Samurai Spirits Wallpaper: ~The Rising Sun~

SNK, Samurai Spirits, Nakoruru Wallpaper
SNK Studio Samurai Spirits Game Nakoruru Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I was looking through the gallery, and I noticed this Anime had a lot of beautiful scans but not many wallpapers, so I decided to wall one ^________^
Hope u like it, I made it with PSP7 and PSP9.
As always, suggestions and advice are always welcome (n____n)
.: "~The Rising Sun~" :.

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  1. Whakapunaka Dec 02, 2004

    wow cool that looks really good :) great job! i like the cute girl with a knife :p lol

  2. Shinmei Dec 02, 2004


    nakoruru wa totemo kawaii ^^
    dai suki ^^

  3. blahzzz Dec 02, 2004

    wow very nice wallpaper. I really like that super cute girl with the sword too :)

  4. Trever Dec 02, 2004

    knwo what, really cool.
    Awesome, like the ninja girl !!! ^__^she really seem ready to kill, like the background and the color you choosed for the ocean and sky its really beautiful and match perfectly with emotion the girl have and everything good, nice wallie girl, keep up the good job !!! **hugg** Guess what, + fav. :D

  5. djhenry Dec 02, 2004

    ooo, nice job cherry, another great one, the bg rules, it looks so good, matches the character so well, nice job!

  6. rory07 Dec 02, 2004

    very good job there
    the scan fits in perfectly with the background through its colours mainly red which isnt the most easy thing to do so well done on that
    i love the colours ^^ soo much it seems to give off the sunset vibe extremely well which is what i guess you set out to do
    and very good choice of scan she looks amazing good extraction also
    wonderful job once again :D

    i am also very proud to say that your skills have begun to flurish very well and you have improved very rapidly from your 1st peice of work and you still manage to increase your skills with every passing day very nice job

  7. first001 Mute Member Dec 02, 2004

    Nakoruru On Sun set............................Cool :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  8. first001 Mute Member Dec 02, 2004

    Nakoruru On Sun set............................Cool :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  9. qwertywto Dec 02, 2004

    Nakoruru is such a cute character. She is one of my favourite characters. Thanks for this wallpaper.

  10. evasion Dec 02, 2004

    Oooo, very cool! I'm not too big a fan of the lettering, but I love the bg and way you used the scan. Nice work!

  11. Celessa Retired Moderator Dec 02, 2004

    Very cool wallie indeed. Nice touch - like it a lot, with the scan into it.

  12. scarletblack Dec 02, 2004

    This is great, cloudcherry, I really like the chara and the bg goes very well with her attitude!
    Spiffy work ^-^ Tophole, chap, wot wot.

  13. PureTypeDZanza Dec 02, 2004

    Ooo finally a Samurai Showdown wallpaper!! I really like Nakoruru in this wallpaper! Nice job cloudcherry!!

  14. YoukaiexterminatorSango Dec 02, 2004

    i love ur wall!! It's so pretty! The anime gurl in it is really pretty and goes nice with the backround! Good job!

  15. kumori Dec 02, 2004

    Is it just me or are those gloves oversized...o_O?

    anyway, great bg, and I love how the text looks...
    I also like how red is such a prevalent color in this wall ^_^...keep up the good work!

  16. jackalx66 Dec 02, 2004

    me loves ur wall
    and i love nakoruru ^^
    2 reason for fav it ^^
    the bg was neat
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  17. daklewijd Dec 02, 2004

    It goes perfectly with the background! great job! Well done cherry...

  18. calisqo Dec 02, 2004

    wow nice view on the bg.
    EXcellent work with the bg.

    The scan is cool too.
    Like the shadow effect on the txt.

    OVerall good wall.
    Thanks for sharin.

  19. shirahana Dec 02, 2004

    Pretty anime indeed ^_^ And the colors you used were nicely chosen as well.

    You have PSP? I have PSP 7 ^^; I don't use it too much now.... Before I had Adobe PS, I would use psp... But now that I DO have PS, I kinda abandoned it x_x;

  20. halcyonTwilight Dec 02, 2004

    That girl looks dangerous >.> Cute girls and dangerous weapons should not go together XD Anyways, girl with sharp sword aside, really nice work ^^ The water and the cloud looks really great :3 Dang that sword looks sharp o_O

  21. irix Dec 02, 2004

    that's a good work! nice bg!!! :)

  22. Barbara Dec 02, 2004

    This wal is great. The girl is so so cute. Definitely my fav :D

  23. tAtEkAnE Dec 02, 2004

    ummm i'll give some constructive criticisms for cloudcherry ^__^ remember i'm here to help not to bash =P *huggles*

    the extraction is a bit off ya can still see some white halo around her, the BG looks cool but it's kinda pixelly XD the text , a more simple font will do, but add something that'll hype it up, like what ya put in there, "the rising sun" maybe put a silouette of a sun with rays XD i think that would look kewl :P

    anyhoo nice work cloudcherry hope i helped ^_^'

  24. semanga Dec 02, 2004

    oh the bg :o :o :o the sunset looks great and the girl is very cute :)

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