Samurai Spirits Wallpaper: ~Smooth_Night~

SNK, Samurai Spirits, Nakoruru Wallpaper
SNK Studio Samurai Spirits Game Nakoruru Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

well really my last wall before i leavin
i will offline start from 10th Nov - 21st Nov
reason: holiday ^^
the scan i got in here
thx to Tiagosg for the scan
bg done in PS8 and PSP for the extraction
use some stock in the bonfire

i not explain the time and how much layer i use now
coz someone seems don't like it and i don't wanna start a fight
so i won't tell it in here...only who ask it, i will tell him/her

anyway hope u all like it, especially my friend XD....
love u alll <3 (keep MT safe while i'm not around.ok ^^')

feel free to comments...:"_": [want to change and develop]

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  1. tiagosg Restricted Member Nov 07, 2004

    The second ^^

    Opa, Adorei ^^ hahahah Kawaii

    that good that mine scan's served for some thing,

    My scans http://download.minitokyo.net/?id=55597 ^^

    also comments in My scan's

    Brasil Group
    Shima-chan Uchuu No Stellvia

  2. pharass25 Nov 07, 2004

    so wonderful wallpaper you have made, the background is very impressive............... good work, well done.

  3. rory07 Nov 07, 2004

    very cool..
    love the colours and the effects u have used also well done with the bg.
    nice job

  4. diyo Nov 07, 2004

    Hey! That's a really good wall^^
    Colors are great and the character is very cute.
    The grass and the leaves are very well done but in my opinion the trunk is a bit weird .
    I really like the water effect but is it a tsunami or the sky behind her? ^_^'
    Really good composition^^ I fav it :)
    Thanks for sharing jackallx66

  5. Mithrandir Nov 07, 2004

    Good job. I think the tree trunk is lacking however. The textures seem very one-dimensional. Im not buying the bonfire either it just looks funny somehow, might be better if left out. The girl and magic effects look great tho!

  6. semanga Nov 07, 2004

    oh a wall from sakura... she is a fight girl, like me ..... heheh and so we must fight...... heha..... heeeyyaaa.....kick.... (and down) sakura girl you are a good fighter and so I add you to may fav fightgirl....hahaha....
    give you a 9.7 for this great wall :D

  7. tAtEkAnE Nov 07, 2004

    it's pretty :D but the fire looks kinda odd...i like the sparklies tho :D maybe more so if ya added colors XD (well that's just me..i'm a color freak) lol

  8. MuZ0NaZ Nov 07, 2004

    the tree is kinda odd, seems just too 2-dimensional, and the fire shouldnt go that high. the grass is a bit too bright, too. but well, thats just me :)
    *runs away*

  9. dans Nov 07, 2004

    awesome, jack. XD
    love the bg but the fire and the tree are.... odd.
    but it's really cool. i'll add it to fav.
    don't worry Jack, we keep MT safe. :D

  10. Asahi Nov 07, 2004

    wow.. looks really great with your selfmade-background. keep it up. thinking a little bit like 'muz' but it doesnt matter much for me :nya:

  11. Led Nov 07, 2004

    Another great work from Jackalx66 but where is the shadow of the girl and tree? I think the fire is burning all shadow away XD
    But i like the way which you had createt this walli *add to fav* :)

  12. jingjing1208 Nov 07, 2004

    This one is so great!!!!Fave it!The girl is so cute and the bg you made is very amazing,just like it!!!!^^No,love it!!^^
    You'll leave for a moment?So hope to see you soon and take care of you!^^

  13. gundex Nov 07, 2004

    ho ho... jackalx strikes again... :D :D this is very nice nakoruru wallie... u have nice selfmade night bg... :D :D great job...

  14. DarkParagon Nov 07, 2004

    Well I like that the background was drawn yourself. Very good effort here :) The extraction is also good. :) Nice job... keep it up :)

  15. bandgirl Nov 07, 2004

    I really like this! the bg is realy cool (wish I could make mine look that good lol). You did a great job on the extraction (I still don't get how people make such clean and precise extractions! it's incredible, my cursor sticks and it goes all over the page x_x so I can never get it quite the way I want to to). I esp. like the water and the bonfire. great job!

    it's going under my favs :D. nice work ^_^

  16. Bloodlust Nov 07, 2004

    Nice scan, thats a reallly good backround, all this done by yourself is indeed an amazing ajnd constant effort, but there is something wierd about the tree and fire

  17. Athrun Nov 07, 2004

    Hey it's Nakoruru. :O Pretty cool but the fire kinda looks dead lol. But it is a nice wall, good job man! ^^

  18. snx Nov 07, 2004

    Nakoruru :P
    Nice wallie ... flashy flashies & dark liquids :D
    Keep Up!

  19. afan Nov 07, 2004

    Wow! :o The fire looks really good! How did
    you do that? Bg is really good (I suck at bg
    making <_<;;;) but the girl is a bit too red.

  20. Devilet Nov 07, 2004

    wow, that's really pretty, I like the background, I think the tree trunk needs some shading though, and the fire looks a little strange, colour wise, but I like the grass, and all the fog, nice work! keep it up :)

  21. dMp Nov 07, 2004

    whoa. a nice looking background. the fire looks awesome too. the sparkling lights are a nice touch. however, the tree looks a bit funky. lol. the water is also very good.

  22. tosirap Nov 07, 2004

    The foreground looks flat, particularly the tree, but the background looks much better. I like the particular effects you used to surround the girl.

  23. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Nov 07, 2004

    this ish sooo cooooooll!! and mYSTERIOUUSS!!


    waaaaaaaaaaaahh .. greeeaatt bggg!!

  24. walkure245 Nov 07, 2004

    You have the coolest wallies ever! ^_^ I really like the bg and it goes well with the girl. ^_^ The fire seems a little unrealistic but maybe it's just all the mist. Very good~

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