Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Wallpaper: Impossible is nothing [W]

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I felt kinda nostalgic some time ago and started thinking what was the first anime I watched and was awareof it being an anime. I realised that it was SM after some time - sure I watched Heidi, The Little Princess, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Magic Mirror, and some other works I don't remember the titles of, but I didn't think of them as anime. SailorMoon was first. And so even though, I don't really like SM now, I still have much respect for it. Plus the manga is much, much better than the anime.

Now, about the wallpaper. First I found a scan on Animepaper and I decided I liked it. So as usual I vectored the image and then looking at te coloring of the vector I thought that I need to put her in a sunset bg. After that I looked at the work and realised that the sunset looks bad. So, I replaced the sunset with painted clouds. (found a tut somewhere on devArt) For everyone who wnats to complain about the standing out of the vector - I like it like that

Okay, I'm talking too much.

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hoteru-no-shiki feathers-of-eternity celestial-luminesse
pure light

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  1. moonlight-shawdow May 28, 2007

    ohh iluv tee wall but for some reason i feel ya shouldve done more wit tee Bg but still i luv jus the way it is.
    Oh!and very clean and nice vector at that^^

  2. Sinever May 28, 2007

    the vector is clean & good :)
    the bg is simple but its fits well with the vector :D
    good job Kashi-chan :)

  3. Fran Retired Moderator May 28, 2007

    I feel kinda sad for her, she looks like dead T_T
    The vector is amazing, extremely well done <3
    Keep it up the great job!

  4. irix May 28, 2007

    the work rocks! but personally didn't like so much the colors that u used in this one for the sunset... maybe more red's or brown's... :P

  5. Lady-Lotus May 28, 2007

    Oooo....i really like the background of this wall. It gives off such a warm feeling. Who's the baby? this is such an amazing wall. good job!

  6. Regenbogen May 29, 2007

    Hello Kashikosa,

    Sailor Moon... who hasn't seen it? I actually liked it but it has annoying parts with these totally embarassing fighting creatures... *lol* I was always worried my mom would come in when those were on screen!
    I love the clouds in your wallpaper they turned out really well. Compared to them the Sailor Moon vector stands out a little, as you said. Well I don't mind I just wonder how it would look if Sailor Moon had been done in a painted style as well. My compliments on your clouds... I can't draw clouds... that's why there are none on my wallies... *lol* Maybe I should practice... O_o

  7. uffy-chan May 29, 2007

    It's simply beautiful, it reminds me of my childwood.. your vectoring is really good and I appreciate it very much; I like the picture you chose too.. It's perfect and very touching..aaahh thanks for sharing ^^

  8. CarbonR May 30, 2007

    kashi this is not bad at all but to bright for me. no one vectors oldies like this who cares if its not popular i'll give you kudos for taking this on, since these new animes gotta grab ideas from somewhere and not give props to the classics. i'll fav it for commitment

  9. starrliteangel May 30, 2007

    ahah yea, sailor moon was my first too...I think. Or maybe it was Slayers, im not too sure. Anyways, I think your wall looks great! The bg looks really nice too. Very simple but I like it that way. The only parts that seem out of place on this wall is the text because its so jaggedy while everything is so smooth, and sailor moon's lighting. For the script, personally I thought something like Lainie Day or Belphelphe (spelling?) or one of those smoother scripts would have worked out better. For Sailor Moons lighting, I think you need to duplicate the entire vector, gaussian blur the duplicated layers, and overlay or soft light it. The bg looks really gaussian blurred and overlayed (meaning it looks really soft and bright) but sailor moon looks sorta dull and solid compared to the bg.

  10. Zoamel May 30, 2007

    I love this episode. I'll never forget how she forced her heart crystal out by her self!
    The vector is looking great and I have to fav it.
    This was also one of my first animes.

  11. Sabbathiel Jun 01, 2007

    As I saw your latest work I knew that I must collection it and give you fav. It is very well made, I like colors and still.. it has simple background and looks great. This work is nostalgic for many people. I give it my sister - she like SM even more than I. Beautiful job.

  12. rika23 Jun 01, 2007

    Wai~! SUki wa Vector desu~!
    boku wa suki suki na cloud desu~ XD
    demo ne.. the color is a lil bright to me ^^"

  13. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jun 02, 2007

    Beautiful. It's a shame we
    don't have many wallies like
    this of SM.

    I love the simple and free feeling
    it gives, certainly brings good memories
    of when I would rush to see it.

    Great job <3

  14. deedeezel Jun 04, 2007

    this is really awesome

  15. beybe Dec 28, 2007

    I love Sailor Moon.. this scene is the best

  16. Shakira Nov 21, 2008

    this scene is my favorite :)
    great work
    my congratulations

  17. Cami26 Dec 22, 2008

    WOOOW que nuen wallaber! Muchas gracias!

  18. nlieu279 Mar 02, 2010

    I love that scen in the movie. It's so emotional. I cried when I saw that :) Thanks for the contribution.

  19. CAOS Jul 05, 2010

    quien es ese bebe esa no es chibimoon o chibichimoon que sera quien lleva en las manos

  20. NutShell Feb 13, 2011

    I truly love this one, so deep

  21. Chiaki Mar 03, 2011

    This is wonderful! great job!

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