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Edit: Feature in sakura--cb & celestial-luminesse

So repeated name, I still have few neurons for the names of my vectors x_x

Visit the gallery and I realized that nobody had worked this Lacus image, then I decided to do it.

The colors were slightly opaque, look for some image where from to extract the colors, but in this moment the Internet was not working :x

This one you see the vector I me work rapidly, believe that the outlines took me about an hour, and to paint it was not complicated :)

I am sorry so much if you see leaks of color or parts that fails him to do, oh! Damned dark screen T_T

Some shades meet rare enough x_x as this that about the eyes, I ask for excuses ^_^'

Slightly active I have been at this moment wow! ^^ the vectors now me turn out to be rapid, only I ask to give me the patience in order that my following vector is one of Carnelian x_x have to manage end this! Also I want to see the results! =P

Please comment, for critiques full view ^^

My groups:

vectory sakura--cb
celestial-luminesse timeless--rain
epec-mt vector-wallers
gundamseed-angels songstress-reverie
the-pink-princess kira-and-lacus-in-love

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  1. moonescape Sep 28, 2007

    I really love the outlines so smooth and flowy. :) The color are perfect, but I think you kind of messed up the little dress piece at the far left. It seems odd and the outlines don't touch. :/

    Though still keep it up! ;) Of course Lacus represents "wind". I mean the element wind suits her best. =D

  2. auel1124 Sep 28, 2007

    ahh! me robaste el proyecto! XD nah, broma, queria hacerlo pero tenia que hacer otros primero, asi que no me lo robaste :) no importa, soy la primera en comentarte un trabajo! XD

    los colores se ven medios opacos, no probaste con ajustar los colores? hay una parte que dice "ajuste automatico"... intentalo :)
    los ojos se ven medio raros, o es mi idea? O.o
    todavia tienes algunos escapes de color, pero esta vez casi ni se notan, progresaste mucho :) sigue asi!

    merged: 09-28-2007 ~ 09:54am
    ps: no me fije que moonescape habia comentado primero... o mejor dicho, cuando estaba escribiendo decia que nadie te lo habia comentado... omite lo que dije XD

  3. rika23 Sep 28, 2007

    I love the outline~! So smooth >_< *i wanted to do that T_T.. how did you do that XD*
    good vector but there's some shadow color is kinda weird to me.

  4. Gallopia Sep 28, 2007

    Nice :)
    Love the colour combination ;)
    I thought there is a cross ribbon pattern on the white part ? o_o

  5. ASH-Hikari Sep 28, 2007

    Wow, very nice Saki-chan! Wasn't expecting this vector from you! The outlines look great here! I think her hair could be a bit more pink but otherwise it looks good :) I like how you do your signatures now too ;)

  6. yalubluchay Sep 29, 2007

    lovely :)

  7. Lariel Sep 29, 2007

    I don't really like her hands- they seems a bit... too lithe? ^_^' Well, except for that, the colors are really well done, especially the blueness of Lacus' dress, really well done! :D

  8. andrewong1980 Oct 01, 2007

    This has actually been vectored a few times before but I assume Minitokyo removed them for some reason or other. Still this seems to be much nicer than I the ones I can remember. I like the soft blue-white background. I was never too fond of this particular scan of Lacus though. It really shows how skinny and flat-chested she is (I was once told she had the body of a young boy because of this scan).
    Anyway, enough rambling. I don't notice any problems with the vector so to my eyes you did a really good job. And I hope to see more from you soon. Until the next time, cheers!

  9. abul Oct 04, 2007

    i see some outlines are shapes and some are storkes...
    it looks odd because shape outlines are very sharp and the stroked ones are blurry
    id blurr the shaped ones and the vector would be awesome! :)
    still you did a good job ;)

  10. merelie Oct 04, 2007

    i really like this vector of lacus too
    i guess it's the summer dress
    it looks difficult to render so kudos to you !
    you've got her hair down pat ; it looks very nice
    thanks for sharing!

  11. LadySnickerdoodle Oct 05, 2008

    Lacus is a boring character to me, but you did a great job here, her hair looks very difficult to render

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