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:D weee.. I made this 2 days ago. But coloured it with colour pencils last night ^___^ Anyways, it's dedicated to my sensei Kashi a.k.a Exentric! I wana wish him Good Luck in his SPM examination which is REALLY near!! x__x! Oh yeah SPM is some exam which all malaysian citizen at age 17 have to sit for!! (i dont quite know what it is actually >.> I'm still 13 damn it -.-) ..well anyways, It's a really important exam, so all the best to u sensei! ^___^
Oh yeah, this took me uh.. not very long.. maybe an hour for sketching & inking. Another hour for colouring. I'm bad with coloured pencils, Don't use it often that's why :D I'm still practicing. As usual, I scanned & edited a lil in photoshop. Higher the quality of the drawing, blurred it.. blablabla XD I'm not good at japanese & i dun quite know how to spell 'gambatte' in jap >.>" rofl, let it be hahahaa.. Oh well enjoy x__x!!

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  1. broken-dreamz Nov 01, 2004

    nana...yumi-chyan sure ish good when it comes drawing o_o'' stare....
    I really like it ^o^'' you still draw?! post more art kkiiizzz?

  2. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Nov 01, 2004

    Whoa.....SPM sounds like a living nightmare....I wish you the best of luck too Exentric.....@_@ Goodness. Yumi-chan has such elite artistic abilities, I was showin' off mine to her yesterday but they failed in comparison....>.< I'll keep trying! But very nicely done Yumi, you really do great work not to mention the high detail and excellant shading you do as well. Looks VERY casual and the coloring was a top knotch job (my personal opinion) overall its such a sweet dedication, showing how wonderful Yumi-chan is ^^ Thanks for sharing with with us Yumi, and once again, good luck to ya Exentric! Favorite for meeeeee.

  3. KorganoS Nov 01, 2004

    Whooa.... Yumi-chan is VEeery goood in drawing, I must say! XD
    The girl is very cute (I sppose it's you, Yumi-chan? ^^ ), and the colors are pretty :d
    i loove your drawings!! Keep it up, Yumi-chan! :D

  4. chibi-lizard Nov 01, 2004

    wow !!! very pretty ne !! yup yup.. good luck to all those people taking spm too... (lucky mine is over like years ago).. ~hee~ the girl is so cute.. and that's a cool outfit !! :D

  5. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Nov 01, 2004

    oooo....lovely hair yumi ^_^ i like the clothes too .....u should try colouring it on computer next time ...

  6. jackalx66 Nov 01, 2004

    nicely done yumi-chan
    i higly appreciate someone
    who done their own chara
    so this goes to my fav
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  7. exentric Nov 01, 2004

    u actually uploaded this here @_@
    man... I'm just touched... XD xd
    i wish I cud draw...waaa!!

  8. Devilet Nov 01, 2004

    ohh, great job Yumi-chan ^^
    i really like this drawing, her pose is done well, gives real energy to it, of course I think that's the point, hehe, very nice of you to wish people good luck like that. The girl is really adorable, and a nice job with colouring, the ruffles on her shirt is perfect, haha wish I could do that.. lol, well keep it up, good work! :D

  9. Kenzotsuke Nov 01, 2004

    The girl is very cute, and the colors are pretty^^nice work !!
    .......+fav :D

  10. frozenwilderness Nov 01, 2004

    Nyahhh~ so pretty!! Your coloring is absolutely gorgeous *_* +fav ^^

  11. AkinaSpirit Nov 01, 2004

    Kawaii~~~ ....and hey! You've been studying :nya: ROTFL just kidding~!
    I gotta ask since you know Japanese better than me, does that say 'ano ne' productions? x__X btw, if I'm wrong... and you quote this, n' post it in my gbook for the world to see... I will so badly kick your ass XD

  12. Athrun Nov 01, 2004

    SPM can't be as bad as the SATS over in USA.

    But anyway. Awesome drawing! The foldings are nicely done and the japanese characters on the right are well drawn! (I can't even draw a straight line... >_>) anyway I'm adding it to my favs! :D

    Hope your friend passes that test. X_x

  13. AnimexXxHolic009 Nov 01, 2004

    it........looks........soooooooo................nice!!!!!!!!!!wah i wish i could draw as good as u......i really dont get how to draw da clothes and the shadow shady thingy.... ^_^'

  14. Omega-Knight Nov 02, 2004

    Nice and cute girl... just noticed, her waist is a little low. Nice work on the coloring part, I like how you made the highlights of her hair :)

  15. evasion Nov 03, 2004

    Wow! Your artwork is developing to be better and better each time you post! I'm sure that Kashi will love it! You especially do a very nice job with natural media. Keep up your awesome work!

  16. blue-chan Nov 05, 2004

    Very nice color drawing. ^_____^ very cute too. ^____^ I wish I can get as good as you. "Still learning myself too" ^______^

  17. Deen Nov 06, 2004

    XD XD
    Ha..ha.. nice drawing, little girl is happy in her activity
    The drawing is good, but... why do you give bold line on her body, maybe she wants do her wonderful skill

  18. akari-tenshi Nov 10, 2004

    wow..the pic look so nice... and the color tone very alive.u should learn more and then make some manga..hehehehe :D

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