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Hello Everyone!

Finally after a week of starting on this yesterday after a storm came by my house Friday and it took out my internet all day Saturday I was able to sit down and work on my wallpaper. So that I finally have my Winglovers and Cute-wallies contest entry done!. I have never spent a week on a wallpaper ever, it was killing me, b/c I wanted to work on it but for once I put my homework before it. :P and it made me think so hard on the theme b/c I was like hum no clouds and such by itself can be in it, and I love gardens and I wanted a heavenly cute place one, but I did add sparkles so Tada!...

I love this scan of the girl so much, she is so pretty and in pink if I might add ;) hehe, hey I had to have some pink ya guys its ME! lol.

I used lots of scans from Tsubasa to make the flowers the mountains, the grass part, pedals, and the leaves. Wings from an Ah My Goddess scan. I had some tree brushes in there as well. I used a stock of a castle and filtered it my usual way, added some light to it, and then extracted it out and placed it in there to add a cuter look. I made some light sources very lightly in there to brighten up the wallpaper with some sparkle dust coming from the heavenly flowers around her, I wanted a light soft heavenly place. I made the Sky from brushes. Thanks to Deviantart for the brushes I used. :)

Layers Used: 67, and dang I have never extracted so much stuff for one wall in my life. At first I was hating this wall because of it, but at the end it was fun! :D

Special Thanks to my sister thingperson, who is my little helper in this wallpaper. She is so good at critiquing me, and keeping me company and watching tv, and talking to with me as I worked on this wall. Isnt she the sweetest ever! XD, Thanks Sissy Love Ya! :D and Hey Kan-chan I finally submitted it lol, thanks for your comments as well girl. XD

EDIT/UPDATE: Change/Added some sparkles. Thanks Starr for teaching me to make the sparkles. :)

Comments and favs are always Welcomed. :)



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  1. thingperson Sep 24, 2006

    Oh this is so pretty i love it.. wow the scan and the background..everything..its just so pretty.

    From your real life twin Sister,

  2. Kan-chan Sep 24, 2006

    Hmm it's the second time i wrote it :D As I said before I love ur wallie it's so pretty and u did a great work :D

    From the one who stealed ur bowl XD

    hmm copying Liz style for the end :p ahhahah joking :D

  3. Elves Sep 24, 2006

    Your wall is so pretty! Awesome work extracting everything, the pictures are so clean, too. The only thing I don't get is the white blob-ish stuff behind the birds. Is that snow or flowers? If it's flowers they need a little more definition, if it's snow - it needs to melt! XP Really though, this wall is superb - excellent placement of all the elements - Kudos on creating it!

  4. yalubluchay Sep 24, 2006

    wow, that all i have to say, its beautiful. favies :)

  5. HeartFulSkies Sep 24, 2006

    beautiful <33 Faves

    merged: 09-25-2006 ~ 06:33am
    beautiful <33 Faves

  6. pamkips Sep 24, 2006

    *tries to scroll down* so many banners >_<
    mmm it's soooooo preety O_O pammy like it
    sooooo much details

  7. SupermilkchanChii Sep 24, 2006

    Ahh Another beautiful creation from pinkprincesslacus-sama^_^
    Very beautiful^_^
    It fits with the song I'm listening to right now^_^
    Lovely-Mchelle Tumes(the video on Foreverdreams front page^_^)
    Great job!

  8. aishiteraburu Sep 25, 2006

    woah extracting all those stuff must have been a killer but nonetheless your wall turned out really nice :D
    Everything is well extracted
    Fave from me

  9. kyoru4ever Sep 25, 2006

    this is soooooo sweet. do some more!

  10. BlueAngel17 Sep 25, 2006

    heee.. i've finally seen another good artist with wings. ^^ nice choice of scan Lacus-san! but the wings are a tad blurry.. i guess this is from an Ah My Goddess scan or somthing.. Anyway, this is my new desktop wall! +fav

  11. enchantment Sep 25, 2006

    wow, this is so pretty and beautiful :) the scenery background is so nice and she fits in well with the background :D amazing wall~^^

  12. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Sep 25, 2006

    Wow! Very beautiful wallpaper!

  13. CaMiLi Sep 25, 2006

    *__* wow u did it so well, and the bg omg ,... so much details,... *o* love it

  14. dianas Sep 25, 2006

    OOO this is one of ur best sweetie so many details i think that drive u mad >_<
    but the result is unique ..the atmosphere is so relaxing i love the white roses :D
    of course a fav from me ;)

  15. eternallegend Sep 25, 2006

    lovely wall, the background is composed well and elegant in a way XD the birds look nice and the background scenery looks great :D everything is placed well and the title suits really well :) wonderful wall ^^

  16. EldaLacus92 Sep 25, 2006

    Ohh so this is the wallie you told me about :) It's so very pretty! <33
    I just love those light colors and green!<3 The scan is so clean (I still
    don't know how to properly clean a scan XD ) Oh! And there's even a castle!
    Overall: It's beautiful >.< !

  17. Phantasm Sep 25, 2006

    so beautiful! good background and nice color use.
    two blue birds on the right side make nice impression.
    i like this. fav.

  18. muneera Sep 25, 2006

    nice work...I love the background.
    its beautifull.....+fav

  19. Ardenta Sep 25, 2006

    I like this beautiful wallpaper of yours. ;)

  20. Melisandre Sep 25, 2006

    A-ma-zing! Nothing more to say, just that is a more fav for me :D

  21. gabysango2011 Sep 25, 2006

    i love it...it's really really amazing....i love the garden....the flowers...the leaves...and that house at the end...all is perfect...congrats...u really have a lot of talent...+ fav...
    + watchlist....there are so many awesome wallies i've seen....

  22. kiokorenay703 Sep 25, 2006

    to never stoping! :) The whole bg is Like Crap thats NIIICCCEE!

    and the colors are so clean! WOw this one is THE BEST! TWO THUMBS UP! really, out of pretty shiny walls, this one is the best! and its actually not just brushes and easy work. I mean anyone can do that "me" lolz! and just the way it all looks so neat! Thanks alot for this, its the BEST! and im jelous! "in a good way that is ^^"

    Favs for me, and WOW Great lock!

    P.S. plus congrades in getting into the CW fetures all the time. Thats very good for your stats! :)

    C Ya, later!

  23. eternally-asuka Sep 26, 2006

    woooooowwww this wallie is amazing sam! you talent of wallies are awesome! now you are my idol! ove your style is so soft and worked! DEvine! *----* i love the background! so sutile!

  24. orpheuz Sep 26, 2006

    Truly impressive Lacus-sama :). The background blends well with the character, which makes it more heavenly :D! A definitely +fav from me ^_____^

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