Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: The Alchemist

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric, Vector Art Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Edward Elric Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yet another king like a old wallpaper, but one of my best wallpapers (got highlighted on AP).

From AP:
I wanted to make a wallpaper inspired by the end of the book "The Alchemist" and of course the best anime to use is - Full Metal Alchemist . So I sketched the basic on a paper and then painted it on the computer. 99.9% of the wall is drawn and painted by me. (Repainted a picture of ed.) The title is obvious, But the text under the title is something I will not explain, Because it's a spoiler from the book.

OMG THANK YOU FOR THE HIGHLIGHT!<<<<<<<3333333333333333333 ;;;;;;;W;;;;;;;


Chosen by SolemnSerpent and Fran

"After being inactive for years, a recent slew of high quality wallpapers proved to be a well-recieved entrance back into MT's galleries. Admist a plethora of quality emerged this wallpaper; a true gem.
Instantly drawn in by the thumbnail, I gave a closer look and was completely taken by Anime-SEED-Otaku's painting prowess and hauntingly cryptic wallpaper concept. The background, which is 100% created from stratch, is rich in color, skillfully executed (those clouds, those pyramids!), and when coupled with Edward's central placement, has a mystifying quality that brings forth many introspective emotions that most wallpapers struggle to capture.

This is not a wallpaper to be missed; fantastic work, Anime-SEED-Otaku!" -SolenmSerpent

Proposed by SolemnSerpent and highlighted by Fran.

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Browse Fullmetal Alchemist Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. SamB Oct 17, 2011

    This is really GREAT! Added on my favs!

  2. SolemnSerpent Oct 17, 2011

    If I were completely honest, I'd say that this is one of my favorite wallpapers for Full Metal Alchemist - period. The concept and how the idea strays from the mundane and ordinary and leans more towards cryptic is what truly captures my attention. Not to mention that your drawing skills are fantastic! I completely agree with you, this is certainly one of your best wallpapers. I'm glad to have added you to my watch list. :)

  3. leonskxxx Oct 17, 2011

    This had only seen in AP. is really amazing!. Thanks for sharing :D

  4. Raffachan Oct 17, 2011

    Really great. I love how you painted it, how you chose an orange - dark blue - gray color scheme, how you put in it Edward!
    again...really good work, girl! :D

  5. Fran Retired Moderator Oct 17, 2011

    Needs to be highlighted everywhere imo.
    Too lazy to copy my comment from AP <3

  6. Alenas Retired Moderator Oct 17, 2011

    Been too lazy to comment and fave but I remember seeing this on AP and absolutely loving it! Once again, awesome job on...well, everything! And congrats on the highlight, it's well deserved! :)

  7. soulsguardian Oct 17, 2011

    OMFG! this is sick! new wallpaper:) dude nice work!

  8. DragonBlood Oct 20, 2011

    Awesome work! The background is breathtaking! The pyramids are very well made and the detail of the sky and clouds is unique...the dunes look alive! Thank you for sharing!

  9. MoonangelTsubasA Oct 20, 2011

    This is amamzing, you're great at painting!
    It looks so stunning !
    Great Work :D

  10. chocoripeyes Oct 21, 2011

    wow AMAZING! FMA is definitely one of the best shonen animangas out there and this wallpaper is awesome and extremely detailed and planned out. great work +favs

  11. asukazone Oct 21, 2011

    I absolutely love this wallpaper. I've read the book The Alchemist and it makes me really happy to see one of the scenes from it come to life so beautifully. Great job on this and thank you for making such a beautiful wall.

  12. DarthTofu Oct 22, 2011

    Oh wow, this is EPIC. Love it!

  13. jb1234567890 Oct 22, 2011

    Nice work! I like it, thanks for sharing this excellent wall!

  14. PrimalChaos Oct 23, 2011

    Love this wall I was still using it when you posted this up on MT

  15. UberDog Oct 23, 2011

    Fast and Distant...Great wall ! I faved it.

    merged: 10-23-2011 ~ 05:28pm
    *Vast and Distant...Sorry I am not awake yet.

  16. VanyUmi Oct 23, 2011



  17. ai-yame Oct 24, 2011

    This one's truly a masterpiece! :) It exudes this feeling of depth and meaning to it... This is truly great! Getting this awesome wallie highlighted -- no surprises there 'coz you really deserve it!

    +fav :3

  18. Felesya Oct 29, 2011

    God did i love this at AP. I still love it over here. Awesometastic painting

  19. ShanaFlare Nov 13, 2011

    Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Hard to put into words, but the wall is right up there with some of the best alchemist walls I seen yet :D very good job buddy :)

  20. OnlyKirai Dec 27, 2011

    Wonderful job! =D I really liked it *--------*

  21. AnnaPerez01 Mar 10, 2012

    this is really art! amazinn *-* XDD esto es arteeeeee

  22. KazablanKa Aug 16, 2012

    this work is speakless
    everything here is perfect-done
    the lighting on ed. and,the clouds,the desert it self...and even the text
    all in all
    perfect and deserve the HL...

  23. Drakill Sep 27, 2012

    I love this wallpaper! <3_<3
    This is the best FMA wallpaper EVER! Well done mate! It's awesome! @_@

  24. Thunsinee Sep 29, 2012

    this is beautiful piccccc
    i like it

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