Samurai Spirits Wallpaper: Two Betrayals

SNK, Samurai Spirits, Asura (Samurai Spirits) Wallpaper
SNK Studio Samurai Spirits Game Asura (Samurai Spirits) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

well ........mmmmm.....yeah
Its a Samurai Showdown wallpaper ............which I thought off as I was in the E train in the subway @_@........

this wall was made from scratch wit a softip paintbrush.....which was surprisingly FUN! xD~
it wasnt as annoyingly hard to make as my previous one either

and um.....thanks to Tate and Kio......for sharing there.....rather annoying thoughts about tis rather wacky wall lol. and um thanks to seeb for nicely sharing the scan. Arigato!..danke! salamat! ....eh.....thank you! >xD

if u guys actually like the wall and want some other resolution......check out http://www.digitalboing.com (shameless plug) XD~~~

anyway, some mean comments n suggestions always appreciated..........noo really.....it is -_-
now les see how fast it goes down teh drain! >XD~~~

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  1. Kyuzo1 Dec 11, 2004

    Wow. That wall is sooo cool. I really like the chara. Also the bg is awesome and i really love the perfect quality. Nice job!!!

  2. Tama-Neko Dec 11, 2004

    You've always made excellent cityscapes and this is no different. The variety of shape and depth of the buildings; the bridge; the sharp pointy mountains which match the angularness of it all, is awesome. And the flying ships and variety of clouds in the sky too :D Compared to the smoothness of the city, the slight graininess in the scan is a bit distracting and kind of keeps the image from perfectly blending in the background. I do like the contrast between the curving motion lines and the straight lines of the background.

  3. Keltosh Retired Moderator Dec 11, 2004

    O.o a cool wall, and a rare one, since most walls are of cute girls :D As tTama said, the background city is awesome. And that mountain is too! I think this is definitely worthy of being a fav :D *favs*

  4. jackalx66 Dec 11, 2004

    this awesome man XD
    i make wall luse the same chara but it sux >.<
    ur wall is very great u know ^_^
    i like the bg so much
    great job man
    thx for ur effort and share it in here
    and yess , it's goes to my fave XD

  5. anji Dec 11, 2004

    I like the Sci-fi style. I agree we don't see that kind of wallpaper often, it's cool.
    The scan caracter doesn't fit perfectly with the background quality, but I like it anyway. :)

  6. sunakoera Dec 11, 2004

    Oh, this is really cool!! x3333 ...Your username is awesome, by the way. XD

  7. Yumi-Chan Dec 11, 2004

    eeii!!! Boingerrzz! XD been so long since I see u made a wall x_x;; or.. maybe I'm just outdated ToT...
    waahaa!! =D This wallie is awesome.. honestly ^___^
    This is crazy! How'd u make those tall buildings x_x? And lovely perspective~
    Overall, Wonderful job =D

  8. sammo Retired Moderator Dec 11, 2004

    this better make the top favs, you're wayy to unappreciated in this community. keep at it boing!

  9. crapmonster Dec 11, 2004

    holy jeebus!! i just want to kiss you, this wall is too much!!! the brushing and your drawing skill is top notch !! definite fav from me!

  10. AceGunman Dec 11, 2004

    Hm, pretty kewl wall. I like your background, but using Ashura for a futuristic cityscape wall isn't exactly the perfect fit for him ^_^' A shame that Ashura is a bit grainy as well, it sorta brings down your awsome wall a bit :\

  11. Neeya Dec 11, 2004

    .-.Good sir, you never cease to amaze me ^_- Incredible, as always; the master of dark, techie walls!.-.

  12. FallenAngel Dec 11, 2004

    wow, amazing, simply amazing *_*
    i can't believe that you don't have that many comments or favs yet boing.
    Just love the bg <3 . This definately deserves a fav.

  13. candy-chan Retired Moderator Dec 11, 2004

    your wallpapers are holy
    I just can't imagine how you can make SO good cityscapes like that x_X I cant beleive you are not proud of that, but if you want mean comment, well heres what i can do XD :
    the extration of his hair is crappy on some parts, and the scan is a tad grainy

    thats all I can do gomen, techie-ness is just to good u_u; exept i see some (that means ... *counts* three ) jagged lines and :/ yeah great job

  14. tAtEkAnE Dec 11, 2004

    wooo! i wasn't mean! *whacks boing* XD lol anyhoo ya know already what i think XD and nice job with the adjustments :p keep it up! and WALL more! ur works are TEH BOMB XD!

  15. Taurec Dec 11, 2004

    As usual the high quality brough by that evil dog ... who was in fact holding out on us ..
    dammit boing .. we want the premiere here on MT <grin>

    Well what can i say about this wallpaper .. it's the usual "boing near perfection" style and i would pay in scooby snacks to find out how he did it.

    gawd i love the lights / reflections on that katana.


  16. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Dec 11, 2004

    Still always the best of the best in great details.....nice to see a great wall coming from ya Sir Boing! Awesome work! XD

  17. Sandy Dec 11, 2004

    Gotta love the true artists here. I can't believe I haven't added you to my friendlist yet. Your background is plain amazing, almost directly out from a sci-fi video game. Keep on the good work and don't be so hard with yourself. +fav

  18. Furikuu Dec 11, 2004

    I knew it was your wall from seeing the cityscape in the thumbnail :P
    Well it rawks. Grey wallpapers never looked so good xD

  19. Meg Dec 11, 2004

    Yes this wallpaper has boing written all over it. XD I always like how you do you city scapes and how you put everything together with the perspective and all. You put a lot of work to your wallpapers so you deserve a fave n_n.

  20. Meg Dec 11, 2004

    Yes this wallpaper has boing written all over it. XD I always like how you do you city scapes and how you put everything together with the perspective and all. You put a lot of work to your wallpapers so you deserve a fave n_n.

  21. Angelette Dec 11, 2004

    That looks amazing. :wants to know how boing does thos 3d buildings: :curiouscurious:
    You made this all with a soft brush!? Woooow. (So the E train spews off design ideas, huh?~ xD)

  22. biriwilg Retired Moderator Dec 11, 2004

    Simply surreal. You've always come up with amazing wallpapers that blow everyone else out of the water, and this is no exception. ^_^ I love how you're always willing to try something different, and it worked wonderfully. Amazing job!

  23. shinta Dec 12, 2004

    Arggh. You still got teh skills! Damn you for walling only now!!! *kicks boing* The image is a but LQ I think but the BG is really cool! ^__^

  24. Nayako Dec 12, 2004

    This wall is awesome!!! I love it!!!! +fav XD

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