Yoshitoshi Abe Wallpaper: Dissonance

Yoshitoshi Abe Wallpaper
Yoshitoshi Abe Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

not much to say about this one, just went for that cliche post apocalyptical look. used some new textures i got on this one and overall i think it turned out quite nicely. the type is from tool's "schism". no idea where the image is from, just got it off 4chan last week and the wreckage in the back is from stock.

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  1. Jinpun Feb 14, 2005

    Wow I really like it. I would like to know who it is in the middle, love the or steamy effects goin on, very nice job!

  2. tiantito Feb 14, 2005

    it looks great
    i like the style and the textures u used here
    the fog looks great
    the sky is great
    as you said a post apocalyptical look
    nice job
    added to favorites

  3. tru-chan Feb 14, 2005


    This is really awesome. The background and the scan just fit right in together! :3
    The dude looks small... XD
    Great job!

  4. Rella Feb 14, 2005

    Wow, that's just so fitting. The image is made for the background! You're great. Really nicely done.

  5. blue-chan Feb 14, 2005

    Oh so nice! :D Awesome job on your latest wallpaper, crapmonster-sama. I love the charcater and the BG. Keep it up. You're doing great. =^___^=

  6. euna Retired Moderator Feb 14, 2005

    wow... luv the wallie <--- luv at first sight (!?!)
    anywayz, luv the colours and the 'clouds' especially...
    very cool looking bg and on top of that awesome scan... !! very cool dissolve effects...
    very interesting
    awesome job crap oppa ^___^ *fav*

  7. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Feb 14, 2005

    In this day of reckoning
    the age we live in is a vague persona
    where gods speak are now silent
    And chaos bows to its own defiance

    Whoa thats some cool stuff Crapmonster escpecially the fuzzy and surrealitic bg around the character...The image itself suits this! Great job as always mate!

  8. DernierCri Feb 14, 2005

    When the people of the world all know beauty as beauty,
    There arises the recognition of ugliness.
    When they all know the good as good,
    There arises the recognition of evil.


  9. Keltosh Retired Moderator Feb 14, 2005

    Well what can I say.. this wall is really nice. The mood of the wall realkly gives the impression of a post-aplocalypse setting. And the background is somehow really appealing. All in all a very good wall, faving it :D

  10. UndyingShadow Feb 14, 2005

    wow crap this is an amazing wall, one of the better ones you've put out recently. It like the overall dark and moody atmosphere with the mist and dark colors. great job!

  11. ChiLLiaN Feb 14, 2005

    crapmonster, why does your body not prepare for the war that is coming?
    soon, my love and passion will overcome the barriers that you put up
    only one can defy the love that comes between us
    the love is strong and will hold up to the fight
    do not give up, my love for you is strong
    please, hold on a little longer
    finding beauty in this wall
    through the confusion of the clouds
    the night sky blocks the wonderous view
    only to see true beauty that shine through

  12. Riva Feb 15, 2005

    Really cool art style, kudos for the successful post-apocalyptic atmosphere. Would be nice if someone knows the source.

  13. KorganoS Feb 16, 2005

    L33tness..... xd
    i love the overall feel of the old tech sceneric, and the colors are superb....
    very smart balancing of dark and bright tones, and yes, I love the scan.....
    All in all, an excellent piece.... ;)

  14. Noctum Feb 17, 2005

    I still can't get enough of your unique wallpapers. :)
    From the concept to the final choice of colours, it's all perfect.

  15. Cajime Feb 18, 2005

    I really like how the image fits into the scenery and the mood of the wallpaper is great. Very good job.

  16. Taurec Feb 20, 2005

    You scare me .... the talent you show and effort you put in your papers are frightning Mr. Monster.

    gawd the texture is nice ... and can't find anyting to nag about.... damn you. <grin>

  17. Angelette Feb 21, 2005

    That looks great! A dark wall only crap can pull off. MM~ I wish I could do dark walls; it may help me though my anxious dark times... (like now...with midterms! >_<!) Great wallie, craaaap xD 신기해요!

  18. Angelette Feb 21, 2005

    That looks great! A dark wall only crap can pull off. MM~ I wish I could do dark walls; it may help me though my anxious dark times... (like now...with midterms! >_<!) Great wallie, craaaap xD 신기해요!

  19. lunaregina Mar 24, 2005

    Oh wow!! I love the apocalyptical look to this image with the noise in the background. I especially love all the graffiti on the cars. ^^ Awesome job! + fav

  20. ThaIsland212 Apr 04, 2005

    dissonance involves two oposing factors, right? although at first i didnt see how dissonance tied into this wall...but the answer was right in front of my face...NOW i can see the contrast between life and death,(death=the desolate surroundings, life=heroic-seeming little duude), and there IS beauty in it. i adore the colors used in the upper part of the wall, and how they're blended. ...whats most important is that i can TELL its a post appocalyptic setting without reading the description...fav'rite!!!! XD

  21. Aa-chan Apr 21, 2005

    Stunning background composition and colours. The characters fit in there nicely :) .

  22. DMNY May 02, 2005

    I went through your gallery yesterday...How I missed it is beyonf me...blending is excellent, use of filters second to none...Fav right there...

  23. anji May 03, 2005

    How do you do that!!!
    I'm about to cry this is sooo beautiful.
    Colors are so nice in this wall.
    And the caracter fits well in this apocalyptic world.
    I really like the clouds and the effect overall.
    Thanks for sharing...
    Don't have the choice to add it to my fav!

  24. bucket-shot May 03, 2005

    First thought: I love the colours. x_x Still thinking: I love the colours. XD The way they fade from blue > purple > white. The three-tone organisation is great, and contrasts with the visual chaos of the image~<3 :) Very appealing. Awesome blending, again. Especially how they buildings fade lighter and less sharp the further back they get (yup~<3 gives it depth). Cliched? To hell with that. XD You've done it very well, so who cares? Heheh~ *three thumbs up*

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