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Layers: 354
PSD size: 174.42 Mb
Time: 5 days
Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS4, Wacom Bamboo Tablet.

something original that I made from scratch.
just a simple sketch then i just paint, paint, smudge and more paint :D :D
well, on my last wallpaper i got comments on my painted hair, so I decided to practice more on that part, hence did this wall that has "hair" part over half of the piece :D. I can tell that I've improved. I've tried to create some light smoke effect for the fairy but failed miserably. Changed the idea to small star brushes instead. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the result :).

anyway, favs and comments are most welcomed and appreciated :)


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  1. UberDog Feb 25, 2012

    I love the Hair ! :O Thanx for sharing.

  2. srsn Feb 26, 2012

    I like how the hair flies as well as the fur on her coat and also the glow.
    The thing that bothers me are the eyes <Maybe that's just me>


  3. Alenas Retired Moderator Mar 02, 2012

    I really like the colors you used here and that hair looks awesome, too! I also really like the headphones and the overall composition and lighting and that fur on her looks almost too real.

    The only thing I'd critique would be anatomy, specifically her face and body. I'm not sure if that bulge on the right is her shoulder or her breast. If it's her shoulder, it's a bit too low and wide; if it's her breast, it's too high, lol.
    The eyes look okay to me (maybe making the lashes, eyebrows and skin lines in brown tones would soften that stern look) but everything else on the face looks a bit too disproportional - the nose is too small and too high on her face, it should be lower. The lips are okay but don't really match the overall shape of her face - it's too wide and angular, especially around her chin. Maybe that's the look you were going for but it does make the girl look a bit odd...

    Other than that, this is really nice, hope to see more original stuff from you. Keep it up! :)

  4. minamiyukihimenonaka Mar 04, 2012

    Not jagged. Viewing in preview and photoshop. Great hair as usual, smoother than previous CC wall before. Well improved, but something disturb is light source..i'm too aware with lightning condition. There's two main light source:

    1. fairy on left side and headphone of right side. Try to adding soft glowing dim around fairy (better with manual brush with low opacity, not layer style instead) and her hair must be softened by the fairy dim light.

    2. headphone on the left. looks shine brighter..errr are u using something like 'lens flare'? I think it's better with bright glow only. Some area highlighted correctly by headphone's bright, but some area not. Example breast on the right side.

    Star brush on fairy : OK, star brush around headphone : NO, too large in size and star shape looks very 'photoshop default'. Try to customize your brush, play with scattered, shape dynamics option, or just use your tablet with random-tilting pressure surely you can obtain amazing sparkling starry brush effects with more natural look. For the rest, i'm point to alenas comment.

    Sorry going to rude enough, i'm not trying to trolling or provoke you, but at least i want make a piece ultimately improved, so next time a astonishing result can be approach, and it's original after all and you had done promising something original! Looking forward your next original piece, good luck!

  5. MikuMasterX Mar 10, 2012

    Looking back at wallpapers i might have missed, and i found this!
    How the heck is this not more popular than what it currently is? Only 25 fav's wtf? O_o
    I absolutely love it. The hair is just excellent. With all those details, i can definitely tell you worked hard and put alot of effort into it. The painting aspect is great also. Only thing is the skin outlines on her face are too dark. Softening the color like alenas mentioned would work wonders. But thats only a minor issue.

    But really, this wallpaper is great! Awesome piece of original art (i always appreciate original stuff)... Kudos to you! Definite favorite!

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