Samurai Spirits Wallpaper: Rage_Of_War

SNK, Samurai Spirits, Asura (Samurai Spirits) Wallpaper
SNK Studio Samurai Spirits Game Asura (Samurai Spirits) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

the scan i got in here
thx to seeb for the scan
the ori-scan :: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/6000/
the BG done in PSP and PS8
thx a lot to shinta for the brushes...^^
i also don't know this category..
hope someone know the category can tell me
give comment bout it to make me better ^_^
-8 hours work and 2 hours inspiration(while listening Bleach ed theme - Life is like a boat)
-done extraction and retouch in PSP
-60 layer
+6 for the chara
+4 for the ground
+20 for the sky effect
+17 for the firey effect
+9 for the building
+2 for the leaves
+2 for the typhography
- accompanied by my lovely TV
fiuhh...now i want to take some sleep.

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Browse Samurai Spirits Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Bloodlust Oct 29, 2004

    Love the scan, an the background is amazing too, make me thinkg of kindgom under fire, that game was too great, the one on xbox i mean, played it last weekend

  2. rory07 Oct 29, 2004

    oo i remember seeing this scan a while back and thinking it was soo awesome glad to see someone decided to use and and not put it to waste good job.
    all your tiem payed off nice job hehe yes you do deserve a sleep :P

  3. Frosty Oct 29, 2004

    nice wall. ^^
    Very cool looking.^^
    and dude all that layering ... dam... the most I ever did was 40 ish layers. lol
    awesome works dude.
    A and another + fav for putting so effort into it. XD

  4. slivermoon Oct 29, 2004

    nice effects on the building :) :)
    the sky is very nice as well, very realistic

  5. UndyingShadow Oct 29, 2004

    interesting wall, it looks cool how the bg building is on fire. nice job!

  6. AkinaSpirit Oct 29, 2004

    Pretty cool :) Though maybe the font style should be different...

  7. Miyu-DX Oct 29, 2004

    will be better if u blend the upper part and bottom part of the bg^^,well, thats only my opinion, dont take it personally,o yea, although the effect on the text is cool, but i think u can choose a better type for that, and not place it at the bottom, a bit out of place i thought^^,again, dont take it personally,(my taste,every1 has differnt taste),well, i still love ur wallpaper^^...! fav*

  8. Vequinox Oct 29, 2004

    cool! I've had that image on my comp for a while now, wanting to do something with it...didn't know what...Glad to see it used in such a good way! :D

  9. cloudcherry Oct 30, 2004

    great job!!! I like the colours you used :D nice extraction of image. Awesome!!! cool sky in BG too :D good job!!!

  10. whitefang Oct 30, 2004

    nggg nice picture. and the background is great too. i love it. he he.

  11. walkure245 Oct 30, 2004

    Wow~ That guy is hot! ^_^ He works really good with the bg and the buiding on fire looks pretty cool~ But the leaves seem a lil stiff. Other than that, very super!

  12. Paolo Oct 30, 2004

    very nice. :)

  13. Kenzotsuke Oct 30, 2004

    wow wow!I LOVE THIS WALL!!probably your best wallie!(for me huh^^)
    great job on the sky and great colors!and the scan isO___0

  14. jingjing1208 Oct 30, 2004

    I like this scan too!And i think I have see many walls use this scan!^^ But your work is nice too!Keep up your work!^^

  15. Septillion Oct 30, 2004

    hey this is impressive. it looks so cool!!! lovely firey effects, and love the composition. :D :D

  16. tAtEkAnE Oct 30, 2004

    WCC here XD

    wow...that guy @_@ looks hawt! (im in love) lol anyhoo...wall's concept is very good,

    the prob is (for me) they are not blended well together, some perspective issues too, the fire looks too uniform to imply near and far oh and try reflecting the fire on the water...leaves will be cooler if it isn't blurry, text...the text...ummm i think embossed texts aren't that cool XD

    oi but i love the temple XD and the guy..ok i already said he's hawt lol just some more tweaking and ur wall would ROCK :D

  17. DarkParagon Oct 30, 2004

    This has an interesting concept. :) I definitely like the scan of the character, and the colors you picked for the leaves grabbed my attention. The extraction is okay. Overall a good effort :)

  18. taste Restricted Member Oct 30, 2004

    Oh very nice wall i like the character man !! very good job from Bg !!

  19. semanga Oct 30, 2004

    oh man that is a very good work. I love it . I give you for this work a 9.87 very exellent wall

  20. diyo Oct 30, 2004

    Hey^^ Another really nice work from jackalx66^^
    I must say you've got your personnal style :)
    Every new creation is better than the latest one. This wall has a great concept and is really beautiful. The character is high rated on the cool meter and the extraction well done :)
    The overall colors are excellent even if the water is a bit weird^^
    Thanks for sharing^^

  21. chibikko Oct 30, 2004

    jackal how can you listen to rie fus song 2 hours XD woooah that's crazy XD the house looks really cool o.o and the effect in front is even cooler. i dun like the red font, too much. another color would be good but the character looks great, again.

  22. snx Oct 30, 2004

    Quote by diyoI must say you've got your personnal style :)
    Every new creation is better than the latest one. This wall has a great concept and is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing^^

    Can I say nothing more? ;)
    Ok, 1st - fav'ing this work.
    2nd - As always good
    3rd- imho: Fire, not leafs :D

  23. KorganoS Oct 30, 2004

    Ummm... great effects, I have no clue on how you can make that ^_^' firey stuff, and the castle?
    anyways... it's a very high quality scan that u used... and nice colors, everything looks cool!

  24. Kurosawa Oct 30, 2004

    What a great effect on the wall.I think is the chara is cool too.BTW how you can make a temple ? it's really good.:D "fav from me."

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