Yuu Takigawa Wallpaper: Dreaming of you

Yuu Takigawa Wallpaper
Yuu Takigawa Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

u looks right. OX OX OX
it is again a wall from me, but this one is now a special for a wonderful friend.
she have birthday today ( aug the 10 )and so i will make her wish come true and make a wall for my lovely friend ltnguyen i will hope that u have a wonderful birthday and that u like your b-day gift *hugs*

now to the wall i know that is not the wall what i make befor i know, i know but i did in last time so much walls that was so powerful of colours that my eyes needs a smooth colours for the bg. and so i did this hope u like it all a little bit

and the scanis from ruri23 thanks for this ruri *hugs*

PD: and again u know i have not so much time to say to all thanks for all comments and fav ... cuz i will make more walls for u and if i will say thx to you all so i need 2 weeks for that .... dont look so it is the true and not a lie so i say gomen plz forgive me and dont forget i love u all and u are everytime in my heart

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  1. ItakoLina Aug 09, 2005

    awww really wonderful I absolutely Love it! the Pic you used is really wonderful and the Background really fits! the BG looks really amazing.really great Work Keep it up^^

  2. Yue-Horrishino Aug 09, 2005

    Beautifulll, magnificent....
    it's really yours... it's really your type...
    You suprise me everytime you do a new wall...
    Ja mata ne

  3. InsidiousMaverick Aug 09, 2005

    Wow, it´s so bright in there! XD Sorry, it´s this laptop I´m using temporairly. PC problems. >.< Anyways, it´s pretty nice and once my PC gets repaired, I´ll see it more clearly. n.n

  4. ReflexBlue Aug 09, 2005

    Thanx again for a just perfect wall, goes straight to my favs :)

  5. azndude88 Aug 09, 2005

    lovley wall makes you look like an angel lol really really awesome i like the cloudly setting

  6. MayaNatsume17 Aug 09, 2005

    Nice and bright. It looks nice :)

  7. MS0B9 Aug 09, 2005

    Kinda bright but it's still a nice wallie. I love the scan its beautiful. Nice job and adding to favs!

  8. Emma Aug 09, 2005

    Very beautiful and airy. Definitely does feel like a dream world =)
    Great job ^_^

  9. may Aug 09, 2005

    OOMG ^___^ ... this is sooooooooooo preeeeettttttttyyy!!!!! <3 .. I love this wall ^^- .. the only thing.. is that the character seems a little light.. so the sky and the girl seems to blend together too much.. other than that though, you did a fabulous job!! ^__^

  10. LilLaoRyo704 Aug 09, 2005

    Quote by ItakoLinaawww really wonderful I absolutely Love it! the Pic you used is really
    wonderful and the Background really fits! the BG looks really
    amazing.really great Work Keep it up^^

    she so pretty, i like the background too, it really fits, great work,
    its a fav, ja-ne

  11. AngelKate Aug 09, 2005

    Sema-chan, how do you do it?!? Your walls are amazing!! This one looks great, it really does look dreamy. Wonderful work!

  12. Janelloyd Aug 09, 2005

    Great job I really like it! The background is beautiful and all the colors blend wonderfully.

  13. tuxedotservo Aug 09, 2005

    Gorgeous ^^

    Usually bright walls like this don't appear to me (I'm light sensitive), but this one, for some reason, doesn't really bother me. It's bright, but not obscene about it. I like.

  14. apocaplyse Aug 10, 2005

    great wallpaper..really like it alot
    the colour is perfect blending in with the char
    addin to fav

  15. toxictea23 Aug 10, 2005

    another wallpaper this week? omg your submiting too much semanga..and this is a disappointment for me..because you already have 2 wallpapers in the top faves..another one heading there and this one too? That is not fair..T.T i tried really hard to get into the top faves..and im being knocked down by all your submissions...im so disappointed

  16. SharinganKnight Aug 10, 2005

    man, this wall makes me wanna dream more often, I fear my mind is far too simple to handle things like dreams ^_^

  17. EternalBlue Aug 10, 2005

    wai~ Beautiful wall. I love the colors and how the clouds blend in so well with the sky. Definitely reminds me of dreaming about flying hehe. +fav ^_^

  18. white-zero Aug 10, 2005

    OMG, Sema is on fire. XD

    This is something refreshing from you. Clean and bright. Of course this kinda wall is commonly seen but not from you though. Awesome stuff.

  19. Electrastar Aug 10, 2005

    I'm always amazed at how many wallpapers you can make at a time...It seems a bit too bright to me, but still, the backround seems like heaven and the sky is just beatiful. Top work as always.

  20. Char-Aznabel Aug 10, 2005

    nice work semanga ;) ......thanx for sharing :) +fav....
    ~ja na~

  21. polar Aug 10, 2005

    i love it~~!! the soft & light colors look great~~~wonderful dreamy feeling it has~~

  22. jedisakora Aug 10, 2005

    Pretttttyyyyyyyyy :nya: This wallie is beautifull i like how you did everything with it :D

  23. Ayamael Aug 10, 2005

    sooo bright... my eyes hurt *blinks* (<-- very sensible to light >.<)... well, from the thumbnail, i wasn't sure i'd like that wall, mostly coz' it's so bright, but i really like the scan and the composition... yup, it's a cool looking wall, good job!

  24. xtigy Aug 10, 2005

    Woowwwww such a pretty pretty wallpaper sema :) Gosh it looks so heavenly. Great work. THe background is great.


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