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Ack, I haven't submitted anything in a while. x_X;; The extraction on this wallpaper turned out really horrible, I tried to cover it as much as possible. I'm too lazy to extract it again. xD;; I don't know what in the world I was thinking of when I made this, but... meh... maybe you'll like it more than I do. Tell me what you think. o-O;;

Credit :: Scans by... ano... I'm too lazy to look it up. e.e;; Sorry, I'll find it later! @__@;;

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  1. mystvearn Dec 31, 2004

    I like the wallpaper, but for some reason I see some kind of pirate logo (in the red area) when viewing it in the browser, not full size ;) Nice optical illusion

  2. DarkMaiden1369 Dec 31, 2004

    Hey I thought it came out cute Naka-chan! *adds to favs* *hugs* bye bye

  3. Frosty Dec 31, 2004

    nice bg work ^^
    really simple but looks nice. ^^
    i think you use the layer mask option on the front to get the image show. well I think it would look better f you had just extract the image for this one. ^^
    but like you said too lazy to redo it.... lol... XD
    but it is a nice has a clean bg wallie. ^^
    Good work. ^^

  4. spikespiegel Dec 31, 2004

    I think you did a pretty good job with your wall.The red and blue theme is nice and the characters look good enough to me.Very well done +fav for u ^_^

  5. Athrun Dec 31, 2004

    Woah, a wallie from Nakayori? Nice one too. Ooh, I had this scan myself, except I never bothered to wall it due to nightmare-ish extractions. XP

    The thumbnail version sucks, lol. I viewed the full size and it looks waay better. XP Anyway...

    great wallpaper. Nice text and colors. Ah, don't worry about who gave the scan. Not like they'll give a shit anyway. So don't waste your good time doing that... I always waste my good time... and I'm really getting sick of it. Oops... ^_^; I'm supposed to be commenting, not ranting! XD

    Well anyway, I love this wallpaper. Great job!!! (And it's red and blue...)

    * adds to fav

  6. bandgirl Dec 31, 2004

    Wow.... really nice wall :d
    i like the blue and red theme in the bg, and the effects you used look nice ^^. good job extracting the scan too ^_^. This is a fav for me :). great work Nakayori ^^.

  7. Skillzpay Dec 31, 2004

    Not too shabby!
    I think it could've used some more snow for more of a wintery feel and the scan could use a bit of gaussian blurring and overlaying to help blend it in better. Keep at it nakayori :)

  8. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Dec 31, 2004

    MY GOSH Naka-chan! You are a simply amazing talent. I'm glad you decided to submit a wall again. I was beginning to miss your work *sniff* and I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year as well. To be honest I'm looking at the scan...and I don't see where you screwed up so 'horribly' I see a few little mistakes.....but yeah. Otherwise I really love the concept you were going for and putting a close up of the two girls together in the bg like that was a great idea! Also how you combined the colors as well, red and blue look so great like that! You've got a great idea going into this and I have to say that I loved the amount of snow you used. Since the bg doesn't really have a scenery its best to keep it to minimal in my opinion, but thats me. Anyways all in all, I really love this Naka-chan. I still think your one amazing waller with such limitless talent. Favorite.

  9. YoukoxLover Dec 31, 2004

    i like it ;_; .. u DO wall goodd~~ ;D .. hehe *huggles wallie* soo prettiii! itz red toooo! and blue >>;; .. lol heheh the bg ish nice ;D .......

    +favvvvv ^o^//

  10. Paolo Dec 31, 2004

    not bad naka. it lil bit of red but a lot of blue ummm.... its good! i like it! *hugs ya* :)

  11. Rorixbladewing Jan 02, 2005

    Nice wallpaper !! ^^
    The background looks very great and the chara fits great to the background.
    It is really an excellent work

  12. Devilet Jan 02, 2005

    hehe, it's so nice and artistic, simple effects but great outcome~
    I think the two different blues are a litte strange ^__^;; because they are different tones
    wow, you're improving, it looks very good!

  13. shirahana Jan 03, 2005

    Aw.... pretty ^_^ I like how there's a color scheme to this wallpaper. I'm not sure if the spiky thing at the bottom is necessary though ^^; At the same time, I'm not sure how it would look without it...

    Overall, very nice :D

  14. narutofan92 Jan 03, 2005

    hehe I think it's a very great wally. Your really getting good at this! (i suk though. Rofl)
    The spiky thing does seem a itty bitty odd but over all it's awesome.

  15. Larghaz Feb 05, 2005

    w000, Nakururu and Rimururu look so cute in this one. Red and blue just like their clothes that's a nice choice. Good wallpaper.

  16. Chesshoo Feb 07, 2005

    I like those girl, they have perfect, attracting body shape, beautiful eyes, straight hair. However, the one with long hair i dont like her hand, there's something too big that does not fit her on her hand.

  17. jmeche123 Mar 24, 2005

    This is a great wall!!!I like the shading,the lighting,and the cute girl!!!The backgroung is amazing and very detailed!! Good job!!!

  18. 0virus Apr 24, 2005

    nakoruru and rimururu, they are powerful warriors

  19. Nakofan Jun 02, 2005

    Nakoruru she's sooo dreamy!
    I like that picture, next to her cute little sister Rimo.

  20. 0virus Jun 08, 2005

    is cute!^_^

  21. HitomiEyes Jul 29, 2005

    This one is really nice and i really like it..Nice bg and colors you used..very creative

  22. skyheaven Nov 07, 2005

    like the 2 girl you had on the walli there is look cute.

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