Vampire Knight Wallpaper: "Summer's evening"

Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight, Zero Kiryuu Wallpaper
Matsuri Hino Mangaka Vampire Knight Series Zero Kiryuu Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hehe, I think is about time that I submit this wall :3

Yes, more VK from me! And you can expect one more VK wall from me in short :)
Well...I started doing this wall quite some time ago but I never work really hard on it xD Yet, I managed to finish it somehow lol
The vector itself wasn't very hard but I had lots of problems with his eyes. I'm still not satisfied with them but I'm too lazy to figure out what's wrong with them xD So I let them be just like that (please don't complain too much x___x)
This time I vectored the hair, not painted. It's kinda refreshing after all the painting I've done recently :)
And I like how it looks ;D I've made a painted ver. too but I prefered the vectored one so I'm submitting this one :)
The bg is made from a blank layer xD I started painting the sky, then I added some clouds and the forest in bg. I felt there was something missing, so I added a bush behind Zero (yes, that's a bush o__O).
In the end, just some little details and the wall was done.

Layers/shapes: ahem...I don't remember really. Lots of them but still waaay less then on the current Yuuki wall I'm working on >D
Time: 34 hours?
Easiest part: the bush OX
Hardest part: eyes =='
Original scan: HERE

I really hope you like it ^^''
All the feedback is appreciated :)

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  1. budjong Sep 20, 2009

    wow this is amazing!
    great work im speechless!

  2. kuryuki Sep 20, 2009

    the sky is so purdy~

  3. Alenas Retired Moderator Sep 20, 2009

    His hair and the background look gorgeous! I think his skin is perhaps a bit too yellowish (but that's the way it looks in the manga, too so... *shrug*). As for the eyes, I think they're too purple - maybe if you desaturate the purple a bit...

    Anyway, awesome job on this! I really like it! XD

  4. vampireprince Sep 20, 2009

    O.O is that my hero in a kimono A BIGGER VERSION of the scan awwwww >.< i've always loved seening zero in a kimono love love love it XD now i have 3 awesome pics for zero in a kimono XD

  5. akeedacrest Sep 21, 2009

    0_o Entered, copied code, and featured at Chamber of Kings. XD X D

    To have not featured this would be a sin! X-P

  6. kara Sep 21, 2009

    You finally submitted it! Wow I didn't know you vectored it from such a small image, must've been hard figuring out some of the lines.
    I like the glowflies you added, really does emphasis the Summer feel.
    The colour of the sky is lovely but I think the clouds need some differences in colour, like the parts facing the setting sun should be a bit lighter.
    But anyways, looks awesome :D

  7. Sinever Sep 23, 2009

    looks very lovely!
    you vectored/painted zero very nicely, i like the way you paint the skin :3
    like I said you need to darken his eyelash area to give more depth to his eyes ^^
    well done & i cant wait for yuuki's wall xD *excited*

  8. aqiaqua Sep 24, 2009

    A lovely wallpaper ^___^. The summery feeling is nice and fresh, and the soft painting is superb.

    I think it'd be cool if there were more fireflies and they were a lighter colour, but that's personal taste <3. Can't wait for more, hurhur >:D

  9. Sakucha Sep 24, 2009

    homg, homg. ZERO-SAMA! *has a reflex of action on clicking Zero pictures* XD :3

  10. crmc13 Sep 24, 2009

    OMG. i love it. zero-kun!<3

  11. masumaru Oct 07, 2009

    Love the colour scheme. Zero looks so hot here *nosebleed*

    //I think you just sent me to heaven *_*

  12. salmaGX Oct 12, 2009

    i love it

  13. WAIRD Oct 24, 2009

    luv da art it sexy......:L

  14. lenaelric Jan 02, 2010

    OMG! *Q* amazing! =D zerooo <3

  15. hawkangel Jan 06, 2010

    i like the bg and good work on the eyes

  16. 0Rink0 Jan 14, 2010

    Kiryu Zero... In... Kimono...

  17. Deluhism Feb 16, 2010

    Zero so cool...I love it,,,
    amazing pics...

  18. faintdew Mar 17, 2010

    his eyes look like Elizabeth Taylor's.

  19. Billalunna Mute Member Apr 12, 2010

    Zeroooooo... you look lovely when zooning out like that!
    Oh God, why shoul you be so god darn cute.........

  20. peacechaos Apr 14, 2010

    I'm speechless.
    Great Job!

  21. Sokkyosama Apr 19, 2010

    Thank's a lot for sharing a nice wallpaper!

  22. CloudyDay May 17, 2010

    beautiful beautiful beautiful

  23. NanaVable May 19, 2010

    This is beautiful.He is really hot. Excellent job. ^^ i love hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim

    merged: 05-19-2010 ~ 09:09pm
    This is beautiful.He is really hot. Excellent job. ^^ i love hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim

  24. Reya-Konomi Mute Member Jul 09, 2010

    Zero is so cool.
    Thanks for sharing.

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