Vampire Knight Wallpaper: you got me Hypnotized...

Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight, Yuuki Cross, Zero Kiryuu, Vector Art Wallpaper
Matsuri Hino Mangaka Vampire Knight Series Yuuki Cross Character Zero Kiryuu Character Vector Art Source

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I haven't submitted anything yet since the year 2009 began ^_^' I've been pretty busy with a lot of things especially with school works and whatnot. Anyways, I've missed doing vectors and other artsy stuffs so I figured that I could start making another vector-wall :nya:
So, w/o any further ado, I'd like to share my very first piece of artwork for the year 2009^^
It features the long-awaited ZeroYuuki kiss in the manga! Kyaaaa....I love it love it so much <3 so I decided to use it for my vector-wall. I just did silhouettes of them...since I think that silhouettes do have sort of a mystique and romantic feeling in it. :)

Duration: about two weeks...since I don't spend too much time in the PC doing other things aside from research and homeworks and I tried to do my best with the vectoring (hope it's not wobbly or anything like that ^_^')
Layers: about 60 layers
Music inspiration: Crush by David Archuleta...the title of this vector-wall is from a line (or a sentence) of the song :nya:
I vectored everything here in my wall except the retro circle-thingies w/c are brushes, and then I added texture to it.

Hope you guys enjoy. Favs and comments are always welcome....and please avoid ripping :)

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Browse Vampire Knight Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Aiira Jan 20, 2009

    so nice:)
    I was thinking of making a layout using your vector with this image.
    Unfortunately my desktop crashed down.LOL!
    Anyways great job with this.
    Ilove it Luna-chan :)

  2. MoonangelTsubasA Jan 20, 2009

    great colours
    well done

  3. selemental Banned Member Jan 20, 2009

    Luna-chaa! You've come back to vectoring! XD yayyy~
    Do you still have the Lulu kitty scan I sent ya? ;D

    Well anyway, as always, it's perfect! Awesome wallie, Luna-chaa! And excellent choice of colors! :3 *hugs* X3


  4. BakagetaKoto Jan 21, 2009

    Ah, I very unique idea for this particular scene! ^^ *favorites and downloads* Thank you very much for your hard work, Luna-sama!

  5. hendou Jan 21, 2009

    did yuki and zero kiss in the manga?

  6. princessmeyrin023 Jan 21, 2009

    @hendou - Yup! They kiss in the manga... Maybe in chapter 45 or onwards... not sure though... stopped reading because of the anime! >.<

    I love the textures and the silhouette thing!
    And you used cool colors which are very soothing to my eyes! And I think to others as well! Continue doing wallpapers like this because I like this style.
    Simple but nice!

    Congratulations for the ELITE!

  7. ShanaFlare Jan 22, 2009

    wow the wall looks lovely! awesome work on it :D

  8. Tifa-chan Jan 22, 2009

    i lovd your wall! their shapes are very cool and the bg too! ^^
    omg i like David Archuleta too! /o/ but I haven't seen him since the end of American Idol ;__;

  9. Sakucha Jan 23, 2009

    sugoi~!<3 definetley adding to faves. i love archuleta too and crush is just stuck in my head!

  10. PinkRoseLacus Jan 24, 2009

    OMG! I'm so in love with David Archie and Zeki too!
    and I just love that kiss <3
    your wall is simple yet romantic and lovely XD

    merged: 01-24-2009 ~ 06:32am
    oh, Congrats on elite too, Luna XD

  11. akira-sophia Jan 24, 2009

    I love the colours.
    the concept of the silhouette is also just a little bit awesome.
    Great wall.

  12. biamei Jan 24, 2009

    my favorite couple and my favorites color togethers <3

    the perfect combination ^^~~

  13. Kayote Jan 24, 2009

    Am loving the cards and the background. Very nice and creative.

  14. shurei-KO7890 Jan 25, 2009

    lol. this is so great! waaaaaaaaaaa! hug me! this is just too lovely to be ignored. i love it luna! lovelovelove! it is perfect for you....ohhh..you are great!

  15. Luceyd Jan 25, 2009

    Couldn't write before, was on a rush, so just fav'd it.

    It's a simple, yet very nice looking vector you made. The colours look spectacular, and the silhouettes of the characters are quite well made! Also love the fact that the name of the wallpaper fits perfectly. Perhaps a reason of why I have such a crush on your creation is due the fact someone has me hypnotized as well, hahaha.

    Regardless, fantastic job, excellent colour choice, lovely silhouettes, and this is nothing but a lovely wallpaper; keep it up!

  16. lady-karen-84 Mar 06, 2009

    Nice wallie. Love the silhouettes and the colors. Love Zeki as well. Great job. :) Tnx for sharing.

  17. MissDaphne Mar 10, 2009

    Very nice! I like the colors <3
    love the pairing!

  18. animes-4eva-rox May 08, 2009

    they kissed?!
    when did they?
    i'm so outdated!
    seems like an awesome kiss !

    way to go zero
    it's about time that you should not listen to kaname's damn orders
    and make your move on yuki hahaz...
    why do we have to wait so long to see this!

    bet yuki is damn happy bout it

    anyways great wall

  19. Sokkyosama Apr 22, 2010

    Thank's a lot for sharing a nice wallpaper!

  20. DistortedThought Jun 30, 2010

    this wallpaper looks really nice :D

  21. dyh1991 Sep 21, 2010

    aa~~~Kaname ~~~ I love you . Thank you for sharing ~

  22. MonteCristo Jul 17, 2011

    another fantastic walppaper i love it!my big big BIG CONGRATULATIONS!

  23. agent-Achika Feb 01, 2012

    Its very creative. I enjoy it the mix of colors & the msg of love aling w/it.

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