Planetarian Wallpaper: Follow My Footsteps

E-ji Komatsu, Key (Studio), Planetarian, Yumemi Hoshino Wallpaper
E-ji Komatsu Mangaka Key (Studio) Studio Planetarian Series,Visual Novel Yumemi Hoshino Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

new wall :)

ack, i thought i would never get this done XD

the image is so evil T_T

i had to edit the image and fix it up OX

original image here

her ribbon thingy was incomplete so i had to edit that, hope it looks ok though OX

i decided to edit the back part of the dress since, well, i just did XD

as you can see, its missing a dimand shaped hole from the back of her dress and is now filled up with no hole XD

shes meant to be crossing the water for something, im not sure XD

the colours are meant to be darkish looking so it makes the wall look eerie but i dont think it ended up that way ^_^'

also, it was starrliteangel's idea to try different colours so thanks to her :)

anyway, thanks for viewing~^^

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  1. Acuni Oct 06, 2006

    the concept of the wallie is good
    but there is something i don't like that much and that are the trees
    they look like they are all the same high....what i mean is they make an invisible line and break your wallie in two.
    the colours are pretty nice
    keep it up

  2. eternallegend Oct 06, 2006

    i like the colour scheme, she suits well with it :) the horizon where the tree meets the water is a bit bright and white ^_^' i like the planets and the birds as they add a nice touch to your wall :D i like how you made her fit in with the background XD i like the cloudy effect and overall, you composed a nice wall ^^

  3. BlueAngel17 Oct 06, 2006

    omigosh! I love this! some kind of beautiful aqua mix! ^^

  4. muneera Oct 06, 2006

    WOW....beautifull wallie enchantment....I love its color & the girl is perfectly fitting in it but the trees are not done well in the wallie(please dont be mad sweeti)....Overall...beautifull & well done^_^

  5. Firemace Oct 06, 2006

    Walk me a River ... Rivera ! Wow wow.... Wow again x2
    However, please don't smack me for pointing out some flaws. XD :)

    Hmm... you can add a very few mini-ture blades of withered Autumn leaves almost landing on the water to amend for the trees. A ripple or two will really make it surreal ! The Crown of the forest of trees need a weeny bit of re-touching. Less Opacity ? Since it's a Foggy day you are telling me from the works. Besides, light from the celestial bodies are meant to be more prominient through fog unless it's thick ominious smoke and cinder with lots of vapour... Else, the moon behind the Trees will need to be shady. Cause the light spectrum looks kind of wrong. Our " Lady Rivera" over water can use some greyish Shadow over the waters... Great touch on the ribbon.

    :nya: I feel cruel to point out so much. >_< X-O *Smacks self and continue to bite off more of fuji apple*

    Else, its Soothing and alittle oriental, mysterious. Good one there and well done. :) I like the water and hovering mists covering the tree trunks. :)

  6. Phantasm Oct 06, 2006

    suitable scene for calling fantasy world... beautiful.
    the processing of the surface of the water in yumemi's feet is splendid. it doesn't feel odd.
    thanks for a nice wallpaper. fav

  7. Kuro-kun15 Oct 06, 2006

    Omg, I absolutely love your work enchantment-san. *Bows.* Yay! Fav! ^_^

  8. Wapy Oct 06, 2006

    like it.
    walking on the water.... ok, commenting
    the trees look alt the same. they look like they were take from some photo and copied thousand times,try to chance.
    She has no reletion.
    the moon borders aren't round, it looks like it was extracted from somewhere... you shoul take more care, try to use a round selection tool.
    the girl is great.
    I hope I've helped with something! Waiting for the next one!

  9. TMC Oct 07, 2006

    Nice wall I like the background and the effects used in it. The two moons, trees, and fog just go great together. Nice job keep it up, Fav.

  10. quantixar Oct 07, 2006

    Oh, it's you - No wonder this is so wonderful wallapaper. :D

  11. Rhonda21 Oct 07, 2006

    oh I love the way you do your beautiful skies. This sky is just as pretty. And yes I like the colors. The water looks nice as well. It's a very lovely wall. Great job!

  12. inuyashalove04 Oct 07, 2006

    I love your wallpaper. The colors are very nice and does give a mystic look too it. I love the mist/ fog along the treeline. But, like the others, I would change a few of the trees, so they all aren't the same. A few leaves would add more to your wallpaper.
    Nice work on everything though.

  13. Angi Retired Moderator Oct 07, 2006

    colors are pretty cool!
    I like the trees they look cute
    the moon at the front its.... maybe too near
    but overall it looks very cool!
    nice work!

  14. HeartFulSkies Oct 07, 2006

    this is just beautiful <33 i love the theme of her walking across water, the whole enchanting aura. This certainly deserves a feature at HnS, nyaa~~

    congrats on that! ^_~

  15. siamesekitty Oct 07, 2006

    very blue, but still very nice ^_^

  16. Lum-sann Oct 09, 2006

    woah! very pretty your wall! ^^
    This time you made it in green! and that is good because it goes more well with the character a blue would be nice too :)
    Ok now my suggestions here it comes OX
    I think that the trees are a bit blurry and the sky as well, also if she's crossing the water i think that it would be more nice putting a ripple than that bright, if you made reflections of the trees i think that it would look more cool. ok this are my suggestions ^^'
    But still your wall is super beautiful and i love it! :) keep it up! ^^

  17. Boko Oct 09, 2006

    nice colors, wonderful wallpaper

  18. skysoldier81 Oct 09, 2006

    i like this wallpaper and the colors
    the way u edited it is very nice aswell
    i luv it ^_^

  19. shadowreaper88 Oct 09, 2006

    the backround looks realy good but the rest of it is very plain

  20. melymay Oct 09, 2006

    Beautifuly done wall. The scene looks great too :D Too bad the original image wasn't bigger.. The girl looks a bit too small for me.. Other than that, excellent job :) Keep it up!

  21. AngelKate Oct 09, 2006

    Pretty! It looks kind of wintery. I like the soft colors and your editing is well done. :) Lovely wallie!

  22. mewmewlover55 Oct 09, 2006

    so pretty, i love the birds in the background ^_^ i just wish she had a little showdow on the ground.. .but the sun really isnt out at all so just kidding XD lol

    i'm going to fav it ^__^

  23. chibichibikaukau Oct 10, 2006

    wow! its beautiful! the background... the image... the colors... everything looks great!
    very good job XD ^_^

  24. Kyelor Oct 10, 2006

    The trees and water feel a little bit stale to me...perhaps they need a little more variety? I think there should be some more dark areas in the water. The scan and the background sky however, I like those quite well! ^_^

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