Vampire Princess Miyu Wallpaper: Float'n Flow

Narumi Kakinouchi, Vampire Princess Miyu, Miyu Wallpaper
Narumi Kakinouchi Mangaka Vampire Princess Miyu Series,OVA Miyu Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

*sigh* I had to upload this before I went insane. It's not great, but I tried -_-

My entry for Paint-o-rama's opening contest!

Ticking off the criteria:

- Ancient/ feudal Japanese: Candy said that Miyu counted D:
- Green stuff/ nature: water, flowers, dead trees aka logs :P
- Tutorial: I have two D: Because I don't have any trees or anything I have two water tutorials.
- Painted! or at least... "paint-ed" >_>

PSD STATS (for those who care~)
PSD size: 105mb
Layers: Around 200.
Time taken: No idea, considering I had two wasted attempts.

Scan: Miyu by Vordae
a crane by markjo (stole the flower from here... sort of >_>)

How I got round to this wall?
I was really interested in the contest and I had some sort of inspiration because I do watercolours manually. And I wanted to try it digitally. And I ended up learning a few things that one of them was that I officially suck at painting D:

My first attempt was with this gothic ritual chick who had (no offence) a freaky face and head. Tis sucked >_>
My second attempt then featured the same scan but with a huge painted pond with some cute lily leaves. In an attempt to be smart, I decided to shrink the scan to a bare minimum, but realised when even when squished, she was out of place and probably would need to be painted. Not to mention my painting sucks.
My third attempt (what you're looking at) then featured hitting the galleries again. I went through all the possible scans and all that but none of them caught my attention. Found this lovely scan but realised her arm looked awkward and somewhat just damn weird and decided to dump alll of my ideas into this one.

I had to retrace over the scan to of course reconstruct the arms and the hair since I transformed it into a lying position. Probably used too much paint (everything got painted over). Yeah :\

Crappy Tutorials by me:
Water in general
Water in more specifics

Hopefully better luck next time u_u Hah.

Endnote: Float'n Flow (m-flo loves Rie Fu). The name doesn't have anything to do with this wallpaper, but it just felt kind of right, considering a flame haired chick in an Ancient Japanese era :P Man, feels so hip XD

EDIT/s: I made a few modifications. Nothing too drastic but I fixed up the outlines to a certain level (duh that's what you get for hiding certain layers T_T), shadows, and yeah.

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Browse Vampire Princess Miyu Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. supermonchi Dec 09, 2006

    Ohh sweetness, this is beautiful!

    Some points though - I reckon the logs could be less uniform and have more details on them for added realism, could do with some water reflections for her arm and could do without the gray/brown area on the corner (what's that suppose to be?). And perhaps some water ringlets where objects like her arm and clothes obstruct the water.

    But then again if you aimed for an old style jap painting type of look then you're pretty much right on the money the way it is now, I reckon.

    Awesome job and congrats for your first painting! ^^

  2. gabysango2011 Dec 09, 2006

    ni...i luv it...it's really nice
    the painting is so beautiful...
    + fav

  3. flyindreams Dec 09, 2006

    Ooh, lovely ^^ you managed to create a really soft look which I really dig. And now I'm going to bust out the super nit-picky "constructive" criticism since it's been a while since I've done that xD;;

    In full view it feels like parts of the outlines aren't blended very well... they look a bit "extracted and pasted," and I'm fully aware that this is super nit-picky o_o;; Like, around her lips mostly, and it's the fault of the color of parts of the outlines I think. Her neck a little, and around bits of her kimono. Soo making the outline colors a little more consistently dark or light might help.

    I think her shadow can be brought out a touch more 'cause right now it really feels like she's floating over the raft... hehe. That does go with the title though so I don't know if it's partially intentional XD The shading bit along the end of the raft and jutting out into the water though looks kind of odd, so maybe lighten that part up a bit.

    I really like the submerged shading bit on her hand because it looks really soft, but along the sleeve of her kimono it looks a bit more awkward because it looks really flat and the area is also very distinct. Also looking at that bit of shading in comparison to the submerged part on the raft, it makes me feel like her entire hand, half of her arm, and most of her sleeve should be submerged too xD. At any rate you could probably get away with not doing her arm, but I'd suggest moving the water level up a bit for her sleeve.

    Overall it looks lovely, but a bit of kanji might've contributed a bit more to the mood :3

    And then lastly out of complete curiosity, what's the curve bit on top right? :3

    Ok don't kill me now xD;; Because your paint job overall looks like it must've taken a long time and it really looks great, hopefully parts of my comment will be helpful and not make you go rAWrAwr! *moves and runs*

  4. pamkips Dec 09, 2006

    oh wow it's sooo pweety :3
    it's absolutely beautiful but the outlines stand out a bit
    nethertheless it's absolutelu beautiful
    great job

  5. eternallegend Dec 10, 2006

    everything looks nice and i like the way everything is painted :D the colours look lovely and i like how you did the water and the plant :) i like the interesting perspective of your wall and how everything is portrayed XD lovely wall ^^

  6. Akaiken Dec 10, 2006

    What the...?

    I guess you're on vacations now, ne? ^_^' anyways, I think this is not your first submitted painted wall, ne? And wow... the whole wall's smooth and the colors are very soft. The water's CooL but I think the colors still needs to be worked out (Geez... I know it's pretty hard to do that! :x). And I think there's not much realistic approach on the hand touch the water <<< dunno if my terms are correct here ^_^'

    But it's still beautiful! XD

  7. Chloe Retired Moderator Dec 10, 2006

    *Waits (im)patiently for wall to download*
    Ah, here we go.
    I'd call you a liar for saying this is your first time painting, but that's rather rude, so I'll just go with a "no way!"
    I really love the colors. Very soft and scan-like. The textures work fabulously with the wall, making it look like a real painting. Love the water and that random flower in front. Really well done is all I can say =D

  8. DREAM Dec 10, 2006

    ah yes the "paint-o-rama" project: lady candy-chan put more provisions on that contest than a losing country forced to sign a "peace-treaty" faces.

    from what i have seen this is the best thus far. :) i could actually see this hanging one a wall- i suppose it seems very paint-like to me.

    actually i disagree with lady flyin, about all the blending and her criticism of what appears to me to be ripples or waves in the water. Princess Miyu seems well blended in to me. i especially love the flower.

    would love to see the "goth chicks" you worked on and scrapped even if they aren't finished. ^^

    loved your "virgin painting" tut :)

    my only crit- is the title. "float'n flow" sounds to much like "surf n turf".. perhaps another title?

    btw- not sure if Mt's on life support or what but it took me well over 40 minutes to download your wall and i'm still waiting for it to be saved to my "cool walls" folder.

    : leaves lady misa a red rose :
    your wall makes me want to watch the anime series again.

  9. mickyoko Dec 10, 2006

    200 layers for a digital painting? Oh my goodness. That is too many.

  10. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Dec 11, 2006

    Beautiful! Fantastic! Gorgeous!

  11. FallenAngelZoicyte Dec 11, 2006

    This is beautiful.

  12. Spidey-Matt Dec 13, 2006

    That is really beautiful. A lovely painting, I have never tried painting (digitally)...one day I will...don't think it will look as lovely as this though.-Shira

  13. Ephemeral-Garden Dec 13, 2006

    Absolutely beautiful. I tried painting (with a mouse) and they always turned out looking horrible. Unless I've got a tablet, I don't dare painting.

    But YES! This is awesome. The thumbnail is very deceiving.

    Somehow I do think the log could be at least a little less uniform. But hhmm... I just love how dreamy this wall looks. A fantastic display of brushwork. Definitely a great first brushed-wall.

  14. Alexmata Dec 15, 2006

    beautiful,, she is great I can look her for hours and I do not get bored added to fav

  15. viekazama Dec 15, 2006

    as speechless as usual XD

  16. BlueAngel17 Dec 17, 2006

    this doesn't look like crap - misa suuuckx.. *_* lolz.. jk jk jk *hands seaweed cookies*

    actually this really looks like something interesting, looking at it up close.. yea, it's soft, almost like the acryllic paintings that i do.. and the outlines reminds me too of color pencils... except the tone of this has.. more depth? if this was done on a real board it has to be layered many more times to reach this uniform tone. ^^

    the image is really pretty because it's outlined nicely, and i love her body proportion, so unusual.. the flower and raft is too, but they somehow look too blurry.. maybe it's because they aren't outlined like Miyu lolz...

  17. DarthTofu Jan 04, 2007

    This is so pretty and soft~!
    Wow, 200 layers. o.0 How the hell do you keep track of them all? The most I've ever used is 26, usually 3-5. o.0?!?!

    Keep painting!

  18. yukiyo Apr 28, 2007

    this is so pretty and natural~! i love it

    i was browsing through the vampire princess walls and this one just caught my eye

    keep it up :)

  19. WWLAOS Jun 07, 2007

    Oh...wow. It's got such a soft, beautiful appearance...I'm stunned. I adore the deep colors you used. Not only are they beautiful, but it really gives the wall a sort of "oil painting" feel. I love it. Miyu looks so peaceful...it such a change from the scan where, to me at least, she looks a lot more sad and pensive. The raft is pretty good...not that this makes any sense, but the raft looks a bit too "static" too me...and the water looks great. Absolutely gorgeous wallpaper.

  20. siewww Sep 20, 2010

    so cute
    I like this
    Thank you for sharing

  21. pussycat12 Nov 24, 2010

    such a beautiful picture. love it
    thanks for sharing

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