Vampire Knight Wallpaper: After the Honeymoon

Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight, Zero Kiryuu, Yuuki Cross, Kaname Kuran Wallpaper
Matsuri Hino Mangaka Vampire Knight Series Zero Kiryuu Character Yuuki Cross Character Kaname Kuran Character

2560x1600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

It's my entry to the Vampire Knight Chibi Contest :D!

The fanart was entirely aneznam's idea, she thought of everything and told me to draw it for the contest...
and I accidentally had some free time to do it ^o^

now about the drawing...
I know a lot of you are Zero fangirls, actually I am too XD but I still love Kaname! Because zomg hot sexy vampire *wwww* *drool*
+ he deserves Yuuki too! There really should be two Yuuki's......
Zero got to be a baby this time ^/////^
(I think I got hurt from drawing him so sad XD demo kyaaa~)

I know it's very simple for a wallpaper, but when we tried adding things it totally diverted attention from the characters! So we decided to keep it simple ;) Besides, what can you add to a chibi wallpaper? Any ideas? XD

btw don't ask me anything about the.. title... XD


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  1. YoruAngel866 Sep 27, 2009

    this is really really adorable
    love the sparkles ^^

  2. Sinever Sep 27, 2009

    its very cute xD
    zero looks so kawaii, I really want to hug him so badly xD *zero honey no need to cry, just come to sin-chan*
    well done & good luck!

  3. Sakura-Dust Sep 27, 2009

    Mwahaha go Kaname >3
    I love Kaname too, Zero's such an emo biatch.

    There are quite a few color leaks though.
    At Yuuki's dress mostly, the lower part, and a few at their hair. But those are mostly jagged lines, fixeable with smudging :3
    Great job though, I really admire the amount of effort and technique you put into these chibis, especially the hair and eyes, they're amazing *___*

  4. aneznam Sep 27, 2009

    it would be wrong not to comment this xD

    it's so nice to see my idea + your talent = very very pretty stuff *_*! *wants to steal your talent* lol no but really me and yamibou-eve were just talking, if we were talented enough for this we would have added some stuff like the dummy besides zero (like it fell out of his mouth) and/or seiren stalking kaname from somewhere xD lol (or her holding that candlestick you wanted xD)

    talent! doko!
    just wanted to say again that i'm proud and this is wonderful and i sympathize with zero for the first time since *can't remember* ... because he's a chibi, and cute... and *crybaby* ;_;
    but kaname <3333333333333 xD

  5. Alenas Retired Moderator Sep 27, 2009

    Aww...poor Zero-kun. XD I really feel sorry for him *isacoughZeroxYuukifangirlcough*

    I really like the idea, though and you're right - making it simple was the best way to do it. About the title...well, trust me - I don't want to know. XD

  6. clubstardust Sep 27, 2009

    owow! so chibi~ i like it! thx for the sharing!

  7. Yamibou-Eve Sep 27, 2009

    omg it's so cute and chibi and beautiful too! oh my!
    Your trademark drawing is adorable <3 but your vectoring talent made this a professional chibi wall!
    I <3 the colors and effects they

  8. j-valium Sep 27, 2009

    very cute wall, the tittle and the chibis are so funny Lol XDDD thnks for sharing, great wall ^^

  9. YENESIS Sep 28, 2009

    OHH KawaI!kyaaa! Lovely!Great Idea
    ohh is so cute more love love! the heart shine*s is so nice
    Kaname & Yuki L*Amore

  10. xinmu Sep 28, 2009

    LOL! thumbs up for this! :Db
    thanks for sharing~

  11. M2Vz Sep 28, 2009

    ZERO xD he's so cute I can't resist. You drew his eyes really cutely xD

    Nice idea by the way... Though I love Zero more *grabs* but this one's nice <3
    and I think you've got a hilarious title there lol

    Best of luck for the contest ^_^

  12. Melisandre Sep 28, 2009

    The sparkles and the light effect are really cool but I love her dress, gorgeous :P

  13. akika Oct 17, 2009

    This is soooo cute! Can't believe you drew all that! Wish I could draw as well as you....poor zero...XD

  14. mmeia Oct 19, 2009

    it's a cute,funny,beautiful wall,oh I can not find a better word to describe it, zero is too fun.XD

  15. Ralna1991 Nov 05, 2009

    This is just so KAwAII!
    Poor Zero..

  16. flyingangil Nov 13, 2009

    ?????? ????? ?????? ??????!

  17. angieflux Nov 19, 2009

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww >:D<

    Choooooo cuuuuuute ...xD xD xD !

    Zero is like *0*

    Moi lub Kaname senpai :D

    merged: 11-19-2009 ~ 01:10pm

    Yosh xD !

    After the HoneymO_On ...xD xD :P

  18. MsSstacy Jan 03, 2010

    How cute! ^^
    Kaname, love you!

  19. Isaaak Feb 22, 2010

    Just an awesome wallpaper!
    This is really attractive!
    Congrats, and thanks for this excellent job!

  20. SakuraHime97 Mar 28, 2010

    So cute,I love this.

    Zero was so cute in this pic !^^

  21. Sokkyosama Apr 18, 2010

    Thank's a lot for sharing a nice wallpaper!

  22. manon14 Mute Member Aug 07, 2010

    Elle est trop belle cette image

  23. Karolaylg Sep 20, 2010



    is very cute!


  24. CrazyMialuvsAnime Dec 16, 2010

    haha that's cute thanx for sharin

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