Kobato Wallpaper: Everyone Have a Wonderful Christmas!

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(please read the description if going to comment ;)

Merry Christmas everyone! :D!
This is my entry for my-maiden Christmas Contest!
I barely made it XD I was picking a scan to wall for over a month, and decided on this just last week XD then started it quickly before I change my mind :3
I had to paint some stuff a few times to make it look good, but me not mind :D I'm happy how it turned out ^___^
And i painted it with my heart so the work contains my heart too :D that's like.. full effort XD!

This is the scan I used :3 --> http://img685.imageshack.us/img685/6919/kobato03page14.png

I vectored the whole scan just because I thought it would be a shame to cut it XDDD
I've decided to share it with some of you in a very weird way - when someone send me a comment that makes me happy and makes me go *kyaaa >///<* the person gets the full vector in png :D!
And IF someone says anything bad about it I'll just consider them extremely jelaous :DDDD
Good luck commenting :D!

my-maiden vector-wallers mangaholics clamp-a-holic paint-o-rama vectory

*I'll totally know if you didn't read this XD*

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  1. TheDevilgirl Mute Member Dec 24, 2009

    Lovely...it's really great...nice and clean...pictures

  2. YoruAngel866 Dec 24, 2009

    Awwww this is really gorgeous
    vector is just kyaaa and pretty
    love how you made her hat colors<333
    gorgeous work, eyes are so beautiful >;3

  3. Kritty Dec 24, 2009

    Zomg I was working on the exact same panel DDD:
    Soooo glad I dropped it X3
    Loool Jealous? XD
    Then you must label me jealous because I have somethings to nitpick over
    Some shades in her hair makes it look dirty, like she has soot through her hair
    And her blush is on top of her hair :/
    Though I loooove the fact that you left her eyelashes manga/sketchy style <3
    Merry Christmas Yamionpu <3

  4. EternalEthelion Dec 24, 2009

    a very kobato christmas to you! XD

  5. chanelqueen17 Dec 24, 2009

    Kyaaa Onpu-chan ! Kobato looks so extremely kawaaaaaiiiiiii in this wall! I was so looking forward to another kobato wall and this has made me soooo happy <3333333 I just wanna hug her, she's like a little teddybear all fuwa fuwa~
    You've definitely got a huge chance at winning the contest with this one :3

    Now as for me I'm dissappearing off the artist radar for a while. I'll drop in at my-maiden though I promise! *hugs* I'm so proud of you! great job XDDDD

  6. chrisp Dec 24, 2009

    wow you always leave me stunned!
    i love the colors you used and the little shiny spots are wonderful <3 i'm so inlove with it!
    one of my fav christmas walls so to say ~

    merry christmas to you too! i hope you get lotsa presents and sweets ;D

  7. DreamBell Dec 24, 2009

    Give this wallpaper as a present to Mr.Grinch and he will never hate Christmas again HOHOHO!

    Merry Christmas to ya and I will start making my first wallpaper because of this wall..( I had enough of looking at others~ Time to make my own)
    Good Day
    From: Santa

  8. vitaamin Dec 24, 2009

    background needs to be darker imo --its blurry and you cant see anything so with it this light it looks more rushed than an attempt to make a faded background. and this is not your best painted work, the hat has no definition which makes it look flat. the colors in the hair arent the problem, i personally like them, its the overlapping with the lines that makes it look a bit unclean. and well i'll leave complaining about eyes to another wall.
    the fur is fantastic though and despite the background i do like the color scheme you picked. very appropriate for christmas. you might consider making your signature more apparent, it's really small for smaller resolution computers

  9. NarcissistII Dec 24, 2009

    Oooooh Kobato in santa suit, so lovely and cute. :D Merry christmas.

  10. letireur Dec 24, 2009

    wow, very beautiful
    merry christmas and thank you

  11. monicayurie Dec 24, 2009

    OMG! This is so adorable! Simply love it! <3
    Definitly gonna feature in my desktop during the holidays!
    + fav!
    Merry Xmas & a Wonderful 2010 for you!
    Ja ne... ;)

  12. trofikabinet Dec 24, 2009

    Amazing wall as usual Nicole <333
    I love the scan you picked and I really can see how many effort you put in the wall.
    I absolutely adore the fur, looks fabulous and I love her skin. There are still some things that kinda bother me like her hair. There are quite some flaws in it and the painting looks a bit messy. The colors are good, maybe a bit more vivid ones would be better. The blush on her right cheek goes over her hair, I don't know if is this intentionally or not. Her eyes are good too.
    Overall, a nice wall but it seems like you rushed to fonish it, I'd like to see a more fine hair and this wall would be really gorgeous.

  13. Sashasurena Dec 24, 2009

    Cool picture )))) ^___^

  14. KiaRatT Dec 24, 2009

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww how cute!? Merry xmas and thanks for sharing!?

  15. Bernouli Retired Moderator Dec 24, 2009

    There are some blue color leaks on the tips of her fingers there, and if you go to the right from that you'll see another blue color leak on her hair. But other than that, it's very colorful and quite festive! =)

  16. Karmyne Dec 24, 2009

    I love! Is very sweet! I love this sweet smile! that eyes and these colors!
    Expresses a lot, you can see the color of your heart! Smile :D
    Thank for this happy smile! :D

    Wonderful Mary Christmas! :D

  17. zaira Dec 25, 2009

    Man! i Love her eyes! XD great job vectoring a monochorome scan. Great
    job reconstruct her santa hat too. Though i agree with vita having the bg
    a little darker, + add more sparkles on the lights behind her. Overall nice vector!
    +fav! ^^,

  18. crmc13 Dec 25, 2009

    wow. another beautiful wallpaper (again!) from you.
    as expected. very pretty and the colors are perfect!:D

  19. milla-chan Dec 25, 2009

    You keep making more and more beautiful wallies, especially with Kobato.
    really cute and pretty; thanks for sharing ^__^
    and have a merry christmas.

  20. LotusEX Dec 25, 2009

    That's super cute hehe!^_^

  21. tinkattude Dec 25, 2009

    it just gorgeous! really, you've got perfectly the sense of kobato cuteness! =D

  22. theremosster Dec 25, 2009

    this is an awesome wallpaper

  23. Sinever Dec 26, 2009

    very beautifully colored, I totally love you painting & the bg is lovely :3
    well done & keep it up!

  24. kuryuki Dec 26, 2009

    i love the background
    but those eyes needs a bit more work, those sparklys are great, but they don't look like they're reflecting anything , neither do they seem natural :3

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