Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Smile From The Heart

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*Apologises profusely* Gomen nasai! I know I said I'd take a break from Gundam Seed and Lacus and pink hair, but I absolutely could not help myself. So much for "taking on more difficult projects"... ~_~

But I have an excuse! This was an experimental vector. What did I experiment with? Thinner lines. Those of you who know my works, please tell me if you see a difference--like it, hate it, don't care? I myself kinda like my old way better...

Now, I have to thank andou-mahoro and rubenz. I discovered the original picture after viewing andou-chan's vector, and she got it from Ruby-chan. Hope you don't mind me using it! Oh, and also a sorry goes to SakuraShirayuki-san, who said she might wanna vector this. Hope I didn't steal a project of yours! OX

The picture was small:
--> Click <--
After enlarging it a lot of details were hard to see. But this is my 8th time vectoring Lacus, and believe it or not I did her entire face from my head. I barely had to think about it, I'm so used to GSeed vectors XD. Anyways the vector is simple, I wish I could make it more detailed but I couldn't think of much else to add. But it's a pretty picture, ne? Lacus...so pretty...so hard to resist vectoring....

Heh, watch the high res scans pop up sometime...oh well, at least then I can compare and improve my vector.

Yes I know I just submitted a vec yesterday. This was a spur-of-the-moment one-night vector. And now that that night's over, perhaps I should take a nap...

Vector Time: 8.5 hrs
Layers: 33
PSD Filesize: 14.3 MB
Duration: Aug. 28
Original Size: N/A (Hm, this is my smallest vector.)

Thanks for viewing! *Hugs*

vectory celestial-luminesse free--wallers gundamseed-angels mikos-moon-flower songstress-reverie sakura--cb

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  1. ZeroNightShade Aug 28, 2007

    I think you did a excellent job with this one! Lacus is beautiful as she always is, keep up the great work!

  2. abul Aug 28, 2007

    it's ubelievable how u did this ^ of that small scan X_X
    amazing ;)
    definitely +fave

  3. sailorchiron Aug 28, 2007

    Very clean vector! I like all these SEED pics with them in normal clothes.

  4. Wslasher Aug 28, 2007

    Im amazed, you vectored that from a small pic!

    if it where me, I would go BLIND. @_@

  5. SakuraShirayuki Aug 28, 2007

    hm. i'm a bit disappointed but you did a great job vectoring this small picture! I know it's really difficult cuz i'm vectoring it too, right now. ^^' i'm a slow vectorer XD the best thing is her smile ^^ mostly the smile is wrong when someone vectors a small pic but your smile came out really pretty! great work

  6. LeoTravis80 Aug 28, 2007

    My goodness! You vectored Lacus so well despite the small original scan. Lacus is a beauty like she always is. Thanks for sharing this piece! (10/10)

  7. andrewong1980 Aug 28, 2007

    Don't apologize for vectoring Gundam Seed and Lacus and pink hair...you'll make the rest of us who love your said vectors feel bad! LOL! Anyway, I'll forgive you if it helps. The new lines aren't really that much thinner but I personally think it looks much better. Makes it look more like an actual scan to me now; whereas the fat lines really shout out "vector", you know?

    Ordinarily this image wouldn't be hard to vector. Lacus has a nice straight posture and she's all there (compared to your last Meer vector). Most difficult thing I imagine would be her hair (and the new thinner lines really look great on it, BTW). You deserve much praise for vectoring such a small source scan though! Like most others my eyesight would have failed long before I even attempted to do anything with it. And you've restored it to scan quality! I'm sure it'll be months (if ever) before we see the actual scans here. And yet you've provided one already. So thank you for a job well done and keep up the good work. Take care!

  8. auel1124 Aug 29, 2007

    OMG! each poster 420 yuan? that`s crazy @.@
    back to the vector, this one is really nice! I cant vector from mini scans, so I am really amazed you can :)

  9. rubenz Aug 29, 2007

    :P I don't mind ^^ Very great vector esp when the source is that small ^^ Lacus looks great here :D

    I know cagalli has been vectored by someone else but maybe I'll do it also he he ^^

    Keep up the great work :d

  10. moonescape Aug 29, 2007

    Whoa! I've never seen that scan before. Though I must admit it's true that I've never seen them wore like thin cut off T-shirt like that before. XD

    I really did love how you got the details, but they're simple actually I think despite it was a small image. :x

    I do noticed how most of the areas were thinner on the outlines, but it's alright if the original outlines you make are like big. I mean is doesn't bother me. =D I think the loose strap on the belt should've been fully outlined since I think it kinda looks funny. ^_^'

    Wish I could do Cagalli, but I'm still too busy now that school started yesterday for me. OX

  11. audeaya Aug 29, 2007

    great lacus really good job XD FAV+++++++++

  12. lacus21 Aug 29, 2007

    Awesome! nICE vector ASH-Hikari!

  13. Kairi-Hearts Aug 29, 2007

    I've never seen the scan before (that's what caught my eye X-P ) It's so small!
    I know how it is to vector from such tiny images and such >.<
    But you did great! I love the vector! the lines are clean and the coloring is great too.
    I love it! +favs
    *I'm adding you to my WL if you don't mind :)

  14. icyrain Aug 30, 2007

    Don't apologize for doing a lot of Lacus vectors. I love Lacus! She looks very cute and normal here.

  15. Susan-chan Aug 30, 2007

    it looks great...and the other posters too O_O i want to see an Yzak vector XD waaai XD soo smexyyyy XD

  16. Lunariha Aug 30, 2007

    Kyaaaaa...such a kawaii and pretty picture of Lacus! I just love this one!

    merged: 08-30-2007 ~ 08:25pm
    I think that it'll be great if you make a wallie with this kawaii Lacus-sama pic together with Kira! >.< well, it's just a suggestion...^_^

  17. smallworld Aug 30, 2007

    Once again, a beautiful piece of work!
    Nice colours there.
    Great Job!:]

  18. abarairenji7 Aug 31, 2007

    beautiful and nice, excellent job thanks for sharing

  19. Zerowing Aug 31, 2007

    nice and simple ^_^ just the way i love it
    awesome job!

  20. norine07 Aug 31, 2007

    nya~ ash-chan has made another GSD vector~ but this one i haven't seen anyone vectored it yet~ XD nice ly done love the colours and the details, 0.0 and where did you get that font? it's really nice~ XD hee hee~ thanks for sharing again~ XD

  21. BadMoonDemonHowL Aug 31, 2007

    Long live the pink! XD
    Oh, please don't stop with your pink-ish phase! :D
    Well, I'm not familiar with your previous work, but I think this is some fancy vectoring, you know? :)

  22. adela2505 Aug 31, 2007

    I's realy cute!
    I like it very very much!

  23. Lariel Sep 01, 2007

    I swear I saw something unnatural in her hair, but I can't pinpoint where. >.<
    Lovely vector though, the pink is very natural. X-P

  24. shiwei Sep 01, 2007

    nice vector of lacus, smooth and clean
    colors and outline is good. keep it up, +fav

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