Yuu Takigawa Wallpaper: Intermezzo

Yuu Takigawa Wallpaper
Yuu Takigawa Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

A new wallpaper from busy bee me, special thanks goes to CHC, PaulW, Elements.

4 days or so work, art by Yuu Takigawa.

The design was based on the inspiration I got about using lenses, to focus on a certain object, and of course, something else, like a morning glory, when I look at one the other day, I realized what I had to do, a girl bursting from somewhere. (Not between the legs)

So I went ahead, and came to this, i received mo inspiration when I heard the song from one of the Sakura Taisen CDs, it was an intermezzo, a track, or play between the main play itself, like a song within a song, and I named the wallpaper, designing it to match that element.

Of course, my favorite color is blue, and naturally it is blue.

Sorry that my site is in shambles, and that the upgrade I promized never came, I am far too busy, and well, of course, Outrospective forums.... died.

SORRY! EVERYONE! *slits throat* :x

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Browse Yuu Takigawa Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Akarix Jul 30, 2006

    Ahhh another fantastic wallpaper by devil-sempai xD
    I also like blue colour nyaaa.. ^^ the wallpaper really attracts me to it when i firstly saw it yeaa.. ==
    I have always try to make wallie like the kind u made but never susceed.. =[ sad....
    The effect are wonderful really.. thought it izz abit quite alot of white colour at the bottom right but nvm.. as when i saw the overall wallie i never concentrade on that part ^^
    Dun kill miee.. xD


  2. eternallegend Jul 30, 2006

    i like composition of the abstract background, the different shades of blue help add dimesion to your wall, there does seem to be quite a bit of white on the bottom right but overall your wall looks nice ^^

  3. enchantment Jul 30, 2006

    wow, magnificant abstract :) theres a bit of white but a bit of white never hurt anyone :D amazing wall, splendid^^

  4. cagalli-y-a Jul 30, 2006

    Whaaa~ Awesome wallpaper! Very eyecatching too. Everything's great and I actually like the bright white.


  5. Kiako Jul 30, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the effects are well done and the bg looks very good,
    keep it up

  6. URanimEnigma Jul 30, 2006

    I've always wondered how other wall designers create walls so great. When I looked at yours I wondered some more. Heh. Well, I'd say the way the colloage of shapes and the way they merge is quite fascinating. It gives the impression that you're staring at a moving background. Only it looks that way and isn't really. Awsome.

  7. royaldarkness Jul 30, 2006

    Very cool wall, I love the whole atmosphere of it. Nice choice of colors, blue/green and white goes very well together.

  8. flyindreams Jul 30, 2006

    I keep coming back to this wall... I'm generally not an abstract person, but I really like what you did with the designs ^^ And I really like those shades of blue as well :D

  9. Billy85 Jul 30, 2006

    good wall..i like your style...and this colors are very nice.

  10. aestro Jul 30, 2006

    Nice I like this futuristic look. The varying Blueish greys, add depth. The white edges may be a little much, but overall I think it holds together.

  11. Fran Retired Moderator Jul 30, 2006

    Oh I was waiting for a wallie like this >_<
    Devil-san has made it again, another amazing abstract wallie
    I really love the shades of blue
    This will be my desktop
    + fav
    Keep it up Devil-san

  12. Misato-Kun Jul 30, 2006

    Can't go wrong with abstract! Great job, devildude! Blue is my favourite color as well, and as I can see, it is skillfully fused with wonderful design. Keep it up and best of luck on your future endeavors.

  13. acido Jul 30, 2006

    WoW!, grat ambient, great color, great background, an the scan also nice.... this goes to my favs... congrats

  14. SilentMasamune Jul 30, 2006

    This wallpaper looks quite good in design, though in some areas I see graininess. If you blur those areas a bit, they'll appear closer to the average texture of the wallpaper. Other than that, neat job!

  15. pamkips Jul 30, 2006

    Holy Crap it's so abstract-y, it's so awesome, and just wow-ing

  16. Youkailady Jul 31, 2006

    you've done it again devildude nice job love the wallie! keep up the good work! +fav

  17. starrliteangel Jul 31, 2006

    nice! a very unique and different perspective of the scan. I like how its so different from the usual. heheh, im embarrased to say that I was going to use that scan the un-original way...

  18. midnightLOVERS Jul 31, 2006

    a very nice wallie. i love the abstract effect of the wallie and the different useages of the shade of blue, my favorite color too by the way ^^ i like the conspect of the girl bursting from somewhere. it's original and creative. a fav by me.

  19. darknesslight Jul 31, 2006

    Ahhh another fantastic wallpaper by devil-sempai xD
    haha i just repeated what the first person said there :P
    but really your work in abstract is truly amaing here i love how everything sort of flows together
    the bottom right corner may be i little bright and may look better if it was toned down (but hey i dont make walls this good)
    Holy Crap it's so abstract-y, it's so awesome, and just wow-ing (haha just copy and paste again :P)

  20. aznprianime Jul 31, 2006

    i agree with every one. u had did yet another fantastic, extrodinary, wonderful, and beautiful wally. lov the details, lov the design, and u gotta lov the color that blends with it. the abstraction of the bkground came out mor than excellent. ~hugs and kisses~ 4 an awsome job well done. my fav 4 sur

  21. onibozu Jul 31, 2006

    totally breathe taking, kick @$$

  22. ROMEZ Jul 31, 2006

    wow i like how you did this it's bloody perfect gotta go staright to my desktop to match my wb skin and icon set and thanks dude great wall

  23. Korixxkairi Jul 31, 2006

    Wowwwww > < !
    Reallyyyy....! A W E S O M E !
    Light Blue ~~ The bg and the girl very match !
    I really love your bg ~~
    + FAV~

  24. Firemace Jul 31, 2006

    @_@. You wowed me lots! Skillful!

    Mystic and splendour Abstract. The rest above said what i had to say. =D

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