Vampire Knight Wallpaper: A Never Ending Prayer

Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight, Maria Kurenai, Vector Art Wallpaper
Matsuri Hino Mangaka Vampire Knight Series Maria Kurenai Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


Im finally back with a new VK wall & Im feeling so nervous right now cause Im not sure if you guys are gonna love this wall or not >...< I started working on this picture about 3 months ago & I finished vectoring it it about 2 month ago but because I didnt have a good idea for the bg I ended up putting it aside & worked on other walls. as you can see I tried vexelling here but I totally failed since my so called vexel is way too neat ^^" I really had a hard time with my vexel... vector, whatever it is but at the same time it was kinda fun trying something new xD the flowers & the crystals are from a scan I downloaded here a long time ago but I dont know which category it was from ^^"
the background was the worst part of this wall, I tried different kind of backgrounds but non of them looked good & satisfying -____- because of the way I arranged the flowers it was very hard for me to come up with a good bg so the best option was to make an abstract bg & since the vector is very detailed & colorful I decided to make a bright & simple bg to let the vexel/vector stand out. I know some of you dislike bright & abstract backgrounds, Im really sorry for that :( I promise to make up for it with my next wallie so for the time being please bear with this wallie ^^"
I want to thank Tina-chii & Kit-chan for constantly helping me out with my wallies :3 I love you girls *hugs*

this is the scan that I used to make the flowers, crystals & bg:


if you have time why dont you check my VK chibis:click here

Next wallie: you can see the scan on my UP ^^

all commenst/fav are appreciate it, I really cant live without your sweet comments that encourages me to make good VK walls for you xD


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  1. Yamionpu Sep 27, 2009

    Waaah! It's beautifull!
    I'm so happy you're back now! Your vectoring is beautifull as always <3~
    I'm not sure what vexeling is after reading your description, lol, I thought it was just vectoring few times over or something like that XD But I love what you did :D!
    It is absolutely amazing thing to do from such a small scan ^_^

  2. aneznam Sep 27, 2009

    true! it's so beautiful! the vector is pretty as always but the bg! omg! how did you have the patience for that crystals and flowers!? they really stand out! and i don't mind the colors or abstract or anything! just love ?!
    today was such a great day for vk! <3 so many entries xD


  3. kara Sep 27, 2009

    What can I say? Your VK works are always so gorgeous :3
    The flowers and crystals are amazing o_O I was really awestruck when I fullviewed it.
    I think the background is great, but maybe more shades of blue and purple would blend in better with Maria's hair.
    Of course it's a fav :3

  4. Yamibou-Eve Sep 27, 2009

    I love it! With all the love and effort you put in your works how can they not turn out great?

  5. EevaLeena Sep 27, 2009

    Lovely colors! >.< And I can see the detailness very clearly (thanks to my brother laptop ^^)

  6. Tina18 Sep 27, 2009

    YAY! It's up~
    You're welcomed, love you too~

  7. trofikabinet Sep 27, 2009

    OMG o___O
    Your wall is stunning as always Sin-chan *.* The vexeling is marvelous and the colors are so vivid.
    Maria looks so pretty. The thing I like best are those crystals and flowers and everything else too o.o
    I just can't decide what to look at 1st, so gorgeous ^^

  8. YoruAngel866 Sep 27, 2009

    wow i love vector and colors
    gorgeous flowers :)

  9. ShinKyo Sep 27, 2009

    It's such a beautifull wallpaper, I just love the colours and the flowers are so well done.
    And she's soooo pretty :D
    Keep it up!

  10. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Sep 27, 2009

    Can I just say how much I love the colors/flowers? They're so beautiful! :D

  11. epsilon86 Sep 27, 2009

    I love the flowers. IT was really nicely done!

  12. DarthTofu Sep 27, 2009

    Such vivid colors! This is wonderful.

  13. chrisp Sep 27, 2009

    it'S these wallpapers from you i like so much! you was born to do vampire knight wallpapers!
    i love the detailed background as i always do -^^- the colors are bright i don't know what you mean with "some of you dislike bright & abstract bgs"...really this is mazing >D like how could you see a think from this small pic? what eyes do you have? *O*
    everything matches it's a big fav from me and now can't wait to see more <3

  14. monicayurie Sep 27, 2009

    Sin-chan :)
    Your wall is amazing, as usual. :) A different style, but the same quality. :)
    The vector is perfect as usual too. :) Love the flowers on the right side, love the bright colors they have.
    It's a fav.
    Keep up with the good work!
    Ja ne... ;)

  15. crmc13 Sep 28, 2009

    woah. as usual. a very beautiful wallpaper.:D

  16. YENESIS Sep 28, 2009

    Is a Sweet Vector, she looks armony she is so elegant,
    the vector is fantastic always,*--*
    the yellow background so pretty!

  17. MizuuHime Sep 28, 2009

    Whaaa, it's beautiful ^_^ And it's yellow~~

    Aa, I like the flower and the crystal. That's so beautiful. And the BG is beautiful to~~

    O, yeah. What do you mean with vexel? I don't really understand x_x

    merged: 09-28-2009 ~ 05:05am
    But, at least it's very beautiful~~~ Ahahahaha~~~

  18. Hoodlum Sep 28, 2009

    Glad you're back! It's been a while since your last upload.
    Let's get straight to the point! So...hm, can't say I like the art, because I can't actually say - is it boy or a girl? Yeah, I know - shoujo manga and all, but c'mon - it should be ok for a guy to say such things about an art like this, right?
    Well, that's just about an art. Now, let's move to your mad skillz in vectoring :)
    The flowers and the crystals are really amazingly done. What else to say?
    The colors - they are a bit too bright to me, but I really like the way you made Red color. Very beautiful red color. Nuff said.

  19. M2Vz Sep 28, 2009

    you've submitted this sin-chan <3 I started to miss your walls xD

    Anyway, I full-viewed and I immediately love how you did Maria ^___^ I never found anyone vectors maria, so I'm very happy you made this :3 as usual, the details in her hair is just captivating, and I think you did great with the vexel :D well I think it already looks different with your other vector <3 so you don't fail XD

    I thought you were going to put a BG like a church, or aisle, altar... or something like that :P but i like this one. It draws the focus to maria :3

  20. Melisandre Sep 28, 2009

    I'm impressed with the flowers and the yellow bg. The textures are really amazing and the sweetness of the girl gives the wallie a calm aspect. Nice and great work :D

  21. vitaamin Sep 28, 2009

    I am going to echo love for the crystals an flowers. I don't much like the scan so not really any opinion about the vector itself. i so think it would hve worked more effectively as a standard resolution. as for the bg, I like it but I am not digging the yellow. I think you used really high exposure on the foreground and with the bg that bright it draws focus away.

    nonetheless less I think you did a great job putting things together.
    +highlight at vw

  22. moonescape Sep 29, 2009

    big sis! I'm back and I know that took me a long time. I'll try to see if I can come back again within 1 week because so far I've been stumped with my Psychology, English, Pre-calculus at the moment that's been going for 1 month *_*

    Anyways about the wallpaper I really like how the crystal came out. They really look so real and you tried coloring instead with vector like shades instead of CG. :o interesting Though there is a lot of yellow-orange in the wallpaper that it's killing me a little to see just that blue hair standing out in the wallie. x-x

    Well hope to talk to you more about how's my day so far because a lot has happened I think from the last time... but I know for sure I will maybe semi-never be able to do a wallpaper/vector now at the rate of my homework just piling up more. -_-"

  23. yukka-kino Sep 30, 2009

    I'm not a Maria fan but this is just impressive.
    Nicely done Sin-san ^^

  24. Hadizandi Oct 01, 2009


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