CLAMP, Madhouse, X, X [infinity], Seishirou Sakurazuka
CLAMP Mangaka Madhouse Studio X Series X [infinity] Artbook Seishirou Sakurazuka Character


Seishirou from X. Pencil board scan from my collection.

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  1. Hikari-Sakurai Jan 09, 2005


    What beautiful scan, never seen this picture before

    *faints again*
    I'm such a Sei-chan fangirl :D

  2. Tirdaelyn Jan 11, 2005

    i have never seen this one, ever. It is amazing. And very Seishirou, I must say. Thank you for sharing. This one definitely is a fav. So very cool. ^^

  3. teko Jan 12, 2005

    *___* thats my personal fav and it must be faved right now !!
    thank you for putting and scaing a bigger scan of this its hard to find good qality scans ^__^

  4. Lorethen Jan 14, 2005

    OMG omg omg omg.. scan from X I've never seen before.. lool amazeing XD
    Anyways .. nice one^^

  5. Spettro Jan 15, 2005

    *add favourites* ...good job ;)!

  6. Giname Jan 15, 2005

    you rock! I've looked and looked for this picture for so long
    you ROCK

  7. anxius Jan 23, 2005

    Seems as though this is one of the newer pieces of clamp. Is it? Still great! Sei-chan is pretty... :D

  8. HontoniKawaii Jan 31, 2005

    Wow... what a horibly beautiful scan! i havent seen it niether!!! and i really love Seiishiro!!! he and Subaru are my favorite characters in X!!!

    So pretty...

  9. Kira-senpai Feb 20, 2005

    *stares* :D *blinks* :) *smiles evily* LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i haven't seen this pic anywhere else before. must get to 10th level and download it. cause it's just ..... great!!!!!!!!!!! hihi :D

  10. Idril Mar 05, 2005

    omg omg omg !!!!!! Sugoiiiiii!!!!! Sei-chan is soooooo amazing this scan!!!!
    I love it!!!!!! Thanks! ThANKS!

  11. VampireMelinda Mar 22, 2005

    This is my favorite image of Seishirou and I have this penical board, it is amazing. Thank You for Sharing. *Favorite For You*

    Mmmm Seishirou

  12. AyaC88 Mar 31, 2005

    Woooo! I love this Clamp style. It's amazing :D I think it's one new Clamp's image, isn't it?

  13. Tennyo Apr 03, 2005

    seichaaaaaaaaan *nosebleed*
    thanks for this beautiful scan!!! *_*
    *loves Seichan*

  14. lacusklein83 Apr 14, 2005

    This was kinda freaky the first time I ran across it, but after reading GN 16, I understand it now. Very good scan!

  15. fushiginohito Apr 21, 2005

    Ahhh! Seishiro!!!!

    Quote by lacusklein83This was kinda freaky the first time I ran across it, but after reading GN 16, I understand it now. Very good scan!

    I agree, at first I thought ewww...but it's too beautiful a picture to miss.
    Thanks for the scan! :D

  16. markjo May 01, 2005

    Absolutely breathtaking. Seishirou is definitely my favourite character from X - so handsome and so cold-hearted!

  17. Saulo May 01, 2005

    WOW, Seishiro is really good in this scan, the fake eye gives a visual "bad guy" ^^

  18. KuroiTsubasa May 05, 2005

    even tho the eye thing is a bit creepy - this pic is amazing!!!!

  19. KuroiTsubasa May 05, 2005

    even tho the eye thing is a bit creepy - this pic is amazing!!!

  20. tobiast88 May 05, 2005

    Wow ... freaky *evil smile* I like... much... Seishirou is back! What will Subaru do? Great scan though

  21. tobiast88 May 07, 2005

    Gaaaaaah!!!!!! Oh my god that is a seriously scary ( and freakishly cool ) picture of Seishirou-san! I like it a lot, but... eh he's staring at me....
    Great scan though

  22. Fish13 May 28, 2005

    Thats soooooooo cool!!!!! :)
    Great Scan,
    He looks sooo cool in it ;)

  23. beep Jun 01, 2005

    I have never seen this picture before!Nice!Thanks for sharing!:)

  24. kilalamiko06 Jun 02, 2005

    *takes a breath in and stares in awe* This is so breath taking! Its got a creepy, gothic feel to it that only "x" has, but is absolutely gorgeous! The falling sakura petals are so beautiful, they make him stand out and help define his form. This is so beautiful and wonderful! :D Thank you so much for sharing! :)

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