Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Safe In Your Arms

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Kira Yamato, Haro, Lacus Clyne
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Series Kira Yamato Character Haro Character Lacus Clyne Character


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As requested by aikka88!

[EDIT] Ooh, bad thumbnail XD

Second request vector, yays!~ The first vector she requested I turned her down, because it was a complicated scan I didn't think I'd be good at, plus I am still on hiatus, but then she requested this really simple one and I couldn't turn her down.

I know, it's very simple. It's basically a screenshot turned scan turned vector. I tried a little to make it look more scan-style but you can't really tell. There was something about Lacus's face I didn't like in the scan that I tried to fix.

I vectored it from a kind of small pic. The scan is from AP but everyone time I tried to download it it wouldn't work and I wasted a lot of papers so finally I gave up and vectored it from the thumbnail pic, basically this size.

I extended it in every direction just because I didn't see a reason not to. It wasn't too hard. Maybe there should have been one more "spike" at the top of Kira's head? Oh well. And these are probably my thinnest outlines yet.

Hardest part: Extending Lacus's hair.
Easiest part: Nothing in particular.
Most fun part: Kira's head XD

Time: 10.5 hrs
Layers: 41
Duration: Sept.25 - Sept.27
Original Size: 2854x4500
PSD Filesize: 22.1 MB

I think that's all. Thanks for viewing! Aikka, I hope you like it!~

vectory celestial-luminesse free--wallers gundamseed-angels mikos-moon-flower songstress-reverie sakura--cb timeless--rain

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  1. Lariel Sep 28, 2007

    It seems very... stiff, compared to your previous vector. And Kira's hand... >.<

  2. abul Sep 28, 2007

    lol XD
    you know i have so many scans in my wishlist and i still dont have papers to download them XD
    but the thumb is like ok and so is the vector XD
    lol, adding to faves ;)

  3. barara Sep 28, 2007

    Kya! Kawaii! This vector is so beautiful! I love it! XD
    +fave desu~ :D

  4. Reikuclyne Sep 28, 2007

    Nice one! I've been wanting a bigger size of this KL-pic..and here it is! Thanks! Great job! ;)

  5. rika23 Sep 28, 2007

    So adorable :3 The vector looks great.. although kira body looks weird.. tad solid @_@ but can't help since The scan is already made like that ^^"

  6. erikamirou Sep 28, 2007

    Hii! ^_^
    I must say that I'm not very fond of gundam seed but this vector is beautiful!
    Great job! +fav!
    Keep it up and take care! ;)

  7. Omone Sep 28, 2007

    wow your outlines are so thin.. It is unbelieveable.
    I didn't really like Gundam seed because there are so many vectors of them but you did a really good job - as always!

  8. ProgramZERO Sep 28, 2007

    Very nice. Good job! *Thumbs up*

  9. saki-xan Sep 28, 2007

    This this pretty image :D I am glad that you have worked on her, do not matter if it is a asked vector, I adore it! <3

  10. Kairi-Hearts Sep 28, 2007

    another lovely vector^^
    the only thing that bothers me is kira's hand. You should've colored it the same color as his skin and not the color for the skin's shadows. (if you know what I mean ^_^' )
    nonetheless, great job :)
    +fav <3

  11. moonescape Sep 28, 2007

    Wow! It's really wonderful! :o The outlines so thin and straight. XD The color tones seem to be perfect in my opinion so great job on that. :D

    Not much to say, but I think the extension went well and there' not much to extend from the scan in my opinion though. :/

  12. yalubluchay Sep 29, 2007

    so cute :)

  13. aikka88 Sep 29, 2007

    yay! sugoi!
    2 thumbs up,plus the 2 big toes! XD
    this is really great! thanks for doing my request! *hugs*
    i really appreciate it ^_^

    one of my faves!
    thanks again!

  14. keoku Oct 01, 2007

    WOW really good. Love it. Thanks so mcuh for sharing

  15. andrewong1980 Oct 01, 2007

    I kinda agree with Lariel in the first post. It seems different from your last few vectors somehow. If I had to guess I'd say it was the colors for some reason...I dunno...hmm.
    As for Kira's hand, I think I know why you made that mistake. The poor quality of your source made it seem like his hand was shadowed or something. But it's not. If you follow the lighting around the sleeves and Lacus' own arms you can see that his hand should be well-lit. So his hand should be the same shade of color as the lit-areas of his face. Does that make any sense to you?
    Other than that, it's still a pretty nice vector (as expected of you). I like the thin lines, very classy! Vectors with thick lines seem almost comedic to me. So other than a hiccup or two, job well done. I thought you were on hiatus? Don't wear yourself out; you're not as young as you used to be. LOL! Until the next time, take care!

    Footnote: I'm still trying to figure out if this screenie is from the original series or the special edition because they redid all the Lacus scenes in the special edition. I think it's original though.

  16. drastikhate Oct 04, 2007

    This looks so sweet!
    Love your vectors!

  17. norine07 Oct 11, 2007

    hmmm~ it's really nice the colours and all oly kira's hand is sort of like the wrong colour... other than that it looks fine~ ^-^ thanks for sharing~

  18. Saulofein Oct 17, 2007

    Very nice vector ^^
    thx for sharing ;)

  19. nongxiong Dec 20, 2008

    thanks for sharing. this is really cute. nice work.

  20. Cholie Jul 22, 2009

    Hmmm.....sth wrong with Kira's hand but overall it's a great vector.

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