Kobato Wallpaper: Festival's joy

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1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Please Do not repost it without my permission.

Oh hai there!
Happy bday to Hayashi! And Happy bday too all whose bdays I missed: Oriana, Sheq and Amy.

Finally done. This is a old project, I started working on Kobato since before my Kaname wall. I had her done but I didn't felt like working on the bg *damnrockscough* but since I decided a while ago to finish my wips and since the vector was already done it would have been a shame to drop it.
Here's the Original scan I used:

I changed her hat thing since I didn't quite liked it. I wasn't sure of what to put in her hand besides that grass thing, I thought of banana choco like those they have at japanese festivals or a mask, but it didn't looked natural at all o.o so I left the ugly grass thing xD
The patterns used are by Gimei at deviantart. Kobato has 98 layers, Inorogi 25 and the grass plus box 13. I used my tablet to paint Inorogi and the box, I'm not pleased with the box but I didn't wanted to re-do it since I worked over it in the wall >_<
I used some of the stones in the scan for reconstruction and the rest are done by myself --->small ones, I wanted to make them big and I ended up making them small xD ans slammed some texture over it and some shadows. The grass is combination of brushes see process, I think it looks alright.
At first I tried a dark sky, I wanted to have fireworks, but after I was done I didn't liked it, it was way too dark and didn't quite go well with the rest. By making it lighter the fireworks won't be looking good. So in the end I decided for something lighter, my blue sky sucked, and I so fail at making clouds, and I remembered I saw once this beautiful sunset, was looking something like what I got only very beautiful. After painting and blending I got what you see.
I thought I was done but it looked very empty, so I thought maybe add some sakura petals, but since it's about festivals I think balloons are better. So I drew some balloons after taking a good look at some pics on google. Hope they look like balloons xD
And that is all, hope you guys like it and any feedback is appreciated.

Non-balloon ver.
Tools: Photoshop, SAI and Tablet.

vector-wallersmangaholicsMy Maiden

Edit: ooups, wrong file! updated =D

Edit2: Ok, I fixed some of the stuff pointed out, hope it looks better and thanks!

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  1. kunogi09midori Nov 02, 2009

    Kobato-chan! Nice vector. I like the kimono especially the obi with the cute ornaments. (>_<) ...but I think the head is bit weird. Good thing you didn't add sakura petals because Susuki (the grass she's holding) only seeds in autumn and the Dango are for Tsukimi (September moon watching) which the original scan is all about. The Festival idea is cute.

    A nice Japanese autumn wallpaper! ^^

  2. Yamibou-Eve Nov 02, 2009

    Ahh Kobato <3
    I really like your coloring, and the patterns!
    Good work with the rocks they look fantastic, the hard work paid off :D

    Fireworks would have interesting, but only when if it were night and that would be a shame because I love the sunset colors like they are now <3

    The box & grass look ok, and the balloons look like balloons XD don't worry u made them great!

  3. hayashinomura Nov 02, 2009

    Wooowww.... Really really thank you very much for this awesome amazing and beautiful wallpaper, Tina-chan *hug* <33333
    luv this and luv you too <3333 ^^

  4. Valuna Retired Moderator Nov 02, 2009

    Looks great Tina-chan!

    A couple errors in the wallpaper I would like to point out:
    - Her head should be a little higher on top, a bit more hair should do the thing (Sample).
    - The stone wall should not have a straight line. It should go with the flow of the stone/rocks in order to give it more depth.It looks a bit flat at the borders as it is now.
    - Kobato should have some shadow, unlike the grass in the bottom, she has none aside from herself.
    - The grass in the background look a bit flat. Try using them in different sizes and colors between dark green and very light green.You did do it a bit but it's too blended within. It could be because of the stone wall, I have no idea.
    - The dog whatever it's name is, completely fine but did you lazy out with coloring it's head?

    Also, I think the sky could use a bit more contrast between the colours. For the rest, I totally love it! (sorry for the critique xD)

    (Damn it, would've been the first to comment if it weren't for all this >.<)

  5. trofikabinet Nov 02, 2009

    Nice wall :)
    I agree with Valuna about everything, she really did a great job pointing out all those things.
    If you can make all the corrections this wall will be amazing <3
    I like the stone wall best xD Looks really great and the sky is pure love ^^

  6. EevaLeena Nov 02, 2009

    It's a very lovely job, overall. Love the sky and how you painted everything. The only thing I had problem is... her face. Or head. They look a bit weird to me. Haha.. but still, it's awesome!

  7. sjade1 Nov 02, 2009

    I also prefer the balloons over fireworks :). Cute wall!

  8. Kitaan Retired Moderator Nov 02, 2009

    Lol, Valuna beat me to critic XD

    I pretty much agree with her, the head was the biggest
    thing I saw that bothered me.

    Other than all the small mistakes I love the changes
    you made, I would've prefered fireworks but balloons work just
    as well. I love the sky's colors and the vector is so smooth and clean.
    I love the pattern change on her kimono but I would've loved if you
    kept more of the flower's detail, you know those white things at the ends.

    I really love Kobato, I'm so happy to see more walls of her >_<
    Just work on those small things and it'll be perfect.
    But do know, You've already did a wonderful job <3

  9. kuryuki Nov 02, 2009

    <333 thank you~
    lol if you made presents seperately for everyone of us the workload'd be immense <3

  10. Cris25 Nov 02, 2009

    Cute Kobato wallie! *-*
    loved the balloons~ and the sky is love <3

  11. Melisandre Nov 02, 2009

    I prefer the ballon version, is really cute and Kobato seems so nice :P

  12. Ongaku Nov 02, 2009

    Very nice vector. I love the way you did the wall. This series has such cute images too bad I don't watch/read clamp stuff anymore.

  13. crmc13 Nov 02, 2009

    wow. kobato!<3
    another beautiful wallpaper from you!^^

  14. Sinever Nov 03, 2009

    so cute & pretty xD
    I love kobato & you vectored her very nicely ^^ as for the bg I totally love it, its going well with the vector! well done & its a fav :3

  15. aqiaqua Nov 03, 2009

    I really love the smooth vectoring, and the work on those rock walls. That takes a lot of patience. I think the balloons are a clever idea, although I think it would be nice with a moon or something. Kobato's head looks a little flat, but it's not a big deal. Awesome work, would love to see more ?

  16. M2Vz Nov 03, 2009

    Kobato with braided hair! xD
    now that's rare :P

    I love the purple-ish sky <3333
    and the dog. he looks expressionless lol
    I didn't know you have tablet xD

  17. chrisp Nov 03, 2009

    great wall here! i love how you reconstructed the bg!
    somehow her head looks bit ehm too small? hmm or...i dunno how to explain >___<
    but otherwise it's a great wall with beautiful and soft colors! you really did great!

  18. zaira Nov 04, 2009

    I agree with Valuna in some parts especially her head, Kobato kinda look
    like different. The grass needs some more shadings + different positions.
    The sky is nice but it needs more blending + the balloons are kinda off, but i like how you make them maybe try replacing it with some glowy glowy thingy like fireflies. The stone/stairs are a-ok and also Iroryogi-san needs more shading on his head and body. Overall nice vector on Kobato's kimono. fav! ^^,

  19. vitaamin Nov 05, 2009

    that.. shade of orange in the sky doesnt mesh well with the purple because its so dark--so some more yellows would be very welcome, esp on the bottom. the grass... that shade of green seems wrong for the atmosphere.

    the wall lines are a bit too straight, so whenever vectoring something geometric you should always rough up the lines a bit.

    my biggest complaint though are her eyes, i feel they are far too up on her forehead. i think its because the top of her head is shorter in your version than the scan.

    and then theres lighting--just add some gradients here and there (near the top of the walls, near the bottom of the sky, circular around her face etc) and blend to give this wall some more depth since as it is now the colors look a bit too dark.

    i really do appreciate the technique and level of detail on the painting and vectoring though, esp for the balloons and the stones in the wall. with some slight changes in lighting, all that hard work would really shine through :D

  20. ayuholic Nov 06, 2009

    What is the latest artwork from the clamp?

  21. clamporama Nov 07, 2009

    I dont kno why but her head looks smaller then it is normally in the manga... Though I love her kimono! <3

  22. kara Nov 13, 2009

    I'm so sorry I'm late >____<
    I really like how you painted it and I think you did a really great job with the stones.
    Though it looks a bit empty, it's well balanced and draws attention to the characters :3
    The only nitpick I want to do is that there should be some shadow on the left side of the steps that should be cast by the wall blocking it.
    But I really like it and sorry again for the lateness x_x

  23. angelwings083 Nov 18, 2009

    kobato!~ <3 nyaa~
    beautiful wallie!~ ^w^
    great work~
    thanks for sharing!~ ^___^=

  24. Aldo26 Mute Member Dec 01, 2009

    Nice, really nice art, i like the style..!

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