Kare Kano Wallpaper: Stay with me for a little longer...

Masami Tsuda, Gainax, J.C. Staff, Kare Kano, Soichiro Arima Wallpaper
Masami Tsuda Mangaka Gainax Studio J.C. Staff Studio Kare Kano Series Soichiro Arima Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

i was debating on posting this here...
and i finally decided..."what the hell..."
karekano just needs more love.
copy/paste from animepaper.net

Okay, so i've been wanting to do a karekano wall FOREVER.
mainly because it'smy favorite manga and i love the artwork. the anime is amazing too, and is also one of my favs <3
And inspiration finally hit me the day i picked up volume 20 of the manga and saw this image.
To start, this is a collab with Evol. If you've been around AP for a long time (and imean before the gallery) you may know who he is and my history with him. Whats my history with him? Ask me and maybe I'll tell you >:D
anyways, i vectored the image from a manga scan (just arima and miyazawa) and then i heard this song...
Imogen Heap - Come Here Boy
(download it and listen. It's awesome)
And i was hit with the full inspiration for the wall.
I wanted to make it sweet yet seductive. Romantic, yet slightly sexy. So, i had them in the cherry blossoms, almost like they're hiding from everything.
So, the process:
step 1: vector arima and miyazawa in illustrator. Then thecherryblossoms.
step 2: send vector off to evol to paint in painter using watercolors
while he paints arima and miyazawa, i paint the cherry blossoms and some of the background
step 3: recieve painter file back, make slight color alterations, and add into wall.
step 4: critique and tweak.

Thanks to taters, brom, highknees, the11342 and anyone else who i maybe hinted at my wall to for their help <3
and i asked evol what he wanted to say and all he said was he enjoyed doing it and that i'm apparently awesome.
I'm still open to critiques, so critique away.
and enjoy the song <3
oh, and go read karekano. best manga ever.

btw...i hate painters watercolor brush. it makes me angry. theres very few similarities between it and real watercolors :/ iw ould have painted it myself by hand, but i don'thave the money, nor the time :3

lightened the lines as shinn suggested.
thanks shinn!

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  1. melymay Sep 18, 2006

    Nicely done ^^ The scene looks very realistic :) I also really like the way you did the title x) Keep it up!

  2. Elyvania Sep 18, 2006

    Wow it's a perfect work... I'm quite speechless so my lack of words can count as an opinion. About Karena... what can I say? It's simply a great story and you had sucesfully captured the special beauty of Yukino and Arima's love in your creation. Congrats to you and Evol.

    Yay another fav ^___^.

  3. markjo Sep 18, 2006

    Love the Illustrator vector and the effect watercolours had on the manga image as it came out to be a little soft and blurry, the colours being really non-invasive. Also good use of perspective - not many members go for that.
    Critique? Personally I think the background looks like a... wallpaper. The bare trees somehow are not definite enough in contrast with the characters and the sakura flowers.
    Still, the wallpaper goes to my favourites and onto my desktop.
    More love for Kare Kano!

  4. Blueheart Sep 18, 2006

    so cute! It's so simple but it has all it needs!
    I loved it +fav+

  5. SupermilkchanChii Sep 18, 2006

    I have never read this manga but I love the wallie!
    It has so much love coming from it^_^
    Great job!

  6. JiVA Sep 19, 2006

    lovely! :p but please re-sharp the color, it will be more nicely. i'm glad to see this coz i rarely see Kare Kano wall that showed two of them as adult person like the ilustrator of the book (from volume 15 up). Too often to see they as young student... I hope i can see more adult arima and yukino ^_^

  7. maho-ho Sep 19, 2006

    That beautiful work you do fact! Thank you very much by to share it in TM. Really which this series is my favorite and to see the work that you do obtained fills to me of joy and moves to me. The sleeve also is my favorite and intervention that you did I am precious. You do not take like a simple commentary anyone, since of truth this series I like much and always I have appreciated them work that are dedicated to her.
    Many greetings and again, thanks to share this good one for wallpaper! :D

  8. fawna-chan Sep 20, 2006

    What a beautiful scene! I really like everything about it, especially the cherry blossoms and the critique is that the background looks too...quoting markjo, too wallpapery. But more love for Kare Kano and this is going to my favs! :)

  9. N9e1 Sep 22, 2006

    What a great wallie of Miyazawa and Arima! I love it~~~
    Great vector, great font, great flowers... Yes everything's so perfect~~~ Oh and I especially like how the cherry blossoms cast shadows on them~
    I simply love the atmosphere you and Evol created for this wallie~ (So what is your history with him?)
    Great job! Thank you for sharing! :D

  10. Bibliomancer Sep 26, 2006

    This is sooo beautiful, and there's never enough Kare Kano wallpapers. Thank you!

  11. DREAM Sep 27, 2006

    any chance of another Amano wall, lady kalico?

    jeez a yaoi wall. :(

    : no roses 4 u :


  12. icyrain Oct 20, 2006

    This is a beautiful and romantic Kare Kano wallpaper. I definitely like how Arima and Miyazawa are surrounded by sakura. It does make them look like they're hidden away from the world. Makes sense.

  13. ghostly1986 Nov 06, 2006

    Has any one else noticed he either has 6 fingers in that shot or his thumb is not opposable :sweat:

    Gorgeous wall though, easily the best Kare Kano wall I've seen. Unfortunately there just aren't many for this great series.

  14. Ebelin Nov 21, 2006

    OMG! Sweet wallpaper, wonderful. The background is great, the flowes are fantastic and the writing are apropiating. You did a great job with this image. I like everything. I think is the best Kare Kano wallpaper that I have seen.

    In fact this wallpaper goes to my favorites :).

  15. monicayurie Dec 09, 2006

    I loved your wallpaper, specially the flowers wich are just perfect!
    Congratulations for the excellent job!
    Bye... :)

  16. sayuritchan Jun 11, 2007

    We all need more love!
    Karekano is awesome!
    Souichiro and Yukino are just perfect together!
    Your wallpaper looks wonderful!
    The image you've chosen is perfect!
    The background you've done is gorgeous!
    Congrats! It's definitly a fav!
    Bye... :)

  17. daniela93chz Feb 05, 2009

    It looks very nice! THe background and the characters go together very well! Great wallpaper! XD Thank you for posting it!

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