Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: Munich, 1921.

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Edward Elric Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This world needs more Ed sexiness. Especially Munich!Ed. <3 This is a wall that comes up right on time with Winter. Since the original scan was a pain in the ass to retouch ( http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/58867/ ), I've decided to vectorize Ed in all his splendid glory with Illustrator (sorry Al but your colours didn't fit the background I planned to draw lol). If you've noticed and watched the entire serie, you'll know it's how he is dressed up at the end and how he will be in the upcoming movie. And yes, he is older (Imma no pedo anymore whooho XD). I found the picture really melancholic and inspiring.

I went for a background inspired by the world and time Ed was "teleported" in, which is ours in fact since it happens in Munich in 1921. The buildings were traced from a stock photo and so was the zeppelin. I had hard times finding my reference pictures with the perspective I wanted. It's not war time but the city is still on guard with zeppelins patroling the air. The moon wasn't really necessary but it gives a dramatic side to the picture so me likes. :3 Many FX to blend the elements together.

It's been a while I didn't make a wallpaper and I'm pretty proud of how this one turned out. 3 days work. Sure it's no "magical scenery" but I'm sure true FMA fans will surely appreciate it. ^^ Comments and favs welcome, as usual. <3
More resolutions available at http://gallery.driftingheart.net

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  1. Skillzpay Nov 21, 2004

    Awesomeness :D
    Love the whole Munich setting especially with all those lights and that big old blimp in the bg. And great job on the vector too. Keep it up!

  2. Terra-chan Nov 21, 2004

    This is just beautiful.... Pretty Pretty Ed! I can't vector because I have no artistic skill on the computer whatsoever... and I only have a mouse... *is sure you'd need a tablet* This is just wonderful!

  3. pinkdoremi Nov 21, 2004

    this is soo onice O__O u did such a nice job vectorizing the scan and the bulidings in the bg look amazing o_o!!!! this wall gives u a really cold feeling, yet it makes u feel happy because of the expression on ed's face ^-^ it's really really nicely done, defeinitely one of ur best works yet! :D

  4. Foolish-ishness Nov 21, 2004


    Really really awesome work here. Nicely traced Ed, awesome blimp and city, amazing snowflakes and mist. There is nothing wrong with this wall. It is just plain perfect. Good job :)

    EDIT: This NEEDS to make it into Today's Favorites. I'll be mad if it doesn't :(

  5. kirjava Nov 21, 2004

    I really like it, great job! The background looks awesome. Adds to fav

  6. chibikko Nov 21, 2004

    wow this is quite spoily for noobs, you know, sandy XD the scan is very nicely vectored. it's one of my favorite fma scans (also the al scan, they belong together...). and the background is amazing. well done. i'll fav this and because it's munich, it has to be in the top favs XD

  7. Kyuzo1 Nov 21, 2004

    That wallpaper is awesome. Really, i can't find any other words :) nice job!!!

  8. ookani0131 Nov 21, 2004

    wouuuuu that wall let me without words, I'm a FMA fan, and really... Is very amazing your artwork, thanks for post it!

  9. tachikoma Nov 21, 2004

    oooh.....that's so good.I should have scanned the picture better >< but anyway thanks for the hardwork and for sharing

  10. miketo Nov 21, 2004

    I'm getting intrigued about this series just from the walls I see here on MT. This wall, Sandy, is fantastic. You've captured a mood perfectly, and your custom touches (not to mention the vectoring) made this stand out as an example of how to do a wall. Favorite!

  11. Quistis88 Nov 21, 2004

    Very nicely done! I love the background and the scan. They suit each other. Excellent job! :D

  12. Electrastar Nov 22, 2004

    If you could see me now, you would see me with my mouth all the way down to the floor...This image is so wonderful...you must have put so much work in it. I love the expression on his face and you made the image nice and clean...not to mention the backround, a sort of chaotic melancole to it....thanks so much for this, this is a wonderful piece of work.

  13. DarkParagon Nov 22, 2004

    This is quality work as usual. While I personally don't find Ed sexy, I really like the atmosphere of this wall... the Zeplin flying overhead, a nights fog in the air, Ed's breath, the searchlights, etc... all great stuff. The vector is also beautiful. The only thing that bothers me about it, is the snowflakes... they're all the same and for some reason I find this oddly distracting. Other than this small detail a fine fine job. +Fav for sure. :)

  14. akai Nov 22, 2004

    ^____^ A fine piece of wallpaper.... it's very beautiful... I really like the misty and moody background... it suits this picture of Edward very well. Excellent job as always. *favs*

  15. Angeh Nov 22, 2004

    Very nice job with the scan. Hee, the background is done really well, it all fits together nicely.

  16. jackalx66 Nov 22, 2004

    great sandy ^_^
    long time not see ur wall
    i hope this will get to highlighted submission
    great FMA wall
    it remind me of last eps of fma it self
    if can i will triple fav it
    and i put it in my desktop right now
    great effort and thx for share it in here

  17. bellaboo Nov 22, 2004

    Ed with ponytail, Ed looking somber, well... *head explodes* Rare to see him so good. :3 The merge with Ed and the background is seamless, and quite impressive. It looks as though he's been there all along!

  18. juanicths Nov 22, 2004

    amazing work sandy! saw the scan and was thinking wat a great wall it wld make! thanks so much for making that thot materialise! ^-^ *faves*

    btw, any recommendations as to wat program and where can i learn how to do vectors?

  19. dans Nov 22, 2004

    awesome wall. the vector is also very good.
    *two thumbs up* deserves a fav. :D

  20. KevLar Nov 22, 2004

    Great wall idea. The vector job is great. On issue i have is his hair, the pony tail looks like it's sitting on something. I can't wait for the FMA movie. More FMA walls please. =)

  21. KorganoS Nov 22, 2004

    Omg.... totally awesomeness.... O_O
    very smooth vectoring, and all the bg is awesome....
    I would give this double-even triple favs if I could >_<
    excellent work, Sandy!!

  22. EevaLeena Nov 22, 2004

    Uwaaaahhh!!! Ed look so cool! The background is nice too! Need I say more???

  23. Angelette Nov 22, 2004

    Wow, it looks stellar. Ed really looks like a girl, here.. xD But really, great use of shading and clouds. Wow!

  24. ElementValkyrie Nov 22, 2004

    this is so cool. Its a picture of Ed when he's older. and its such a clean image. It looks so very professional too. thanks for share. =)

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