dragon Mar 01, 2005

    Wowies! What a great concept! I especially like the idea of the dark and hopless world but there's a great light of hope in the palms of her hands! Great idea! She's very cute! I also like the background you made! Amazing colours, it really matches the feeling! Awesome work, meteorcloud!

  21. RaXiv Mar 01, 2005

    for me you screwed up the colors which feel too dark >_> nyway a very good wall indeed.

  22. Frosty Mar 01, 2005

    nice wall. ^^
    looks really nice. ^^
    bg work looks pretty neat. ^^
    wonderful effort on this one. ^^

  23. Selruc Mar 01, 2005

    Wow NIce wallie Great contrast between, the honey Scan and the Scared BG another explendid JOb :)

  24. chibi-lizard Mar 01, 2005

    waaaaahhhh !!! mc ish getting so good !! :D
    the bg ish so pwettie and... spooky XD
    the planet looks so real !!
    ne ne.. *pokes mc* you gotta teach lizzie how to do planet
    lizzie suxxorz with planets or spacey stuff x_x

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