Planetarian Wallpaper: The Reverie of a Little Planet

E-ji Komatsu, Key (Studio), Planetarian, Yumemi Hoshino Wallpaper
E-ji Komatsu Mangaka Key (Studio) Studio Planetarian Series,Visual Novel Yumemi Hoshino Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

uhhh.... i don't know what else to add to this... what can i do to make it better? i'm still a n00bie as you can see. It took me a freakin' loooooong time to do the planet and the stars and i kept on messing up... hehe... ^_^' *sweat drop* ... any suggestions? i feel like it's missing something.... anything to improve it? i got the character picture from a friend... idk where she got it tho.

PS: the character is from key's kinetic visual novel... named Reverie from "planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~"

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  1. kara Apr 15, 2005

    I think it's beautiful^^ The girl and the background goes really well together. Except I think the tree needs to be darker, it's kind of weird how you can still see the stars through the trunk @_@ But otherwise it's a very nice wallie^^ Keep up the great work!

  2. ayanechan Apr 15, 2005

    like what kara said ^__^x the tree should be more solid :3 other than that.. it's a rather sugoii wallpaper ^___^ stars look great and all .. it's a little plain to the bottom so maybe you can add more trees into the distant.. meaning that they're smaller or maybe some mountains..? great job.. it looks great :3

  3. megahappyman Apr 15, 2005

    Very cute girl ya ! I love the colours :D
    She seems so innocent ;)

  4. kotoko Apr 15, 2005

    ahee hee hee.... ^__^' my bad... thanks.. i just noticed how creepy it looks with the tree all transparent..

  5. mystvearn Apr 15, 2005

    This is actually quite good. Keep it up. There is no problem in the color though

  6. OceanAngel01 Apr 15, 2005

    I love blue! Since this is almost a primarily blue piece I love it, especially since it is so welll done. I do agree with the other tree suggestions, there should probably be a couple more and a little more substantial, but otherwise it is really good. Beautiful job with the stars! +fav!

  7. Jugan Apr 15, 2005

    she is so cute and i like the background, her outfit looks awsome

  8. bbls Apr 15, 2005

    ooooh....i luv wallie...the blue shades are so pretty! and the scan blends so well with the background. i agree that only the tree needs some work. but, other than that, your wall is so beautiful...i gotta add it to my fave! :)

  9. Kiako Apr 15, 2005

    the wallpaper looks very beautiful.
    the girl is very pretty. i like the effects in the sky.
    it all fits together well.

  10. exelro Apr 15, 2005

    Beautiful wallpaper . i like blue color . the sky has great effects and look fit with the blue girl ( really cute XD ) i think the tree look ok for this wall...

  11. Yina Apr 18, 2005

    wow.. this one looks great!!! The bg fits perfectly to the scan... and when I look at its original size.. I can see the details.. excellent work on them^^ the stars look great.. they are not too many and that's good. The tree is beautiful.. I like the way how it is transparent..^^ only one thing I want to mention: maybe you could put some parts with totally different colours, maybe red or pink or something.. on the bg.. because I think the wallie is a little bit too blue.. and some red colours would suit great and would catch your eyes^^

  12. zaira Apr 19, 2005

    kotoko!!!! this wall is great!! the scan was soo nice! the bg is a great work!! the moon! the tree! and some glowy effects are nice!! anyways great job!!+fav! domo! XD

  13. killua888 Apr 19, 2005

    Wow, this is such a great wall!!! its amazing

    the background and the character blend so well together!!!!

    this is defiantely a favourite!!!

    keep up the great work


  14. SilentMasamune Apr 20, 2005

    I wonder where you found such a sad scan like this. Let me know because I want to use it. I have ideas for my next wallpaper.

    The tree should be a bit more solid. Also, if you didn't, you might want to use the gaussian blur on the scan at a radius of 0.2 or 0.3 to blend it in with the background. Good job otherwise.

  15. wasuppp209 Apr 21, 2005

    love dis wallpaper
    da girls cute n da backgrounds nice too
    it looks so peaceful too
    good job

  16. BenSai Apr 22, 2005

    I like the background of this wp.... and also the character, a nice girl :)

    But in fact, have you ever seen someone make a WP with a girl that look awfull ??

    looks like you like the color blue for make yours WP, kotoko !!

  17. LucyXlostangelwings Apr 26, 2005

    Whao....what a lovely blue color. :D I think it's really lovely, great work with the great effects for the background. ^_~ The mood is so nice and calming. And she looks so peaceful there. Thank you for another wonderful wallie! *adds to favs* ^__^

  18. Megumi-Aikyou Apr 26, 2005

    the girl looks like shes bidding her wishes toa star. so maybe that what you are in need off?

  19. ElfLord2000 Apr 28, 2005

    The background is nice with the stars and shades of blue....but maybe you could make the planet smaller....

  20. gantas Banned Member May 01, 2005

    As all of long night .

  21. Leena May 02, 2005

    Nice. The background. is great. The girl is cute. Colour blending is awesome. Going to my favourites. keep the fantastic jobs coming.

  22. Idril May 03, 2005

    lovely wallie!! the blue colors are wonderful!!!
    The girls is soooo cutwe too!!
    gonna add on my favs!!

  23. LordStyphon May 04, 2005

    This is beautiful. I love the stars here, and the blue you used.. Dazzling. The tree provided the right balance. Outstanding work.

  24. Chobiits May 04, 2005

    Nice wallpaper there Kotoko.
    Love the quality on your wallpaper, especially the girl.
    There really isnt much to add to this wallpaper, except for maybe some wind effect.
    The background is splendid as it is and the girl fits really well with it.
    Good work, and thx for sharing.

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