Kobato Wallpaper: Wonderful Day

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1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

First vector and wallpaper!
I adoree Kobato so it's no wonder that I picked this scan.
Uh, so I started this vector months ago and finished in a few weeks. I gave up on making a background for it until I got bored and painted the sky on a whim. I know my clouds are horrible and shadeless but, I tried. T_T
I threw on some grass but the transition between the sky and grass just looked weird so I threw in some mountains instead although it looks a bit weird, too... Then I just added whatever I could come up with to make it look less empty and ta-da, this is what I got! I think it's quite sparkly though...
Anyways, hope you guys like it. (8

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  1. Cris25 Feb 08, 2010

    For this to be your first wall, is REALLY amazing, y'know? xD
    It's really beautiful, loved your choice of scan! and the for me, the clouds are just this way~ xD

  2. Kurorisa Feb 08, 2010

    for a first vector AND wallpaper this is gorgeous
    the choice of colors are amazing
    you can practice more with clouds, everyone has problems making clouds >D
    and the flowers at the back, since you put it in one line, it looks pretty flat. do more random colors
    beside that, everything is lovely specially the vectors, good job :D

  3. Sakura-Dust Feb 08, 2010

    Are you sure you didn't get inspired by Kitten's scenic walls, because I swear your style is the same except the clouds, look.
    I love the wall, it's really cute, I think the flowers need to be smaller though and more numerous.
    Great clouds style too, it looks really interesting <3

  4. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Feb 08, 2010

    Your vector is lovely, but your clouds need a bit of work. Try changing your brush size to smaller and lower opacities. Just keep on clicking and dabbing like you've done, but gently blend it into the sky - there's no secret formula to it, it's just lots of patience and fine detailing. Don't forget, clouds tend to be a little darker or greyer on the underside / sides away from the sun. But other than that, wow, this is a great first submission! I can't wait to see your next one *_*

  5. Sakucha Feb 08, 2010

    IT'S SO PRETTY. *A* GREAT job on your first vector. :D

  6. crmc13 Feb 08, 2010

    wow. you did a great job. and its your first vector.:)
    well, kinda agree with sakura-dust.
    love the scene. & you're far better than me in vectoring.XD

  7. MapleRose Retired Moderator Feb 08, 2010

    awesome work for your first wallpaper! The vector is nice and clean, and I like how you did her eyes the most. The background looks fine, though a bit rough in places, like the clouds, they should be softer. Try using some reference pictures or brushes :) Anyway, keep working at it ^__^

  8. KiyanaIkebana Feb 08, 2010

    wooow! Is it really you first work? OMG! I love it!
    The vector is excellent! So clean and it have so beautiful color!
    And Kobato is so fabolous :3! The Bg is very colorful! Wonderful job!

  9. chrisp Feb 08, 2010

    woooow your first wooork? that just amazing O_O i could never make a bg like that , even if i already made some senic walls...gosh you really have talent <3 i cant wait to see your future works!
    the vector is really perfect, your first time, i still cant believe it...amazing...I AM JEALOUS xD my first work was like totaly shit against that! clouds are quite good for your first time, as kitten said, everyone has problems with that,and so do i xD, but i am sure if you practise enought they will be just awesome!
    i guess i will add you to my watchlist bwahaha I AM STALKING YOU xD

  10. Swordlily003 Feb 08, 2010

    This is such a cute and sparkly wallpaper ^_^. It cheers me up.

  11. AngelKate Feb 08, 2010

    I thought this was one of Kitten's walls when I first saw it, her style is very similar to what you did. xD

    But that is not a bad thing at all, because this is really beautiful, ESPECIALLY for being your first vector and wallpaper. My vectors don't even look that good. XD

    Keep it up, I'd love to see more of your work. :3

  12. drgnwing0 Feb 09, 2010

    Vivid, bright and colorful! Perfect for the theme. Very nice job

  13. LystikinenaXP Feb 09, 2010

    My first vector was a mess, took forever to make, and nowhere near as nice as yours XDD. I like the sparklyness ^^ and the title for the wallpaper couldn't be better, it looks like such a wonderful day indeed!. Awesome vector!


  14. Echolen Feb 09, 2010

    Great first vector! It's a lovely wall and I love the colors!

  15. thingperson Feb 09, 2010

    Oh I love this. Its so cute. I love the vector of her its so pretty and you did a awesome job on it. I also love the background it so goes with Kaboto and the anime. I kinda like the clouds though it gives it a abstract look but im sure you will get better in doing clouds and etc. I also kinda like how the flowers in the background are blurry it gives it that depth perception look like its far away. I also love how you did the grass it looks so realistic looking and I love the text its so pretty and creative.

  16. vitaamin Feb 09, 2010

    i dont really have advice for the clouds but plzzz make her face brighter + more yellow. the light in her hair just makes her face look so pink and awkward
    other than that nice job creating a sweet scenic piece.

  17. Kitaan Retired Moderator Feb 09, 2010

    Haha, wow! It does look like my style indeed XD
    Aside from this familiar look, I really love how you vectored Kobato.
    She looks fantastic! And for your first? Simply wonderful.
    I really like how you added patterns to her shirt/sleeve, looks very cool
    and refreshing to see.
    As for the background, you did a nice job. It's put together nicely,
    perspective looks good and depth seems to be in order.
    Looking deeper in, I'd advise not to use the round brush so much...when making
    a background like this. It's hard to tell what exactly it is that you're trying to make in the back, where the dark and light green circles go across.

    For the flowers which I'm guessing are the red, yellow and other colors there
    I think you should make them smaller or use a more grass based brush so that it does actually look more like flowers and not different colored gum drops...although gum drops are yummy we want a more flower look. So to give the illusion of flowers in the back you could do that or simply just get a flower brush/vector flowers.

    Mountains are nice, birds I think are a bit too much...over used?
    Sky is happy and cute, though I see those circles again...could've done without them to give a free look to the sky. And the bright light in the corner (Sun) would've been better out the wall. The clouds do enough of a job, you should've trusted them more ^^

    Excellent job for your first, hope to see more <3

  18. garnetyuna Feb 10, 2010

    your first vector?! it's really great! and a great wallie too. I like how you made the clouds >.< nice bg also.
    great job ^_^b

  19. missmurderdoll Mute Member Feb 10, 2010

    i love it
    great job!
    thank you so much!

  20. DarkSchneider Feb 11, 2010

    Great Wall. Just started watching this series myself. So far I'm lovin it.

  21. rizacaga Feb 12, 2010

    great job for the first one...same like others...i think u need more practice with the cloud...but dont worry as for a newbie u r great...
    good work!hope to see more from u :3

  22. Tuna Feb 12, 2010

    For a first, it's lovely. :'3 *saves it*

  23. zaira Feb 13, 2010

    O_O great vector you did on Kobato! i love the colors + shadings. Very sharp
    outlines + no grains at all :D its very clean! For the bg i agree with Kitten in
    many parts. But overall nice first attempt wallie! Keep up the good work on
    your vectors! + keep trying on your bgs :) +fav! ^^,

  24. princessmeyrin023 Feb 13, 2010

    At first I thought this was Kitten's wallpaper but when I saw the editor... it was your name... This is a good first wallpaper! I hope I can make wallpapers like this.. but not now.. maybe soon :)

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