CLAMP, X, X [infinity], Kamui Shirou
CLAMP Mangaka X Series X [infinity] Artbook Kamui Shirou Character


Not my scan, stolen from Sasmira's Livejournal.
This is from X Infinity.
We don't get enough of these kind of pictures!

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  1. egnirys Nov 15, 2004

    I'll second that. This is a really nice scan. I wish there were more like it at MT, instead of countless girls in their underwear. -_-'

  2. Vitaralastla Nov 15, 2004


    Cutie in the bathtub...



    Kudos to you for the lovely scan!
    :) :) :) :) :) :)

  3. toujin1 Nov 15, 2004

    ooooooo kamui...i love....
    but i havnt seen any of these newer is kinda new isnt it?

  4. cygnus Nov 15, 2004

    Oh my ... oh my ... and in a good 'quality' too .... not only the resolution, but also the see through ... :)

  5. Shkira Nov 17, 2004

    Mmm.... wet white shirted Kamui is a yummy Kamui. And he's all SMILEy!! Pretty pic!! =^_^=

  6. heavens-Dragon Nov 18, 2004

    Lovely lovely scan! I love Kamui and been looking for the longest time for this pic! He looks simply adorable! Thanx for sharing this awesome scan!

  7. ShindouShuichi Nov 24, 2004

    whoa. Awesome.... Droollll..... Kamui is my favorite from x/199999999...... Awesome scan, thanks alot for providing the link! :D

  8. krad Nov 24, 2004

    WOW! That is one sexy looking Kamui!
    He's smiling too....that is too cute! :)

  9. ringlain Nov 26, 2004

    oh mygod, I love that picture of Kamui.. He looks totally hot in that shrt .. I just wanna eat him up! :D XD

  10. Hiromi-chan Nov 29, 2004

    *No words* He's so sexy and hot in this pic...I want him! XD I LOVE him!!!

  11. Natsuki-chan Dec 05, 2004

    Kamui is so cute :)
    thats is my favor Pic of him ^^
    i Love it XD

  12. CosmoStar Dec 14, 2004

    Oh, God! Never saw so beautiful pic of Kamui!
    I don't hav anything to say about it! Kamui turned me mute! He's just hot...
    Gosh! Forgive me!

  13. darkwaterbunny Dec 21, 2004

    OMG Its Kamui! *dies* I love Kamui!!! ^_______________^ thnaks so much for sharing this!!! I <3 Kamui ^_~ Great scan, even if its not yours because we do need more of these scans....

  14. baaakurama Dec 24, 2004

    Wow! What a great scan (::fans:: haha)! Adding to my favorites! Thank you soooooooo much for sharing this (I mean it! Thank you!) haha!

  15. himeno22 Dec 24, 2004

    whoa...*drools*! i didn't think Kamui could get any HOTTER...i was obvioulsy wrong becuse if there's a word to describe hotter than hot, that should be his middle name.
    thanx, you just made my day!

  16. ni-chan Dec 27, 2004

    O.O *drooool*....i want XD ...give him to me....i love you for sharing this!!!

  17. Lizardy Dec 28, 2004

    kamui looks really happy!! nice picture!!!

  18. phluxia Jan 14, 2005

    *starts frothing* oh my lord...
    yeah i agree that more of these kind of scans be put up instead of semi naked girls.. XD~ Marissa, YOU ROCK HUN!

  19. hanna-ch Jan 14, 2005

    yeah, this one is a clear favourite *adds right away*
    It contains everything you need... a cute guy, a wet t-shirt and some feathers..
    Oh happy day ^_^
    Thanks for sharing!

  20. TsUzuKi Jan 29, 2005

    this is nice. very nice.
    i wish i could see it bigger...
    nice one. thnx ^_^

  21. Schyler Feb 14, 2005

    I almost scream seeing Kamui with his wet shirt. Was that an exaggeration? Definitely not. Ur right, we have to have lots of this pics. If not, it wouldn't be interesting browsing the male scan section. Thanks for sharing the pic even though...

    its not ur original scan. It's still great! XD

  22. HontoniKawaii Feb 17, 2005

    kyaaaaa!!!! What a great image of Kamui!!! He looks so great in it!!! - in his feather-bath!!!
    Thanx for sharing!! ^____________^

  23. katrya Mar 06, 2005

    He is sooooooooo cute Kamui!!!!!!!!! I love himmmmm :nya: but less shaolan!!

  24. VampireMelinda Mar 23, 2005

    Ah this is one of the best scans of Kamui I have ever seen. Just Beatiful and Hot! Thank You for Sharing and This is one of my Favorites.

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