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The purpose of this image was to play around with the "hair spray" brush of Painter 9. While the intent is to allow an artist to easily create fuzzy/furry patterns, I found it could be used as an excellent grass brush, provided it is used only for foreground/shillouette grass. To test it out, I took an old starscape (from the dualmonitor version of my Stellvia wall, Star Crossed Lovers) and added some "grass" below. Plus a pair of planets from my Escaflowne "Secret Window" wallpaper. The grass creates a nice shillouette, I think. The long panoramic view enhances the idea of sitting outside on a dusky evening and watching the stars play out overhead.

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  1. einna Jan 29, 2005

    Too starry. The grass needs more work too. It doesn't look right... The big stars must be reduced and you also placed too much stardust, which makes it look unrealistic.

    Nice one, though! Keep it up!

  2. KorganoS Jan 29, 2005

    whooo... O.O
    loving the details on this one, and wth, that's some resolution XD
    nice colors, and nice tecnhiques, makes a truly great artwork...
    I aggree with the fact that the grass looks a bit too uniform.... but I find the starfield nice :)
    great job once again, Tama ;)

  3. calisqo Jan 29, 2005

    nice work.

    Although in my opinion the stars composition a bit much,

    i like the color and the way u created the grass, in which i think really awesome.
    GOod work.
    Thanks for sharin cool work ^^

  4. nanou1 Jan 29, 2005

    i like very much your abstract art... it's so calm and it feels to me a strange sensation...

  5. runemaster Jan 29, 2005

    Your effect on this are very good. Very unique and original.This is a place in my favourite^^

  6. cloud811 Jan 29, 2005

    oh dear lord....its soo pretty....and yea the stars are to big, but i think im going to star at this for another 10mins...i can't take my eyes of it, its that amazing. hey can you make some more? pleease i realy want to see more stuff like this from you. ohh man this is great.

  7. irix Jan 29, 2005

    welll, i'm like how do you used the brushes to do the sparkles, and the grass... that's so well managed!!! ...but i'm feel unpleasatn about the moons, because looks like a balls very closed to the ground! [maybe that sensation is because you put the layer of the sparkles above the layer of the planets/moons] ^^

  8. Aplos Feb 02, 2005

    It is quite beautiful, and the stars are not too big, but I think it would've been better if the crosses were all parallel. Also to what irix is referring...try adding a minimal glow of fuzziness around the two moons. That might help it blend with the sky a little better.

  9. Mordin Feb 05, 2005

    Nice little belt way of star you got there, and the planet looks like the right proportion in the trail of stars. It does remind me of an old movie I saw, the picture of some kids looking up the vast sky would be wonderful in this image. :)

  10. Juclesia Mar 31, 2005

    that's also a work that I like.....mystic....i also like romantic or mystic pics

  11. lordfurby May 11, 2005

    I think this is a really nice work. I do believe that there are too many of the + stars (i guess that's they only way I know how to explain them). If there were fewer of these, it wouldn't seem as cluttered to me. But otherwise, very good.

  12. demx Nov 11, 2005

    I like the stars here

  13. Bodhi Jan 30, 2006

    nice view... the colors all compliment eachother... and the tittle is very appropiate

  14. aeidail Oct 20, 2008

    I really like the colors, but I think it would be nice if parts of it were a little sharper...

  15. trykile May 19, 2009

    Milky way!
    Nice scene in it!

  16. Tannis Aug 19, 2009

    Exceelleenntt~ "Orig: Heaven, Earth and Life"

    What a beautiful title <3. The wallpaper is very very elegant and fantastic! The stars are shining brightly ^^. Very mysticalll~ Keep it up!

  17. pl94 Mute Member Oct 29, 2010

    Great wallpaper! thanks for sharing! ^^

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