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Dedicated to Ash-Hikari (Aisha). I owe her for making that Lacus, can't help it. OX She has come from a long way of vectoring especially it started maybe half a year ago I think. :o I must give her some props because she improved so quickly while I just took maybe 3 times longer (especially a good start). D:

Dedication: Ash-Hikari
Started: 10/2 - 10/6
Hours: About 6 hrs
Most Difficult: the extension of Lacus's hair.
Easiest: The outlines
Credit: AP service is either down or there's an error for me when I go there so I can't give the link to the scan. T_T
Used: Adobe Illustrator CS3 & Photoshop CS2
Note: - I originally drew the extension on paper, but I never use it at all.

Now about this vector I have not much to say about Cagalli, but Lacus now that was srsly difficult. I thought I couldn��¢?t extend the hair and I was about to extend her lower part of the body to the legs, but it never turned out to be. Hope you don��¢?t mind that the hair is just extended. :) Well I tried to extend the hair, but it was really difficult since I didn't draw it from paper. T_T

Coming Up Next: My next work is something Code Geass so stay tune. Though some of you may know if its a vector or wallpaper but I'd like to keep other in suspense. XD

[Edit] - Please do not be upset about how Lacus's skin color is like so off. OX That's what I get for using my sister laptop because it enchances the colors which makes it look brighter when you see it on the screen unlike most clear laptops/computer you see. when I saw Lacus's skin on her laptop it was very white with a hint of peach, but look at the clear screen. It's like way off and her color is too brown monochrome. x_x I'll will definately fix it and I'm so ssorry for the color skin being off. T_T

[Edit] 2 - I finally finished the final touches of this vector. The colors on Lacus's skin are correct and the lighting is brighter for those to see the vivid colors. :o Thanks for waiting! :)

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[kira-lacus-asuran-cagalli] & [the-princess-of-orb]

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  1. JCzala Oct 07, 2007

    Wonderful! The vector is so clean and the outlines are good. I know Cagalli-sama is easy there to vector and you did a good job. Well, for Lacus, now that's hard. But your efforts are greatly seen here. The extension you made is so good.

    I wish you could've placed a better background, but blue is good too. My favorite color.

    Nice vector. Fave!

  2. auel1124 Oct 07, 2007

    XD I wanted to vector that scan too XD but you were faster than me, besides, I was also vectoring something of lacus, so I was busy with that :)

    yep, as you said, lacus`s skin is weird, hope you can fix that soon!

    but overall, the extended parts are very nice, it doesnt seem that it was actually covered by cagalli! you really did and awesome job!

  3. abul Oct 07, 2007

    the only flaw: u forgot to retouch lacus' eyelids so the yhave round ends :x
    anyways, even though the colours look weird [which is not ur fault of course] im faving it ;)

  4. YENESIS Oct 07, 2007

    super kawai l moonscape cagalli-sama is precious beatiful ahh cute!
    lacus is seen very pretty

  5. ASH-Hikari Oct 07, 2007

    Oh my gosh, for me? Kya, thank you so much! *Hugs* That's so sweet of you :D Oh wow I really love this gift :D
    Now to the vector. First off I am really surprised how well you extended her hair. I've done some hard extansions before but I know this one would have killed me x_x Well done, nice job on extending the dress too :)
    One thing I see is on the right arm of Lacus, the shading looks very angular, I think you may have forgot to curve it there. And her skin colour is off but you already know that, it's not your fault.
    When I saw this I was hoping it was yours because I didn't want someone to beat you to it. Sorry it took me so long to see it, my hiatus is finally kicking in :P
    Thanks again so much Moon-chan! Means a lot to me :D

  6. andrewong1980 Oct 07, 2007

    You've done a spectacular job extending Lacus' hair there, moonescape. That's pretty darn impressive considering the source image. BUT...well, you know what, don't you? Cagalli looks fine but Lacus just looks weird in those colors. And like ASH-Hikari said, the shading on her arm looks like a cut-out. If or when you get around to fixing Lacus, I'll immediately add it to my favs and thank you again properly. Until then, take care!

  7. burai2984 Oct 08, 2007

    awesome sugoi vector moonescape! my mentor Ieyasu gives ur masterpiece a 10/10 :)

  8. Lariel Oct 08, 2007

    Aha! You changed your avatar to Stellar! XD
    A nice vector, but I think Lacus looks slightly... 'off' in a puzzling way. Maybe it's because of the darker skin color... I think. ^_^'

  9. andrewong1980 Oct 13, 2007

    Ahh...you've fixed it! Adding to favs! The left arm shading is still a bit angular but I guess that's okay. Lacus should always be shown in vibrant colors. Thanks again for vectoring this. Cheers!

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