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Naoto Tenhiro, Sister Princess, Chikage Wallpaper
Naoto Tenhiro Mangaka Sister Princess Series Chikage Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

60 layers, 3 days (2-3hrs for each day). It's my first Chikage wallpaper!^_^ I actually don't know what Sister Princess is all about but I think the art is so good that I love using them for wallpapers. I've seen some wall this scan and here's MY version.^^;;

**5 layers were used for the basic blue sky with self-made clouds alone. I added 3-4 more layers for the different colors of the sky.^^;; The islands are self-made as well. But I think I still need more work with the islands.>< The ocean/sea was made with the use of Shinta's tutorial and my style. Clouds are purely mine.^^;; Half of the star field tutorial of Greg Martin was used to make the star field. I also CONSTRUCTED a the tip of her thumb because in the scan I used it was cut.>< And the hair too.. The butterflies are part of the scan.^^;;

Scan from here and brushes from their respective owners. (I can't find the scan right now because they are still trying to fix the errors..XD) I guess the "DO NOT RIP" warning doesn't work anymore.^^;; So, download it if you want and just leave a comment that you did.XD Other resolutions can be viewed in my userpage.

**This wallpaper is dedicated to my Miwwy!^_^ Miwwy, this is your Valentine's Day gift in advance..XD It doesn't look like it's a Valentine's gift because it's not a Valentine's wallpaper but I put a lot of effort in that wallpaper!^_^ I don't really like Valentine's Day because we can celebrate love any day we want to celebrate it! XD


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  1. winged Feb 05, 2005

    Hi einna! Great job on this, like the background best! The sky & the blurred moon :D

  2. Balljacker Feb 05, 2005

    Nice wallie. I like the background. the colors are good n the effects are great. the girl....well she's cute too. anyway nice work of art I like it a lot. 2 thumbs up 4 this wall. n add it to favs ;)

  3. diamarrr Feb 05, 2005

    good job in making this wallie...most of it are done really well....you're right something is up with the island though....

  4. DarkCrimson Feb 05, 2005

    Wowie such a cute Wallie.The Bg looks so beautiful with the Butterflys and the falling Stars.It sure goes to my favorites. :D.Great Work einna :D :)

  5. Anjhurin Feb 05, 2005

    wow real nice :) . well i can't say it's simplistic, but it has this bareness somehow, i don't know how to express that... maybe the empty sky and all. the clouds are more like mist to me, but the sea sure is well done, with all those reflections.
    hey no birdies this time?? now it's the butterflies XP !! and yeah the islands are still a little confused, but it's still a good work.
    keep the good job. i like your fantasies walls a lot (though why don't you try something else, like grundge or something??) :D

    Edit : well the sky's not empty, i like all the effects, but i feels like it's empty, cause they're soft in a way, you know they're really blended in, they don't stand out like real stars (maybe due to the purple-blue color). plus the moon is nice too ;)

  6. exentric Feb 05, 2005

    sweet sweet~
    the mountain/island could do some work.
    other than that, ts pretty much an amazing work. ^_^
    good work~

  7. ynk Feb 05, 2005

    Wow what a nice wallie^^ this girl was on cover of "mangazyn" [polish magazine about manga^^ already destroyed bu our law==' pigs] I like tha wall very mutch^^!

  8. Naruto-Uzumaki Feb 05, 2005

    AH, this is the first pic i see since im back to internet. Good work!
    I am back!!!!

  9. ungooma Feb 05, 2005

    woooow einna!Awesome work! Keep up the good work! This wallie is great :)

  10. Aa-chan Feb 05, 2005

    Such a pretty background. Colours are pretty and effects are nice. Lovely looking character too. Good work.

  11. MauroEC04 Feb 05, 2005

    Sweety! :)
    It`s peaceful and soft. A good background. Well, nice wall! :)

  12. Iyasis Feb 05, 2005

    A Chikage wallpaper ! ^^ She's the 'dark' one of the twelve sisters with all her black magic and of course the butterflies, but most of her images are 'light' like this one. The background is very soft and pretty, and the colours suit the image very well. I love the sky and the misty moon ^^

  13. Barbara Feb 05, 2005

    Very beautiful and lovely wal,
    the colors are very nice
    and the girl is so cute
    a fav :D

  14. volrath77 Feb 05, 2005

    Beautiful. The glowing butterflies add a nice effect to teh pic overall. Good one.

  15. ex-paranoia Feb 05, 2005

    ooo, nice wall~ Looks like you wanted to try something with a custom painted background, turned out quite nice~ The butterflies don't look like they belong though~ But a nice feel nonetheless. Good job :)

  16. ssjgohan Feb 05, 2005

    very nice job einna, i like the soft feel and it looks like she's on the ocean with her hand reaching out for help...+fav and I may use this as my desktop wallpaper :)

  17. LordStyphon Feb 05, 2005

    Nice job here. Great scan work, and a nice, soft background. The colors go very well with the scan. Nice stars, too.

  18. AngelKate Feb 05, 2005

    Oh wow, that's very pretty! I'm definitly getting this one! Very nice job! :)

  19. Saikusa Retired Moderator Feb 05, 2005

    I love butterflies in wallpapers, they have a lightening effect to the mood of the image... and this is a wonderful feeling of a fun spring/summer's day. Really lovely! :)

  20. Mordin Feb 05, 2005

    Nice work, you got Chikage's mood just right, she is very mysterious. :) I like the layer of color in bg, although the butterfies see kind of out of place. Chikage's color is purple, so i guess it would be kind of nice to have that color match her. :) Thanks for the lovely work.

  21. meteorcloud Feb 05, 2005

    Great work einna ^^~!!!!
    i like the concept and the effects =)
    extraction could be done better ???
    Great job einna =D
    Fav +

  22. toujin1 Feb 06, 2005

    ooooh wow...this is drool worthy! i think its great! love the bold bright colors...the background is great too! so much effort u put into this and it can be seen easily...great job!

  23. Athrun Feb 06, 2005

    oOOOOOooooOOOOoooOOooooh....... xD

    i LOVE it!! Well, the only bad part I see is a few crooked extraction in her hair, but it looks so nice! Great BG and text!! And it features Chikage! Awesome, awesome, awesome! Xd *stamps fav*

  24. Frosty Feb 06, 2005

    ooo very nicely done ^^
    good extraction bg work and all of that.. lol ^^
    looks great ^^ keep up the good wrk. ^^
    +fav for a job well done ^^

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