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I fell in love with Okuzim's outlines (sakura AVA2)... hahaha ^^" They were so beautiful that I asked for the "colouring-permission"... YES!! I was allowed to colour it and I'm happy happy happy... :D :D :D I don't like the bg because it is too simple... Sorry, Okuzim for that... *.*

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  1. evasion Oct 31, 2004

    Wow, colored like a pro! Simply beautiful.

  2. S-SHION Oct 31, 2004

    woooooow~~~~~ :)
    the illustration is very beautiful. :D
    I'm very like the wind. XD
    nice feeling. :D :)

  3. afan Oct 31, 2004

    Omg...Ozukim's drawing skills are sooooo good. :)
    Plus your CG skills are pretty good as well. +fav

  4. harakiri Oct 31, 2004

    Ah, this is soooo pretty. I am forced to fave this immediately. The hands and the flowers are awesome and the hair is great.

  5. chibikko Oct 31, 2004

    okuzim is a great draw artist. and you are a coloring genius XD wow the hair is the prettiest. amazing, simply amazing. i'm gonna fav the original one, too

  6. GaiJiN Oct 31, 2004

    Quote by chibikkookuzim is a great draw artist. and you are a coloring genius XD wow the hair is the prettiest. amazing, simply amazing. i'm gonna fav the original one, too

    Well, don't really know what to add ^_^'
    Oh I know, could you cg Okuzim's whole gallery XD ? j.k Great work on the colours, shading and texture. And about Okuzim's lineart, well like I already said it's godlike, but so I could comment it twice :) .

  7. Cloudnine Oct 31, 2004

    woooow~ breathtaking work ^^ The colors and textures you added to the original sketch looks beautiful, especially around the kimono where the textures are most apparent~ This is simply one of the best pieces I've seen in the doujin gallery for some time ^____^

  8. Asahi Oct 31, 2004

    indeed a very good drawing. awesome .. espacially the hair ! many detail =) keep it up

  9. halcyonTwilight Oct 31, 2004

    :) Wow.....heh...love the work that you and okuzim did ^^ Love the coloring work....this is a fav for sure :D

  10. Skillzpay Oct 31, 2004

    Not a fan of the bg but the drawing and coloring of the character is stunning. Great work Yuunachan!

  11. tAtEkAnE Nov 01, 2004

    the girl looks lovely as i said b4, coloring rocks, especially the hair! background i'm not into much...but still THIS rawks!

  12. walkure245 Nov 01, 2004

    Owow~ Nice! You did a wonderful job on the coloring. ^_^ And Ozukim draws so well. You guys are a great art team.

  13. Val3f0r Nov 01, 2004

    Owwww... pretty nice drawing Yuuna XD pretty good colour.... great work Yuuna XD

  14. Jormungand Nov 01, 2004

    Weee!!! great colouring!! I've been wondering if he would make a wallpaper out of this drawing and then this came out XD It's great to know that someone this good actually colours Okuzim-sama's already amazing work... now it has a different beautiful feel @_@ ...really great job :D

  15. Okuzim Nov 01, 2004

    XD YuunaChan !!! It became so beautiful in your CG skill , XD really out of my imagination .Thankieeeee * hug YunnaChan ^-^* ( And about the BG , not to worry much ,it's Ok with the whole pic . :) )
    *xd You're very good at CG ,Yuuna ,it's wonderful that I can collaborate with u :) *

  16. frozenwilderness Nov 01, 2004

    Omg.. yuuna.. omg. *hyperventilates* That is some really nice coloring there. *fav* XD

  17. FlowerDog Nov 02, 2004

    OMG! This is such a beautiful collaboration. :) You and Okuzim had done a super job. Love it. Wish to see more from the both of you. :)

  18. jackalx66 Nov 02, 2004

    nice art work...
    the color and the art..
    just great to watch such a beautifull works
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  19. Natsuki Nov 14, 2004

    wow!! XD das ist wirklich ein echt tolles bild!! du hast viel talent! mir gefällt der hintergrund sehr gut, doch am besten ist das hübsche mädchen im kimono!! :)

  20. baronkong Dec 24, 2004

    wow.. great

  21. ssjgohan Dec 31, 2004

    What a beautiful drawing, that is a cool collaboration and the first one i've seen since I am quite new here

  22. rythem Jan 04, 2005

    oh woow....
    the girl is so cute n I love how u colour it!!
    love the hair n all..great..^^
    definitely a fav..

  23. tsugumi Jan 05, 2005

    yeah!!! Its coloured!!! I think the colours match the girl really nicely... Very pretty :)

  24. riku-chan Jan 09, 2005

    Beautiful colouring job!! XD You made Okuzim's drawing look like a masterpiece! I really love the variation of colours and tones, they all go together so nicely.. it's amazing! Keep up with the good work!!^_^

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