Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: A Small Gift

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Dedicated to saki-xan One of my newest friends at MT ^_^. She was nice enough to dedicate her beautiful vector to me, and so I of course wanted to return the favour! I hope you like it saki-chan ^_^.

Ah well, this one was kinda hard >.<. Take a look at the scan it came from:
As you can see a lot of Meer is cut off. I had to draw in more than half her skirt, her legs, part of her jacket, parts of her hair, etc. And some other parts, like the little present, had text covering them. So I had to make up all of that part myself. My most difficult extending-job yet! But I did it (after a million redos). I know it's not perfect but bear with me, okay? I tried my best XD Plus I think it's not bad!

Now, why this pic, if it was so hard? Well I knew I was making it for saki-xan, and I wanted to do a vector she'd like, and I'm pretty sure that Meer is a favourite of hers (you like Meer, right?). But most of the nice Meer scans have already been vectored. I found one that I was going to do, of Meer blowing a kiss, but then I saw saki herself was doing that vector :P So then I remembered this scan, and I thought it was really fitting since this is a gift vector and she's holding a gift. So I hope you like the pic saki-chan! (Plus, I love this pic of Meer, she looks so cute and I want that outfit!)

Hardest part: All the guesswork
Easiest part: Heh, whatever I could actually see
Most fun part: Putting the blush on her cheeks ;)

Time: 10 hrs
Duration: Aug. 16-18
Layers: 35
PSD file size: 67.3 MB
Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS2

This will probably be the last vector with this background style, I'm changing things up soon. But more about that next time. Comments, faves, and all that great stuff make me smile :) Arigatou for viewing and reading all this!


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Browse Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. moonescape Aug 18, 2007

    When it comes to you doing extension lines you're way better than me. XD The skirt might be a little off, but it's suppose to be moving around so I'd say keep it like that. >:D

    I really love the smoothness and it looks perfect I'd say, to think you were able to do all of that. :o

    You and your vectors always seem to surprise me. :) Well done, I know saki-xan will love this. ;)

    lol nice! New icon, but I think that image has been repeated too much. OX

  2. sailorchiron Aug 19, 2007

    So many nice vectors! Meer looks good in brown! Nice work, you should be proud.

  3. Fran Retired Moderator Aug 19, 2007

    O_o Great drawing job!
    The outlines and the coloring are both fantastic ^^
    I'm sure she'll love it.
    Psh....please! work on another serie! I'm fed up with the Gundam vectors/walls here xD

  4. Saikusa Retired Moderator Aug 19, 2007

    A cute, beautiful & strong quality vector! Keep up the good work!

  5. norine07 Aug 19, 2007

    nicely~ love the colour and it;s so detailed~ nicely done~ XD people are going GSD crazy again! hahax..! well than see ya around ash-chan~ ^-^

  6. FrankyFeng Aug 19, 2007

    I saw the original scan and I again admire you for your excellent vectoring skill,as well as the drawing skill,you drew the unvisible part quite well
    Keep it up!

  7. andrewong1980 Aug 19, 2007

    Omigosh...this is a truly amazing feat of vectoring AND re-cging (remaking almost)! You've certainly come a long way, Hikari. Man, I still remember when you were first starting out. Anyway, I love Meer so I really love this vector. My first fav in months! Awesome job and I really hope you keep up the good work in future. Take care and cheers!

  8. saki-xan Aug 19, 2007

    :') I was sick and to meet a vector dedicated for my! Wow! :')

    This I love it, yeah! I love it! *-* to see so many perfection here, every detail that existed in Meer gift, and you, to have chosen this wonderful image!

    I like Meer, Lacus also, to saying truth, I like every girl of pink hair, muahaha >3

    I had forgotten this scan! Now that I see her I want to do Lacus that appears there >:D

    Beautiful lines, even I, with my technology vectoring do not manage to do them in top, believe that I am going to have to practise very much to achieve the tops, since it is very necessary to achieve the perfection ;)

    Adorable! It had to reconstruct great part of the skirt, which is so difficult! >3 and to accommodate the shades *-*


  9. garnett Aug 20, 2007

    Woow I love it. I've saw the scan is used in numerous sites. You should try vectoring Cagalli or Stellar next. for me?

  10. doax30 Aug 20, 2007

    sugoi! you vector arts are so impresive! ^_^
    keep it going ^^

  11. adela2505 Aug 20, 2007

    It's wonderful!
    Keep it up like that! :)

  12. Abzuseilue Aug 20, 2007

    Nice one here~The line vector are very smooth and clean, well done =)

  13. xianghua Aug 20, 2007

    :D Beautiful Ash-san! Nicely vectored!
    Meer really looks pretty here! I'm glad you vectored this image!
    Hope to see more!~

  14. reb-el Aug 20, 2007

    Very pretty. And yes, do Stella or Cagalli next! They both look gorgeous in the original source image.

  15. smallworld Aug 21, 2007

    This vector is great!
    Nice colours used.
    It looks smooth and clean too!
    Great job! :]

  16. Lunariha Aug 30, 2007

    Oh goodie! Such a sweet and lovely vector! It's just sooooooooooooo amazing! Wish I can be good in vectoring just like you!

  17. MORDREDIII Nov 29, 2007

    Awsome vector !You did a great job!

  18. JCzala Jan 20, 2008

    Meer is so cute here. My god, the vectoring is done amazingly. The outlines and the colors are just so right. Great job.

  19. AnimeRoxz Nov 28, 2008

    as always you do a superb job in vectoring :D great job!

  20. fateen02 Jan 22, 2009


  21. lacusyamatoclyne Sep 05, 2009

    thank's 4 your give......

  22. fitarol15 Aug 21, 2014

    Quote by JCzalaMeer is so cute here. My god, the vectoring is done amazingly. The outlines and the colors are just so right. Great job.

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