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THIS WORK IS UNDER A CreativeCommons LICENSE! Click here to know more about.

This time I’m here with an “original art”, and not a fanart work ^_^

You can find this work also on:
AnimePaper - DeviantART - Pixiv

First of all I want to thank SamB and Mirtillo for push me to do an original work, and proxima on AP for his help and his kindness!
And also I want to thank all the people that usually faves and comments my works!
Finally a special thanks to Ramon for his help and suggestions! :)

About this work..well the initial idea was really old, and it come in my mind after I saw the Katy Perry Music Video “Futuristic Lover – E.T.”. I liked that song, but more than this I liked the music video, with that strange dresses and make up!
That time I would like to made a manga/anime version of Katy, and I also made some sketches on the paper, but at the end I gave up.

But fews weeks ago, I found this scan:

The pose was perfect, and so I decided to use it like reference to draw the initial sketch; after that I re-watched many times the K.P. Music Video, and finally I finished all the concept!
Anyway you could see all this passages in the speedrawing video :3

To made the background I followed this tutorial: http://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/tutorials/design-a-beautiful-cosmic-space-scene-in-photoshop
Actually it is a photoshop tutorial, but I hadn’t any problem to use it in Gimp 
I only had to pick others stock images, since the ones he linked aren’t free to use  (you could find all the images that I used at the end of this description)

However this is my first original work since a lot of times, and I tried to made my best, expecially on light/shadow effects >.<
Well, I hope that you’ll like it, comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Original Art by Raffachan
Program: Gimp 2.6 + GPS
Tablet: Intuos 4 L

Materials used:
Planet texture: x x
Cirrus Clouds stock
Space Tutorial : link above
Pose Reference image: link above again :p

Inspiration Stuff:
Katy Perry “E.T”
Pain Tool SAI – Seychelles
Benjamin Mangaka

DON'T TRY TO POST THIS WORK IN OTHER SITES, WITHOUT BEFORE ASKING ME! It's simple a polite thing to do, not less not more ù.ù

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  1. Fran Retired Moderator Jan 30, 2012

    This is very pretty, the whole scene is well crafted though I can't help to feel that she's too painty whereas the background is really realistic, hence, they don't mesh very well.

    I do admire your skills from taking a scan and completely rework it and make it yours, I just wished there were more details on her to match the background.

    Keep it up~ :3

  2. SamB Jan 30, 2012

    I couldn't say anything more... You're really great in drawning especially becouse you make your works totally new and original. Hope I could see more original wallpaper by you because I think an original work is better especially because you could create a personal art-folio with your copyright. Didn't you ever thought to follow a graphic comic career?

  3. KiyanaIkebana Jan 30, 2012

    First, I thought she is sailor Venus from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon! xD
    You drawing very well *_* really gorgeous! I never understand how people can draw so great!
    I love her hair and blue eyes so much! But, I wish me a little line on her hands, they are looking like a little to blurry.
    Great job! Keep it up! :)

  4. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Jan 30, 2012

    Just wanted to say that this looks amazing *_* If only Katy Perry's video looked like this...it would've been heaps better. The veils are gorgeous and I love the lighting and how the background turned out (though maybe some more smaller stars would've made it look more realistic and detailed).

    I watched the video and you make it seem so easy to do! And the mask/beads are my favorite parts from this due to all the shading you did - that's not to say the rest isn't good, but details generally catch my eye first. Great job!

  5. Angi Retired Moderator Jan 30, 2012

    I like it, specially her face, there is where it has more attention to detail I think ^^ the only suggestion I would have it could be more futuristic clothes, I see them too classic ^^', the clothes are gorgeous anyway ^_^ just had to point that out ^_^

  6. mirtillo Jan 31, 2012

    Already commented and faved on AP, what I can say more? Oh, well, I forgot to comment her face!

    She's so pretty *__* mouth and nose are adorable, eyes are beautiful and sparkling *.* I like her make up ^^


  7. soulsguardian Feb 02, 2012

    this is so cool nice job man

  8. DepressedYoukai Feb 04, 2012

    It's such an odd position, but you did it SO well! This is definitely beautiful and amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  9. shadzovgra Feb 05, 2012

    Awesome talent here. Best of luck with your future works.

  10. limbachiyavishal Jun 15, 2012

    Great Picture! :D Love it

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