Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Cagalli Yula Athha JVector

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Cagalli Yula Athha, Vector Art


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17 September 07

ugh... too... many... complaints... about... smile.....

Tried fixing it up.... I think it looks better heh

hair I fixed up, didnt get to doing it earlier 'cause of exams :P

3rd September 07 (upgrade)

Had an inspirationaly upgrade from seeing ASH-Hikari's Lacus =3 I will try and keep up with you experts *salutes*

but the upgrade has taken 3 hours of my sleep so it's 3 am right now @.@ sleep time XD

I'll need to proof scan it for mistakes tomorrow cause I just picked one up on the hair @.@ too sleepy though so g'night!

28t August 07 (original submission)

Vectored as linked by Rubenz her post in the Asucaga group :D I changed the smile abit cause the original had a feeling of sadness to it every time I looked.... and cause I hate seeing Cagalli sad T___T

Anyway, I got my computer back full time now and this is the first to come out ;]

Enjoy :D

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  1. thaikuching Aug 27, 2007

    Nice art!
    You're right! I also hate seeing Cagalli cries.
    Do you have d original one?
    Please upload it! *bow*

  2. DrakenImmortal Aug 27, 2007

    Very well done...she was always a good character and always enjoyed her
    Have a good one, thanks for sharing

  3. SakuraShirayuki Aug 27, 2007

    ahhh! i want to vector Lacus! and Athrun even though he looks a bit gay XD
    nice! i like it! you have a bigger version?

  4. ennostiel Aug 28, 2007

    cute vector ^^

  5. toumarie Aug 28, 2007

    Love it hehhehe..btw,is that a neckale that she'w already gave it to Athrun in SEED?Hahahha...I've seen the original one that rubenz-san posted it in asucaga group...But if you have the bigger (original of course..please post it in here ^^) thankiu..Yeah,Saku-san, you're right, Athrun and the other guy wasn't suitable with the outfit (in my POV) hahahha...anyway +Fave

  6. ASH-Hikari Aug 28, 2007

    What a beautiful picture of Cagalli! You vectored from a very small image, I know what that's like >_<. And those other little pics are also gorgeous! I'm vectoring Lacus (sorry Sakura-san!). Nice vector, thanks for sharing!

  7. andrewong1980 Aug 28, 2007

    You did a really good job vectoring such a small source scan. Your (vector) lines are a bit rough though. Did that make any sense? Anyway...personally I think maybe you should have left her smile alone. I have a cat that smiles exactly like the one you just gave her so her head just morphs into an anime cat if I stare at it long enough. LOL!
    Well all-in-all you did a good job. You're definitely gaining experience since your last Cagalli vector. A bit more XP and you'll level-up to the level of ASH-Hikari and others. Until then I hope you'll keep up the good work. Take care!

  8. moonescape Aug 29, 2007

    It's really nice that you tried to vector this, but the problem is the outlines are too pixelled and unnecessarily jaggy lines? What did you use to make your outlines?

    I tihnk the hair colour looks quite funny and pretty much that's it.

  9. andou-mahoro Aug 29, 2007

    @.@ hey yea the lines are abit pixellated.... I'll work on it. I cant vary stroke thickness if the line's the same line. I havent found anything on my program that allows for it unfortunately,...

  10. rizacaga Aug 30, 2007

    3 words...
    i love u><

  11. adela2505 Aug 31, 2007

    I'm a big big big fan of Cagalli!
    I LOVE it!
    :) Great job :)
    I LOVE it!

  12. JCzala Sep 02, 2007

    It's good of you to change the sad expression into a smiling one. Cagalli-sama definitely looks hot in her outfit. She totally rocks and I love her style.

    The vector work is okay. You need some improvement with the lines.

  13. astivalis Sep 06, 2007

    It is good to see Cagalli smiling, I love the way she looks here, well done.

  14. Sagashitemonotachi Sep 07, 2007

    waa huge cagalli cool vector XD what a cool vector XD
    thanks for sharing and keep going ;)

  15. thaikuching Sep 16, 2007

    Thanx for uploading Cagalli!
    Sorry to be rude, but I think I like the original one.
    This smile is so weird on not fitted.
    Would you mind upload d others? And Cagalli's original one?
    Thanx again!

  16. Lunariha Sep 22, 2007

    Oh, it's nice! Vectoring from a small pic sure is not an easy job...but you did great! *thumbs up* Keep it up! ;)

  17. acun May 09, 2008

    nice pose

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