Sister Princess Wallpaper: ::: Morning Glow :::

Naoto Tenhiro, Sister Princess, Chikage Wallpaper
Naoto Tenhiro Mangaka Sister Princess Series Chikage Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

another wall??!?!?! piyo's a machine!! XD

actually piyo's supposed to be doing art homework [it sound weird when you say it '___'] but piyo doesnt like doing it~~ >____> anywhooo~~ on to the credits and info!! *fwheee*

*announcer voice* this wall features Chikage from Sister Princess, scan provided by Crapmonster!! Title from the song Morning Glow sung by Mayuko Aoki (Yuna) from Final Fantasy X-2. Brushes from: Moon Wave. Layers: lots, time: lots, times got into trouble for not sleeping and working on this: lots XD

Piyo should probably get to her homework now.. but then theres other things to do first!! *read list* change userpage layout, clean room, do homework, find notes, eat, make more walls... @_______@ *collapse*

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  1. WMagnus Feb 28, 2005

    where is the "thumb ups" smilie when yu need it? Me encanta. Y lo digo en serio. Is beautiful. I will add it to my favs.

  2. jaws909 Feb 28, 2005

    Quote by WMagnuswhere is the "thumb ups" smilie when yu need it? Me encanta. Y lo digo en serio. Is beautiful. I will add it to my favs.

    yea, they should make one of those lol :D

    beautiful pic, going in my favs too

  3. Kentaro Restricted Member Feb 28, 2005

    really beautiful wall !! the girl looks so cute and the bg is great
    excellent work ;)

  4. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Feb 28, 2005

    ahhhhhh! Piyo so good! i feel like i put too much on my walls while your is just so simple yet appealing to itself. Love the little stars on chikage and design work all over it plus the text aint bad at all with the poem! ^_^
    Piyo must slow down or youll just bump yourself on the head!
    Keep it real girl! :)

  5. raxis Feb 28, 2005

    wow nice wall piyo-chan ^^
    i really like the girl n the bg is pretty ^^
    fav!!! :D

  6. Susan-chan Feb 28, 2005

    beautiful scan from chikage^^ and the background looks magically^^ nice colors and cool effects^^

  7. LucyMizuno Feb 28, 2005

    This is soo beautiful! hope you can rest a little ^_^ I love Sister Princess the characters are all so cute..and you did it so full of life and the colors fit well it's all perfect! Thank You very much for your hard work ^.^~ I'm very glad to be able to see your walls XD *kissu*

  8. AkinaSpirit Feb 28, 2005

    I like the pretty sparkles you put on her~ ^__^
    The bg looks good too :)
    Pretty bright wall ^^ which is pretty much your style *penguin glomp*

  9. NikaNeko Feb 28, 2005

    Weee!Oh very pretty I very love it!
    Love the scan and background!
    A excellent job you did it!

  10. LordStyphon Feb 28, 2005

    This wallpaper is very pretty. In addition to the nice scan you used, the background is very bright, with color used wonderfully. It's also sparkly, which is nice. Great work.

  11. Angstbunny Mar 01, 2005

    So pretty Piyo! the thumbnail does your wall no justice so everyone should download it to see how nice it is ^_^ as always love the soft colors, sparkles, and what you did with the text.

  12. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Mar 01, 2005


    yup yup yup yupp~ piyo ish a machinnneee~ a love machine .. x______x

    xd XD XD

    saki = in love with the font .. *-* the bg effects are sooo greatt tooo!! t____t

    *eats IT UP* ^.~ itz sakiz now .. XD XD

  13. Spriggan Mar 01, 2005

    ooh yes , you're always coming up with lovely wall! cool sparkle thingy all around the scan..and of course , pretty scan too.
    I don't think I need to say anything about the bg..you should know by yourself that you did something beautiful..as the usual! thanks for sharing Piyo.

  14. StarCentury Mar 01, 2005

    Such a bright and beautiful Sister Princess wallie, Piyo! XD The BG looks so pretty, sometimes it hurts my eyes a bit, though! ^_^' Also, the text fits nicely and looks very cool as well as the scan! Nice work, Piyo! ;)

  15. frozenwilderness Mar 01, 2005

    wheee I think you already know what I think of this.. <3 the soft pastel colors and the sparklessss.. so pretty XD

    lovely work as alwaysss ^^

  16. halcyonTwilight Mar 02, 2005

    Ironic thing is that i'm supposed to be doing my homewok right now too XD

    School stuff aside, this wall rocks. The text is awesome, and as always i love your soft bg style with the brushes and all. The bg could use a lil bit more effects, but i think it's good enough to get a +fav from me :D Love the wall ^^

    *goes back to slacking off* XD

  17. shinorei Mar 02, 2005

    Wow this is nice! I like! *huggies the wallie* I love the background and the font! It's so detailled and nice! Good work.

  18. loveumuch May 05, 2005

    Beautiful wall!
    fav+ :)

  19. Nanaho Jun 23, 2005

    she'll married????

    she so cute ^_________________^

    and that pic little sexy lady

    haha thx ^^

  20. nanapan Apr 18, 2007

    Wow ! Socute and beautiful !It good work ! Thx for good wallpaper... ^^

  21. veibkreuz Mute Member Apr 16, 2010

    Nice wallpaper. I like it. Thanks for sharing :)

  22. Terminator Jan 06, 2011

    oinnnnnnnnnnnn very kawaii

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