Clannad Wallpaper: ~Feel the Breeze~

Kyoto Animation, Clannad, Tomoya Okazaki, Nagisa Furukawa, Vector Art Wallpaper
Kyoto Animation Studio Clannad Series,Visual Novel Tomoya Okazaki Character Nagisa Furukawa Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hisashibure Nee, -_-
Finally I can Online In MT again,hehehehe
Because I really busy with My School
And don't have much time to create Wallpaper :x
Fyuuh,I create this This wallpaper For vector-wallers
but when I visit the Group
I look a wallpaper with the same consep like my wallpaper me
so I think The Vector-wallers may not accept my wallpaper
hehehehe :D :D
And I really sorry If My English is very bad
I can't Discribe the detail of my work like Everyone who always wrote it
hehehe :\ :sweat: ^_^'
Because I'm really stupid to discribe something like that
the one I know is just enjoy to create some art and feel happy when I or everyone look it.
hahahaha :D :)
gomen nee
ore wa hounto ni baka da :sweat: -_-
Maybe ,because I really stupid
So My teacher said that she want to teach me in summer.if not,maybe I must try again in grade 12
huhuhuhu T_T T_T

I don't have my Summer vacation
Just a little sharing
and I want to give this Wall for Temari-chan,I wish you can pass your final Exam
no,I believe you can pass it.
Maybe I will pending in MT for a moment
because I have to study(I don't know I must regret or glad for it,because my teacher Hontou ni Kawaiii)
hehehehe Just kidding
X-P >_< :) :D ;) >.<
Jaa Nee


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  1. Minawo12 May 21, 2008

    Hey,this is very good One of you
    Really beautiful
    And the Background is really like in the Movie
    You're awesome

  2. Azuushaku May 21, 2008

    really amazing
    You create with a good shading
    and the art is you create by yourself,Right?
    because I don't find any scan of clannad
    with a pose like that
    Very good

  3. Nurseangle May 21, 2008

    Really good picture
    I don't Know,why I can download this Image?
    I really want this great Image
    If anyone know
    Why I can't download it
    please tell me how to download it
    Usually a can download any Image
    BUt WHY?
    I really want this Picture
    The good pose with a match Background
    Really a Nice
    Thank you for your work

  4. temarigenius May 21, 2008

    Yay!~ Clannad Titanic~ XD
    For me again? I've been receiving so many gifts from you lately :nya:
    Just wait~ I'll make something for you too :)
    You've made me feel better about the Final Exams =D I'll do well for sure~ Thank You So Much! >_<

    Don't Worry, I'm sure that Vector-Wallies will accept your wallpaper :) You did the whole thing yourself right? So no worries :)
    And no, you are not stupid! Have confidence in yourself!~ :D Believe in Yourself!~

    About the wallpaper... I really love how you colored their clothes. It makes it seem really smooth~
    Colored outlines gave the soft feeling :)
    And see, you can make such wonderful background :) It's much better than what I can do~ ^^
    Everything is nice~ =D

  5. FFai30 May 21, 2008

    Same as with me
    I can't save this image
    I really like this wallpaper
    but why I can't download it
    If someone know,please tell me too
    I want this Titanic

  6. Ririiisu May 21, 2008

    Hey Very good Picture
    And The reason that we can't download this Image
    maybe because MT is in a little trouble or problems
    so you can wait until we can download this image again
    That is what I thought
    but if there someone who know better than me
    like a moderator or something like that
    When I see this Picture is really caught my eyes
    and I think this is a great vector

  7. msoup47 May 21, 2008

    Yeah,I think like that too
    This is a awesome wallpaper but I regret I I can Download this Image
    This is a beautiful one

  8. Ransaa May 21, 2008

    I can't get it (><)

  9. Sutainaito May 21, 2008

    creative and really great
    Are you sure You can download it?
    mmm,I still not down load it
    But I will try now

    merged: 05-22-2008 ~ 06:01am
    in the middle of download an error has occur
    like I can't get this image too

  10. U17th May 21, 2008

    Very smooth and look so wonderful
    Is very good picture

    VERY good job
    you can touch my heart

  11. Sakura-Dust May 22, 2008

    Oh baby *hugs*
    You just hit the jackpot!
    Great job, lovely vector, really sweet design!
    I love the water and clouds, you got inspired from Maple-san's work, right?
    Looks very nice, keep up <3

  12. Sinever May 22, 2008

    why do you think that we will not gonna accept it :D
    your wall is great & its awesome too XD
    well done & good luck ;)

  13. MapleRose Retired Moderator May 22, 2008

    cool, you used a scan from Sola for Nagisa's body, right? =D that scan reminded me of the Titanic pose too XD

    Anyway, good job on merging the scans, though her neck looks a bit awkward ('cause I think in the original Sola scan, Matsuri's head is slightly tilted up). I like the colours in the background, though the water looks a bit too sharp compared to the softness on the rest of the wall (esp since you didn't use outlines for the vector). Also, it looks like a bit of shading from his hair got in front of her hair when it shouldn't be there....

    Good luck on the contest ^^

  14. ASH-Hikari May 22, 2008

    Wow, that is so cool! Recreating the Titanic pose with Tomoya and Nagisa ^^ I like the vector, but my favourite part has to be the sky, it's just beautiful :D Better than I could paint ^^
    I wish you'd please stop calling yourself a baka though, it makes me unhappy to see someone so talented always putting themself down. You and Minami-san both do that. Cheer up, you're awesome :D

  15. lifeistimeon May 23, 2008

    the color in your vector is very smooth

  16. Allicyia May 23, 2008

    Can I ask you something?
    You create this walllie with your own creation,right?
    You mixing the picture with a beautiful pose
    the background is very fantastic I thought
    You really have a great talent
    why you also think that you are stupid person?
    You're great
    Keep on your amazing move
    ^ ^

  17. xAnime4Lifex May 23, 2008

    Beautiful. It's very soothing to look at, especially with the warm color palette. The water looks really cool and the vectoring looks terrific. There is a little bit of his hair on her head though, like MapleRose pointed out. Other than that, excellent. Good luck!

  18. Raifu May 24, 2008

    you create this without outline and look so Wonderful
    Very creative and remind me to Titanic for sure
    very good job :) XD

  19. Kamikazukaede May 24, 2008

    Hey,long time no see
    you make a beautiful work again
    and it really touch me
    very nice
    the background is very good for real
    and you make it without outlines?
    Amazing like always you do
    ^ ^

  20. minamiyukihimenonaka May 24, 2008

    Sensei you surprise me again! You make real sea, aren't you!? You musn't underestimate yourself, right? Like ash said, don't called yourself b-a-k-a. You're so talented so don't called your selfwith that word again, ne?
    Mny people here around here supported you, so cheer up!
    Remember with your special tech 'outline-less vector'!
    ^^ Remember not to say baka or whatever....again^^

  21. himigo May 25, 2008

    Wonderful clannad ,maybe Titanic.Nagisa and tomoya are nice.This picture is nice, too.

  22. Aiira May 26, 2008

    ~Yay! so cute..
    I love it..
    The background and the scan you used is really awesome..
    I have never seen this scan but you did a great job ^^

  23. Lunariha May 26, 2008

    Oh, great work!
    Love the scene...and the bg really bring out the romance >.<

  24. IcyBlade May 27, 2008

    Really great work, nearly perfect work, u know?


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