Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: I shall push you to the top .

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy Mustang, Maes Hughes Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Roy Mustang Character Maes Hughes Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Thanks to the lovely scans by http://taiki.minitokyo.net/ I was able to make this wallpaper. When I saw how well the two poses complimented each other, I just had to put them together. I know my backround is simple as usual, but I think it fits with the dark blues of their uniform...

Come on, it's Roy and Hughes....well I'm using it as my desktop :D I'm proud of it.

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  1. KorganoS Nov 20, 2004

    zOMG... Roy and Hughes... XD
    sugooii.... ^^
    as usual, the bg colors fit perfectly..
    but still.. my only complaint is about. ^_^' huge fle size?!?!
    Another quality FMA wallie from you, Electrastar! :D
    It fits very nciely on my desktop, too!

  2. bucket-shot Nov 20, 2004

    Heheh~ that's the spirit. XD Never be ashamed of your work! I hate it when people write a comment for their own pieces like "this sucks" (buddy..then why bother posting?)

    Hm... suggestions?

    Change the Outer Glow behind the lettering to either white or (expand it a bit more and make it) gold (to match their uniforms). At the moment it doesn't really do much; it's big enough to draw attention, but not visible enough to actually let the letters stand out from the bg.

    Also maybe give the characters themselves some kind of glow (maybe a black outer glow set to normal blending mode?) or shadow? They kinda match the bg a little too well. xd

    i think the characters seem a little awkward, too. XD You're right about how the images match (amazing! hehe~) but I'd put them even closer together so they're properly and literally back-to-back. Don't worry about the yaoi fangirls. ^_^' They're just rabid.

    Hm.. on second thoughts, maybe make them bigger, too... their heads seem in danger of being chopped off the top of the wall. XD Though it's nice, it isn't necessary to have their whole selves featured. You get more emotion from a closeup, and there's definitely a strong relationship between these two it would be nice to convey. Especially the look on Hughes' face.

    For the bg itself, I love your grunge. :) Nice, tasteful. On the other hand, the wall doesn't really have a focus point. I'd suggest adding some kind of... shadow or light? A variation in colour intensity? Something with a definite pattern that breaks up the solid grunge and draws the eye. For example, some splatters of gold, or a shadow along the 'ground' that runs from the area under Mustang's name to the figures' feet.

    And that brings me to another point, though this is just personal. XD I believe all figures should have a shadow under them/be standing on something. It instantly makes them appear more 3d, and makes it so they don't look like they're floating. ^_^'

    And like Korg said, the filesize is a bit big. It isn't imperative for grunge walls to be perfect jpegs. XD Knock down a few compression levels to make friends with the deprived 56k'ers.

    My god. :sweat: I've written an essay... very sorry. I hope you don't think I'm crit'ing too much; I do like the wall, and blue's a good colour. :D Good job! Keep them coming.

  3. AzNKiDoOo2 Nov 20, 2004

    one thing i don't like for sure is the Font yellow glow..change that please -.-

  4. Zelgadis Nov 20, 2004

    wow beau wall jaime bien les effet ds le bg vraiment bien fait !!!
    et le theme de couleur est excelent bravo :)

  5. DarkEVO Nov 20, 2004

    This is a nice grunge wallpaper you've made. I like it. Tip: Make the characters big and fit them in half size like from head to mid level or just from head to lower neck, it makes it look nicer though. But anyways, you've created a good grunge wallpaper.

  6. Skillzpay Nov 20, 2004

    Awesome grunge work, just wish there was something to make it look like the two are standing on something rather than floating. Keep the quality FMA walls comin :)

  7. Fantasia Nov 20, 2004

    I like the blue bg&the text,they're really nice
    and the 2 guy are very cool,XD
    they're my fav char in FMA
    great wall~

  8. semanga Nov 20, 2004

    very great wall like the bg effekt ....
    and the guys also of course....
    girl you make very good walls ...
    ... I dont know what you want :)
    keep it up with your great wall :)

  9. Maiketh69 Nov 20, 2004

    You may say that your background is simple, but it complements the images and vice versa.
    A top-notch quality FMA wall, and its one of the few with Hughes in it. :)
    Great work.

  10. Frosty Nov 20, 2004

    woo another fma wallie... lol ^^
    nice pic and nice abtract bg. ^^
    if you add maybe something like a nice boarder or something like that to it it'll look real nice to thisn wallie. ^^
    but still its a cool looking wallie.^^
    B+ for a good wallie. ^^

  11. Quistis88 Nov 21, 2004

    What can I say? This is absolutely beautiful and solemn in a sense. Good work. :)

  12. TaRnNT Nov 22, 2004

    Love the color of characters & bg so match but I just think that bg was outstand than the men. Thank you for Good work. ^_^

  13. Amaranth Dec 04, 2004

    Nice ^^all my favorite things are in this ...... I like blue, Hughes, and Roy<3 :D

  14. xlolliqueenx Dec 14, 2004

    Oh I love this! Its hard to find a good wallpaper that has Hughes on it. Great blue colors!

  15. PiroKitty Dec 23, 2004

    I love your choice of colors (especially blue X3) and that you put Hughes in there ^^ He rocks.

    I adore your work. Keep it up. :D

  16. kissifur Dec 25, 2004

    Nice wall!!! XD

  17. HolyReaper Dec 26, 2004

    i like that blue color........and the other...........blue color too....but......when you look at the next blue color........well...........everything's quite blue......but i like it. good job!

  18. HolyReaper Dec 26, 2004

    i like that blue color........and the other...........blue color too....but......when you look at the next blue color........well...........everything's quite blue......but i like it. good job!

  19. LadyNorthstar Dec 29, 2004

    HughesXRoy 4everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr(...) love this couple!
    Very wonderful walll!

  20. ryuzz Jan 03, 2005

    really nice picture... it is awesome picture...of roy mustang and hughes..............it has a really nice impression for the all viewers.

  21. Matthewmc Apr 21, 2005

    I just love hughes and roy. Very well done on making a wallpaper with them both together. I just is that when you named them that it when Maes Hughes then roy. Hughes is first then roy in the wallpaper. So if you think about it you should name it that way.

  22. Tokitoh Oct 23, 2005

    Actually, the most of your submissions are very good. They look similar, but they are very good. ^^' I love the bg and the artwork. Hughes and Roy... ~ oooh, very nice. 8)

  23. Shinsengumi89 Mar 18, 2006

    Love tthe bg good picture.

  24. obsidianwings Aug 04, 2006

    the bg is lovely. [i have a thing for grunge...] i just saw this scan recently and am glad to see it as a wall.

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