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This is my new doujinshi I made using different CG techniques (both mouse and the tablet). The characters are designed by me (the girl is from an older doujinshi I submitted here at MT). The huge bird is the Phoenix; in Egyptian mythology the bird Phoenix rises every morning with the sun and dies every evening. It was an important part of worshipping the sun God Ra (I hope I retold the story properly). It took a lot of time to draw and colour it so I decided to make it in wallpaper size.
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  1. toujin1 Jan 30, 2005

    love it! i cant do anything like it tho! and the idea is really cool! funny, im working on a pheonix pic right now!

  2. chibikko Jan 30, 2005

    many lovable details and the characters are really cool. especially that guy with the purple hair looks cool xD and i'd love to make such great cities. awesome and it's even greater that it's a wallpaper ^^

  3. joshanime Jan 30, 2005

    Nice job!!Very cute!Keep up the good work

  4. vampyre Jan 30, 2005

    ^^~ now for wallpaper? great work nice effect, shading, shadow ^^ & Oh! girl! beware his eyes ~^^~

  5. tru-chan Jan 30, 2005

    Wow! This is wonderful Hara. XD
    The CG, and drawing itself are awesome. ^^
    Great work.

  6. evasion Jan 30, 2005

    omg, harakiri! you have the coolest ideas ever. The buildings are a nice touch and the coloring is excellent!

  7. Nemontine89 Jan 30, 2005

    Kewl city bg!
    Great style of coloring too :D
    Hmm, the girl's legs are a bit on the skinny side tho
    but everything else looks really nice. :)

  8. SamuraiHaruko Jan 30, 2005

    it's so potty hara-kun! tis a favie ! suuuuuuuuuuuuuu heh he ^^-

  9. levezzali Jan 31, 2005

    Thatá really good y'know, the perspective is great... (ok, the girl needs to be a little careful with a combination between "wind" and "men eyes" but that's on, hehe, just kidding) but now that I downloaded it I have to ask, how did you drew it? the lines are so linear (I mean have same thickness from beggining to end)!
    THe city is very cool, and I can see you worked very much on it!
    Cool, very cool!
    Keep them coming, ok?

  10. walkure245 Jan 31, 2005

    You did so well on the details. I love the phoenix. XD It's so pretty and golden. Great job on it. I like your placement on the two people like that. You did a great job on the shading too. I never buildings came in those colors. ^_^ Loves it~

  11. Alex204 Apr 23, 2005

    The colour and detail on the charactors is amazing! The perspective on the buildings looks a bit out, but that is not really important. +Fav!

  12. Rikimaru-jp Aug 08, 2005

    wtf!!!! you call that a phoenix??? LOL what a shitty drawings!!!
    you should go practice for the nest hundred years and after that you might have a chance xp
    looool if there were a minus fav I would used it on this one

  13. GaiJiN Sep 17, 2005

    Ok Harakiri it's your turn to get some late comments :) :
    Now this is amazing. It reminds me of your style I appreciated so much and shows me how much you improved. It really displays dedication, from the concept to the coloring. I love how you often mix some casual and modern design on your characters with something completely different. And this time it's a phoenix! I love how he is rising over the city, almost like he is going to engulf everything like a big wave, but it still gives away a gentle and non destructive feeling. Maybe because of the peaceful expressions of the characters. Concerning them, I think you could improve your fold work (without overdoing it though) and the face of the girl. Overall the curves of their lineart could flow more naturally, and I would have put highlights in the eyes. There also seem to be some mistakes in the coloring, like on the hair of the boy, the coloring of the phoenix looks awesome on the other side :) . No complaints about the city, the different perspectives used really work. And I like your color choice too. Overall a very well designed picture, I'm sure it's perfect as a wallpaper :) .

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